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God's Love & Grace

I hear a lot of bigoted hateful stuff coming out of the mouths (or inboxes) of people who claim to be Christian and it makes me wonder if they understand that God is Love..... Lets refresh our memories about what it means to be a real Christian. 

We are called by God to love other people with grace, kindness and humility. We are called by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to love everyone, even those who hate or harm us. We are called to pray for the sick, broken and weary among us (so abundant as they are): to help where and when we can.

God said we should never judge or condemn anyone, especially not based on the color of their skin. All people are equal in the eyes of our magnificent God.

God is love and he calls his faithful to share and express this love in their thoughts, choices, actions and behaviors: to make Love the axiomatic core of their personality and world views.

In the past I was a mistaken, angry, depressed and frustrated person. I took these toxic emotions and said mean things to others with a mean spirited tone of judgement and condemnation. I was depressed and expressed this depression by outwardly bashing others for their failures, mistakes, ignorance and or apathy. I was wrong. These harmful words did not help to built the kingdom of God's endless love in the hearts of others. I hurt other people with my harsh words and I am sorry for this.

My political believe is my Faith. I base all of my perspectives about laws, regulations and business ethics on the foundation of my faith in Jesus Christ. Let that be known by all people!

Kind words of love are healing.

Forgiveness is a choice.

Faith in God is priceless.

Gods love and grace is miraculous.

Thank you Lord God for illuminating my life. I ask you openly Lord to allow this blog posting to open the eyes and minds of others who read it so that they too can come to understand and experience the love, redemption and salvation that comes through faith in your son, our savior, Jesus Christ.

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