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Money is Energy (An Abstraction Thereof)

Money is an abstraction of energy (a derivative thereof), and anyone that says otherwise is either ignorant, confused or dishonest. The cost of anything loosely represents the net energy footprint of that item or service. Lets examine and explore what this means in different contexts.

Fortune Cookie Reflections

From a bunch of American made "Chinese Fortune Cookies" emerged a series of small white strips of printed paper with words of prophetic encouragement for the cookie consumer to read while enjoying the simple carbohydrate dense cookie :)

Self Defense : Saving Yourself and Others

When criminals exert violence against honest people seconds can make the difference between life and death or worse. Sadly the police cannot be there for you when you need them most, when you are being mugged or having your front door kicked in  by dangerous criminals during a home invasion.

Clean Fifteen vs Dirty Dozen : Good to Know

This info-graphic can help you get the best deals on safe foods. The dirty dozen (red) are foods that have high levels of pesticides remaining, so if you want to buy those foods you should probably spend a little extra for the organic versions. The clean fifteen (green) are foods that are naturally safer with far lower pesticides contents. You can buy less costly conventional versions of these foods knowing that even the conventional versions are safe to consume.

Blessed is the Name of the Lord

(C) Aaron Kenneth Schwarz 2012 "Sunset Beams of Bellevue"
The God we worship is bigger than any problem, bigger than any star, bigger than any galaxy, bigger than the known universe. The God we know is a massive, powerful, creative, intelligent, loving, interesting, friendly, funny, compassionate, graceful, wonderful, amazing God. All that is good in existence exists as an expression of God's genius. The mystery of life exist because God is a creative artistic scientist above all others. God's power and knowledge is unequaled and God's grace is miraculous. 

Mental Illness and School Shootings

Image (C) prepper chicks on facebook 

The news of schools shootings has been on the rise lately. Mentally unstable people with guns are clearly very dangerous. There is an underlying cause and driver behind all of these terrible school shootings, unresolved mental illness. 

Let Go of Stress & Live Healthy

(C) 2012 Aaron Kenneth Schwarz "Sunset Colors 3AB"
Negative ideas are toxic. Focus on Gods Love and set yourself free of toxic stress, bad ideas and negative emotions. Focus on the positive and live more completely in each moment you are gifted in life :) 

Violence and Sex in Media : Shifting Norms

Many Americans find the sexual content of modern media off putting. Many Europeans find the violent content of modern media off putting. Is a sex scene in a movie worse that a brutal violent scene of torture or murder? I am writing this editorial as a follow-up to my previous op-ed piece about online pornography.

Digital Pornography : Too Easy

I found an interesting article online about a tech editor that is spending a year away from the internet, and he found that being "offline" enabled him to refrain from looking at pornography that was simply "too easy to look at" when he was online. Have you ever looked at pornography online? Does looking at pornography harm anyone? Are their physical, mental, psychological, spiritual, social or emotional side effects of looking at pornography?

Low Utility Prices = Waste

Cheating Future Generations

Fresh water is wasted because it is relatively cheap! Lets take a look at why fresh water is wasted, how it is wasted and what we can do about this to embrace conservation and other sustainability solutions.