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Whats in my Pockets

The Essential Pocket Gear : Key, iPod Touch, Phone, Wallet

Inspired by "The Verges" whats in your bag. 

I don't carry a bag, and if I do it is a Jansport backpack from 1995. I waterproofed it several times and it still works great. I normally only bring that along on hiking, bicycling and long distance motorcycling trips.

The "Smart" key.... it is the object which grants me access to my 3200lb toyota hybrid air bag enhanced steel safety chariot : it operates with a RFID circuit and RF transponder that enables keyless touch unlocking and keyless starting. Heaven help me if I ever loose one of my two, they cost over $400 each to replace because of the amount of computer reprogramming involved. The ignition and wireless locking smartkey system is so complicated, no one has been able to steal a Prius without the owners key. This key has been in and out of my pocket since September of 2005.

4th Generation iPod Touch
The iPod Touch functions as my calendar, notepad, ever present camera, mobile app device, wireless internet appliance, random search tool, weather checking device, personal digital assistant, music player, gyroscope, ect. ect. This is the 4th generation 64gb version that holds my entire music library :), some photos and lots of apps. This one is almost 2 years old.
Yes, the case is busted and taped together :)

The dumb phone is a 3rd generation LG EnV 3 : It flips open to a full qwerty keyboard, has a wanky 3MP camera with LED flash, and runs on Verizons ultra dependable wireless network. I only use this for voice and text: no internet package. I got locked into a data free plan back in 2008 so they can not force a data package on my phone. I actually dropped and broke the screen, and replaced it myself via instructions from ifixit.

My wallet holds cash, coupons, receipts, my cpl, health/ car insurance cards, business cards, pictures, discount cards, random fortune cookie notes.

This one has held up for over 5 years now :)

I have built a mental pattern of randomly pocket patting to check for the critical 4, so I never leave any one of those items behind.

I also normally roll with a camera other than the ones on my iPod and Phone. For dry weather or indoor events I take along a canon S95. For wet weather or rugged required events I take along a Pentax W90.

Sometimes, I carry my Garmin with me. It mostly gets used on a vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle, car), but very rarely I end up needing it in my pocket.

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