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Blessed is the Name of the Lord

(C) Aaron Kenneth Schwarz 2012 "Sunset Beams of Bellevue"
The God we worship is bigger than any problem, bigger than any star, bigger than any galaxy, bigger than the known universe. The God we know is a massive, powerful, creative, intelligent, loving, interesting, friendly, funny, compassionate, graceful, wonderful, amazing God. All that is good in existence exists as an expression of God's genius. The mystery of life exist because God is a creative artistic scientist above all others. God's power and knowledge is unequaled and God's grace is miraculous. 

So often people look around at the problems in this world and conclude that no God exists. Many people focus on toxic broken negative thinking and reject God, and the love that God generously and endlessly offers anyone that turns to God for salvation though our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is this very broken negative thinking that perpetuates the problems in this world. God created us able to live free of the hindering toxic effects of negative thinking. To live in true freedom we must embrace Gods love, and the positive, redeeming, healing, strengthening, reinforcing, supportive concepts, ideas, knowledge and wisdom that comes from a loving relationship with Christ Jesus.

When we embrace a relationship with God through Christ Jesus should not expect that our lives are going to become free of problems. A relationship with God through Christ Jesus will however give you the strength to rise above any problem. Faith in God can grant you the wisdom to apply love to every aspect of your life, and in so doing setting you free from the toxic broken thinking that hinders so many people with diseases, suffering and pain that they could avoid by simply embracing God's love.

The Lord God that we worship wants us to choose the right, to be good, honest, reasonable, fair, loving people. God calls us to show love to all other people. It is easy to show love to the people in our lives that we like, enjoy and agree with, the challenge that God set for us is to show all people merciful compassionate love. The sick, lost, broken and weary among us need to be shown love the most, and showing these people love can be the hardest challenge for Christians. When we see someone doing something evil, it can be very difficult to show that person love. When we make a choice to show the broken among us love, we show them the Love that can bring them to salvation in Christ Jesus.

People are more than the product of their mistakes. People are far greater than an illness that hinders them. People are far more than imperfect, we are unique beings that reflect Gods unimaginable intelligence. If you take a sophisticated and well informed look at biology, and specifically cellular biology, it should become almost self-evident that life is amazing. The human body is made of trillions of tiny cells, that self assemble into walking talking creative loving super computer creatures. Life in all of its diverse forms exists with a subtle chemical complexity that remains poorly understood by science. Life is still in many ways magical and enigmatic. We know only that God created everything in existence, including the miraculous parts of existence that live. Life is the product of God's love applied in the arts and sciences of creation.

Reflecting on my faith again :)

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