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LED ^^

85% less energy, 20x longer life, instant on and often dimmable, sometimes color choices, look for ones with metal heat sinks as they will last longer. LED solves all the problems of CFL

The Ethics of 7 Billion People

With 7 billion people, our civilization is still plagued with corruption, war, poverty, pollution, rape, prostitution, slavery, hatred, bigotry, ignorance, stupidity, sickness, suffering, preventable diseases and illnesses, side effect heavy prescription drugs, greed, and evil. We can and must each choose to do better than this.... and together we can move mountains and solve these problems.

Meg Love Point GIF

Using PicGif, an App Store on IOS app, I took some photos of my lovely wife Meg, and made a GIF image with them. I share this here because facecbook does not allow its users to post GIF images yet. Glad that Google allows its blog posters to share GIF images.