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Self Defense : Saving Yourself and Others

When criminals exert violence against honest people seconds can make the difference between life and death or worse. Sadly the police cannot be there for you when you need them most, when you are being mugged or having your front door kicked in  by dangerous criminals during a home invasion.

You have a constitutional right to defend yourself from criminals with deadly force. Criminals are almost always armed so you must be well armed and well trained with your firearm to stop the criminals while you wait for the police to show up. 

Common Sense

Violent criminals do not care about gun control laws. A lot of people in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting are calling on law makers to pass more gun control laws. I agree that gun show loop holes should be closed. I believe that people should be required to pass a gun safety course and mental health evaluation before they are able to buy guns. Some forms of gun control make sense, but many of our existing gun control laws are part of the problems driving these school shootings.

Gun Control is a Problem

Gun control laws that prevent teachers from having guns are one of the problems with these school shootings. The psychopathic criminals that go on these shooting rampages at schools know that schools are gun free zones where no law abiding person can posses a gun. This emboldens these psychos because they know it will take around 20 minutes for the police to show up after someone calls 911 for help.

Where Are the Police?

The police are great! I very much appreciate law enforcement and I am glad they are out there to surpress crime in order to keep the peace. Sadly we do not have enough police to stop all criminal activity. Every day people experience horrific home invasions because criminals strike randomly everywhere, knowing that it is nearly impossible for law enforcement to effective protect even a small percentage of residential areas.

Can We Learn Something

In Israel, teachers are armed. Imagine if the brave principle that rushed the evil shooter in the Sandy Hook tragedy had been armed and able to counter the danger the psychopath presented. Unarmed, she was unable to protect anyone including herself, and died accordingly. If she was armed and well trained she could have stopped Adam Lanza from killing so many innocent little kids.

Guns are Not the Problem 

I am deeply saddened by this tragedy, and get choked up when I think about how these small children died because of ignorant gun control laws, and a our failure as a society to address dangerous mentally ill people.  People like Peirs Morgan that are calling for the outlawing of semi-automatic rifles are out of touch with reality. They fail to understand that gun laws like the former assault weapons actually embolden the psychopaths that commit these horrendous acts of mass murder.  Guns are not the problem. We have hundreds of millions of guns in America, and the overwhelming majority of these weapons are owned and operated by sane reasonable law abiding people for sport, hunting and self defense.

I Have Guns

I own many weapons, including the gun types used in this latest school shooting, namely a bushmaster AR15 and a 9mm semi-automatic handgun. I have never and will never use my guns to harm anything living. I use my guns for sport shooting "plinking" and target practice, and keep one ore more of them with and near me at all times for self defense.

Experience Required for Understanding

The people suggesting that the AR15 and other weapons like it should be banned are out of line, and clearly do not understand firearms. I happen to really like my AR15, and it is my favorite weapon. I enjoy my AR15 because it is highly reliable, has low recoil, is very accurate at long distance, shoots tiny little bullets with very little lead (eco-friendly), and is easy to clean and maintain. Of course to appreciate why the AR15 is an amazing gun, you would need to have a lot of experience with guns.

Guns Since Childhood

I have been handling and operating guns safely since I was a young child. My grandfather and father both encouraged my interest in guns when I was 8 years old. I shot my grand fathers pump action BB gun when I was even younger at age 5. I got my first 22cal rifle when I was 10. I have handled and operated dozens of different firearms with no accidents over the years. Guns in the hands of careful, mentally sane people are perfectly safe. Guns are powerful and have to be respected and handled with great care and balanced self controlled thinking.

Debate with Balance Thinking

Anyone with any sophistication discussing this recent shooting tragedy and other like it understands that dangerous mentally ill people are the major problem: and from there we can discuss what gives rise to these dangerous people, why they roam freely and what can be done to prevent them from committing other disturbing violent acts that harm other people.

Mental Illness is the Problem 

Not everyone should own a gun. People with medically documented mental illness should be prohibited from owning guns. They do not have the mental faculties or cognitive balance needed to safely own or operate a firearm. Sadly gun laws will not keep guns out of the hands of mentally disturbed people. We can prevent these lunatics from committing violent actions that harm others if honest people carry self protection guns and are well trained. If honest sane people are well armed and well trained they make everyone near them safer.

The Mentally Ill Need Help

The school shootings have everything to do with unresolved mental illness and stupid gun laws that keep self defense weapons out of the hands of teacher and school administrators. The guns used in this recent school shooting did not even belong to the shooter. The shooter in the Sandy Hook shooting, and in others like, needed but did not receive serious professional psychological help. They needed peer support, love, spiritual support, anger management training, socialization, and kindness. The people that commit these tragedies are often the ones were were bullied and cast out by the peers, neglect and shown hatred and bigotry.

Gun Prohibition Fails

When Australia rolled out their anti-gun laws, violent crimes (Assaults involving guns up 28%, armed robbery up 69%, gun murders up 19%, and a new phenomenon; home invasions up 21%) : The criminals in Australia are no longer afraid to assault people because they know all of the honest, normal law abiding people gave up their guns to the incompetent Australian government, and they criminals also understand that police cant be there to protect the people in time.

I carry a gun because I love other people!

I keep a gun with me at all times so I can protect myself and other people from a violent attack by an armed criminal if we are at a school, theater or other public place where some deranged mentally ill person goes on a shooting rampage. I never want to hurt anyone, because I love everyone, but I feel I can do a lot of good in this world, and need to protect my life and the lives of those around me.


"FBI: the #1 weapon used in killings...anyone? Baseball bats, NO MORE BATS. Guns come in #10... real problem mental health issues!"

Biased Comparisons

When people compare the UK and Germany to the USA, they forget to mention that free universal health care is available in the UK and Germany. They also forget to mention the cultural differences, and that comparing the USA to any European country is an apples to oranges comparison at best. In Europe, they carefully track children to identify sociopaths, psychopaths, schizophrenic, and angry depressives: when a "disturbed child" is identified, European countries handle them carefully, with lots of expensive publicly funded treatments, anger management, socialization, spiritual guidance and other forms of constructive professional psychological help.

Many Guns are Similar Up-Close 

We need to have a realistic discussion about gun control. Outlawing AR15's used for sport is not a realistic idea. outlawing guns is not part of the discussion by anyone who thinks about these school massacre problems carefully. The shooter in this case could have just as easily used a .22 caliber handgun to kill just as many children. There is noting intrinsically different about a semi-automatic rifle and a semi-automatic pistol if both are used in short range applications. The caliber of the gun makes almost no difference in short range conflicts.

Bullying A Problem

We need to have a discussion about bullying and figure out how to end it. Many of these psychotic shooters were picked on in school. When an angry depressive is picked on by his or her peers, nothing positive results. The problem of bullying in schools remains largely unaddressed. I was picked on in school and so was my sister. I have no idea what she did, but I took matters into my own hands and adjusted the jerk that was bullying me outside of school. Needless to say he never called me a derogative term again.

Arm and Train the Staff 
We need to have a discussion about training the administrators of the school about self defense so they can protect themselves and students since the police cant be there for them in time. We can prevent another school shooting from taking the lives of children by arming and training the teachers and staff that are interested in being armed for self defense. If that means giving the teachers taser's, then that is fine. We need to give them something more powerful than their hands if they are going to face a psycho armed with high powered firearms.

The Answers are Clear 

Honest people with concealed weapons are part of the solution! 

Universal mental healthcare is part of the solution! 

Reasonable gun laws are part of the solution! 

We can stop school shootings!

Self defense is the key!


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