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Facebook Timeline Sucks : Fail

If you agree that Facebook Timeline is worse than the "original: classic" profile look, then please log into FB and like the following "Undo Timeline" page.

I do not like the new timeline UI ! Facebooks Timeline UI reminds me of the failure UI that MySpace has adopted. To add insult they forced it on their end users! Why is the timeline UI not an option? Where is the account setting for "classic profile appearance" ?

I am going to stop using Facebook until they rectify this situation, and if that takes 20 years then so be it.

I had absolutely no problem at all abandoning the use of MySpace when they ruined the UI.

I will leave my accounts open and log in periodically, but for all intents and purposes I am going to avoid using it the same way I avoid using MySpace!

 Twitter : Email : and this Blog will work fine - to replace Facebook!

 Thank you FB : Screw your end users by forcing stuff they don't want on their FB pages and you can get ready to experience a MySpace -

Update:  I wouldn't be upset about this at all if FB had simply made timeline optional.



    Visit the Undo Timeline page on FB and like it if you agree that timeline is worse than the classic profile!

  2. I don't like Timeline either, but I'm more annoyed at the ability for Facebook stalkers to browse your history at their leisure. Weirds me out.