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God is Love

God's grace is amazing. God's love is beyond compare. God's knowledge is incomprehensibly extensive. Gods' power is infinite. God's presence is ubiquitous. Through God's mind and action all things were made. Every part of the universe, known and unknown to mankind, exists as a sublime example of our compassionate supreme unparalleled God's creativity, love and passion.

We were created in the image of God. The capacity for each person to express love in our thoughts, choices, actions and behaviors is a gift from our graceful generous loving all powerful all knowing ever present God.

I kneel before you heavenly father and openly commit my soul to your Kingdom and to you Lord God. Let all who know me understand that my faith in you can never be broken. The love you show me inspires me to show others love, and for this and for everything you have so generously given me I love you! I love you for giving my a free will to worship or deny you. I love you for giving me freedom to choose wrong or right. Your absolute justice is completely refreshing, your word renewing, your presence inspiring.

I adore and love you Lord God more than anything else is all of existence. 

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