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Greed ( A Mental Illness ) Not Illegal ?

Avarice is the excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain, according to the dictionary.

Should this type of behavior and the thought processes associated with it not be considered a mental illness?

When a person behaves this way (greedily) they are harming other people as much or more than a violent criminal : ref. wall street mortgage back derivatives/ Enron et. al.

How can any reasonable legal system based on ethics permit anyone or any entity to issue a loan with a 25% or higher interest rate?

Do we really live in a democracy if the government passes laws that represent the interests of the greediest people who bribe our public officials the most ?

We need to vote these bribe serving fools out of office and change the laws to take the money out of politics and put the power back into the hands of the people in the free market where we can each vote in the economy.

I am calling on others to demand changes from the officials we have elected to represent us: not to occupy : we need to demand representation and never re-elect anyone who fails to represent their constituency !

An older wiser person inspired me to write the above. His name is Dick Wright and he shares my faith in God. When discussing ethics and morality, he told me he things greedy people should be classified as certifiably mentally unstable and ill. I happen to completely agree with him about this. He went on to suggest that we should make greedy behaviors illegal, and I also agree with this.

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  1. Greed is a symptom of both Narcissistic Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder. Greedy people are mentally unwell and require therapy.