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The Ethics of 7 Billion People

With 7 billion people, our civilization is still plagued with corruption, war, poverty, pollution, rape, prostitution, slavery, hatred, bigotry, ignorance, stupidity, sickness, suffering, preventable diseases and illnesses, side effect heavy prescription drugs, greed, and evil. We can and must each choose to do better than this.... and together we can move mountains and solve these problems.

Are you a good person?

Can you teach someone else virtues?

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone were honest!

If cancer is a huge problem that makes so many suffer, why are we not phasing out carcinogens ?

If the stock market is always focus on maximizing next quarters earnings, then this means it is short sighted by design, and probably not sustainable, it also means that corporations will squeeze their customers, suppliers and employees harder every quarter to keep improving the bottom line, the narrow minded logic of accounting only thinking. If you only focused on the fiscal dynamics of your family and friendship, would you be a good person?

There is an ideological war going on between countries, and this is what causes actual war

To win over the hearts and minds of other people is the key to transforming the world

Each day is different and each person is different, every passing moment is another chance to turn things around, to choose to do the right thing, to make a healthy honest choice, to be a good person, to forgive, to forget, to move forward with intelligence, with super intelligent eyes of love.

Vision is different than seeing, what you really see happens inside your mind, your eyes just collect the light! Perspective is therefor everything because your mind bends the way that you see, and you can see in new and interesting ways by educating yourself, by setting your mind free to see the invisible hand of pollution make life worse for everyone. The impact of pollution is not invisible, but the tail pipe emissions are transparent. Our eyes cannot see in the frequencies that would allow us to see the traffic fume plume, but we are almost there with Microsoft Hololens, with augmented reality that will allow anyone who wants to see different to look through the eyes of technology to see in infrared, to see in ultraviolet, to see beyond the normal visible spectrum. We are almost there, closing in on these solutions, whole new markets emerging as new tools become available.

The solutions are what we need to move forward, a cleaner more intelligent future, safer, friendlier, nicer, better. This change starts with each person, every decisions that we make, each idea that we hold, our ideologies, our perspective, our value and our ethics.

What are you thinking about?

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