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Animal Testing Unethical

Mutagen Testing on a Dog :(  This is unacceptable ! 
Our knowledge of toxicology and ready availability of voluntary human research subjects means that animal testing of chemical products is no longer warranted by a need. God asked us to respect his creation and that includes treating other living beings with respect, even when we are slaughtering them for food production. It is unethical to torture animals with cruel pain inducing research practices since we have alternative technologies and the knowledge needed to avoid causing harm. 

I agree with project GAP, the BUAV and PETA: that it is an unethical business practice to test human chemical products on captive animals in what is tantamount to torture. I also disagree with the way most meat production facilities handle and slaughter their animals.

I became mostly vegan because I care about my health, but also because I have long held moral objections to the unethical practices in modern animal agriculture. 
 Any sort of unnecessary animal suffering is abhorrent and should not be allowed. 

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