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Inequity Speaks

While everyone's health insurance costs are going up these people are taking the policy premium money for their personal benefit. Fraud ! Inequity ! Greed ! Lets call it what it is. 

The worst part is that these people do nothing: they add value to nothing: they innovate nothing: they are paper pushing tools that can be easily replaced: they are not special: they do no deserve what they are paid: they do not contribute: their position is like that of a parasite.

In order to pay these heath care company CEO's millions of dollars per year, these companies have to take the policy premiums from thousands of their customers and deny paying out any compensation or coverage to the customers, effectively this is organized crime.

Listen to what others had to say in response to this image: 

‎" I don't understand how they can sleep at night knowing what they are doing to others.."

‎"That is why profit based healthcare does not creates a conflict of interest and it is unethical."

‎"It's not a wise idea to trust anyone who makes a living from someone else misery."

I think these people are criminals, their actions are unethical at the least, and their excessive overcompensation should be illegal: they are taking money that people pay into health care and hoarding it for their own personal benefit. They are harming other people as much or more than a rapist, pedophile, thief or murderer, yet they roam free without penalty for their injustices and the harm they cause others....

Anger is not the solution: we need tax, control and regulation of this part of the private sector (health insurance) which is clearly rife with greed driven inequity and fraud.

We need a government with officials who serve the people that elected them. Our government leaders are supposed to be representing us, and they are failing miserably in this regard.

This is what I am talking about when I say I want smaller, smarter and more efficient government. Only a lazy, oversized, inefficient and incompetent government would allow the private sector to function this way: referencing the image.

I love other people, and this kind of inequity angers me because I see these people harming others and not being held accountable for their fraudulent criminal behaviors.

They cannot escape God's judgement and their money is worthless at the gates of Heaven. God's justice is supreme. Not one of these people will escape death and judgement in the eyes of God. Jesus had plenty of names for people like this, the same kinds of words he used when he chased the riff-raff from the temple. 


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