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Google Nexus 7

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Many android tablets have launched and failed to gain mainstream consumer acceptance. Plagued by high prices, inferior clunky and unrefined hardware, a lack of tablet applications, outdated operating system software, lag prone user interfaces, and real world performance that does not match the hardware specifications, the Google Nexus 7 breaks through this cluttered fog of half baked hardware by offering consumers a really solid, well designed, and highly refined user experience at a price point that gives the Kindle Fire and even the iPad a run for the money. Will other companies take a hint from this strategy? 

Camera Geeky

When thinking about cameras lately I always find my self reflecting on how nice it is to have a good camera that fits into a normal pocket. That saying "the best camera is the camera you have with you" underscores why a compact form factor is important for mainstream consumer camera acceptance. Keep on reading if you want to go down the geeky camera path to look at cameras from a different perspective.....

Positive Emotions Heal Diseases

You absolutely have the power to focus on the positive aspects of any situation or event. Negative emotions are deadly and have been scientifically linked to a range of preventable diseases. Lets take a short look at what disease negative emotions cause so we have a good reason to choose to focus on the positives in life.

Save the Good Bugs

Pesticides kill the good bugs and bacteria too. Modeled after chemical weapons, many chemical pesticides cause suffering in all living things. Fortunately there are safe all natural alternatives to synthetic pesticides made of organic plant oils. Better yet you can make you own super cheap super safe bug repellent at home using basic over the counter things like mint and isopropyl alcohol.....

CEO vs Avg Worker Pay Ratio by Country

Fortunately love, friendship, family and faith are not for sale ! 

Regaining Function after Stroke or TBI

Every year millions of people are hit by a brain damaging stroke. When the blood is cut off from an area of the brain that area dies. The good news is that our brains are totally plastic and able to completely reorganize, rebuilt and automatically repair themselves. The trick is intense ongoing and constant physical and mental therapy. A few years of this intense therapy can completely repair the stroke damage. 

Animal Testing Unethical

Mutagen Testing on a Dog :(  This is unacceptable ! 
Our knowledge of toxicology and ready availability of voluntary human research subjects means that animal testing of chemical products is no longer warranted by a need. God asked us to respect his creation and that includes treating other living beings with respect, even when we are slaughtering them for food production. It is unethical to torture animals with cruel pain inducing research practices since we have alternative technologies and the knowledge needed to avoid causing harm. 

Wisdom is Love

"Wisdom is a deep understanding and realization of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to apply perceptions, judgements and actions in keeping with this understanding. It often requires control of one's emotional reactions so that universal principles, reason and knowledge prevail to determine one's actions. Wisdom is also the comprehension of what is true coupled with optimum judgment as to action."

Lovingly Dismiss Trivial Matters


Ever get upset over something trivial or insignificant? Let love rule your perspective and enjoy life more completely. 

Perception vs Reality : Income Inequity

You may be technically free, but others that are free have taken advantage of corruption to bribe and tip the scale/ bias the laws to funnel wealth into their hands. Bribery and corruption from lobby groups like pharma is out of control: the very core of our democracy has been eroded by this corruption to the point where we live in a huge semi-free oligarchy where income inequity has been increasing steadily for the last 30 years. Think about it! 

Stress is Toxic : Positive Solutions

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Unrelenting stressors are extremely toxic. Your body translates stress into physical problems in the core of your cells. Every single disease that affects humans is either caused by or exacerbated by stressors. Fortunately, we can choose to mitigate these stressors as they occur. Life is full of stressors, learning to deal with stress in a healthy way is an essential part of living a healthy balanced and fulfilling life. Lets examine these stressors, what they do to our bodies and the solutions to stress. 

The Islamic Cultural Expansionism Problem

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The new tactic of Islam is to obliterate the "infidel" by populating the world with Islamic people. Europe is being destroyed by this problem. Australia takes a hard line stance against Islamic cultural expansionism and gives a great example of the solution we need to embrace to stop the spread of radically conservative islamic culture through their new mechanism of population displacement. 

Pascals Wager (Gambit)

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A philosophy that humanity should believe in God because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so....

I believe in God for a lot of reasons, but Pascals reason makes solid rational sense as well! 

EV, PHEV & HEV Battery Cost Reductions

Image From: : Nissan Leaf EV 2011

Vehicle Energy Storage System Cost Optimizations

Most of the research in advanced automotive energy storage systems (ESS) is focus on improving the performance of the battery cell chemistry and active materials.

There are other less complicated areas of the ESS that can be optimized to dramatically reduce the costs of electric energy storage systems for electric, plug in hybrid and hybrid vehicles.

Fuel Costs

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Fuel price increases have a more pronounced impact on the fuel costs for a gas guzzler because these vehicles use more gallons per unit of distances traveled. Lets have a look at the numbers. I also explore some ideas,  technologies and smooth driver techniques that can improve fuel economy and vehicle manufacturing profitability. 

Stinky Thinking

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I was inspired to research this term (stinky thinking) by a friend named Ruth, when we were discussing substance abuse, domestic violence, crime and homelessness. Click "read more" to have a look at an interesting article on this subject. 

You Can Do Anything

You can do anything you want to, so long as your heart is motivated by love and respect for God. Through our interaction with other people great things are possible. Human inovation is limitless. We can solve all of the problems we collectively and individually face if we learn to work together with Love as the guiding force of social cohesion. Faith, Family and Friendship are the key social constructs we need to embrace to build a brighter future. God has the answers we seek to the problems we face, he will reveal the solutions to those who faithfully live according to his word! 

God's Love & Grace

I hear a lot of bigoted hateful stuff coming out of the mouths (or inboxes) of people who claim to be Christian and it makes me wonder if they understand that God is Love..... Lets refresh our memories about what it means to be a real Christian. 

Deadly Diesel Solutions

VW Diesel Engine Emissions Clean Up Technology
The fumes emitted by internal combustion engines consist mostly of the nontoxic primary combustion byproducts of hydrogen-carbon fuels and oxygen, namely water and carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately all chemical reactions are imperfect, and the reactions involved with the burning of gasoline and diesel produces a lot of noxious smog forming toxic emissions. The dark side of diesel engines exists in the huge amounts of particulate matter they release directly into the ground level air we breath, resulting in lung cancers.

Technology offers clean diesel solutions to give us great diesel fuel economy vehicles with much safer emissions. Using bio-diesel in these oil burners results in a number of benefits. Lets take a short look at this story..... 


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Many automakers and the EPA ratings, claim that some of these newer fuel efficient cars are good for 40 miles per gallon. While this number may somewhat misleading, it turns out you can get these efficient cars to achieve better than 40 MPG's by driving smoothly. Lets take a look at this issue and what you can do to save a boat load of money on gas, reduce your emissions and keep your car running as smoothly as possible. 

Not Just the Tailpipe

Image From: : Tire Smoke Emissions
Vehicle use creates emissions in a number of different ways. Tire dust, brake dust, and road wear dust particulate that is toxic to the lungs of everything that breaths. Aggressive driving increases these emissions. Engines and their tail pipes are cleaner now, but we forgot to address the other parts that emit toxic dust/ fumes. 

Inequity Speaks

While everyone's health insurance costs are going up these people are taking the policy premium money for their personal benefit. Fraud ! Inequity ! Greed ! Lets call it what it is. 

God is Love

God's grace is amazing. God's love is beyond compare. God's knowledge is incomprehensibly extensive. Gods' power is infinite. God's presence is ubiquitous. Through God's mind and action all things were made. Every part of the universe, known and unknown to mankind, exists as a sublime example of our compassionate supreme unparalleled God's creativity, love and passion.

We were created in the image of God. The capacity for each person to express love in our thoughts, choices, actions and behaviors is a gift from our graceful generous loving all powerful all knowing ever present God.

I kneel before you heavenly father and openly commit my soul to your Kingdom and to you Lord God. Let all who know me understand that my faith in you can never be broken. The love you show me inspires me to show others love, and for this and for everything you have so generously given me I love you! I love you for giving my a free will to worship or deny you. I love you for giving me freedom to choose wrong or right. Your absolute justice is completely refreshing, your word renewing, your presence inspiring.

I adore and love you Lord God more than anything else is all of existence. 

Plug In Hybrids :)

The Prius 3.5 Plug in Hybrid :)  $32,000
Plug in hybrids combine the best of electric vehicles, pure electric driving, with the benefits of a normal hybrid, tremendous gas powered range and great fuel economy. Some plug-in hybrids are already available to consumers, others are going to launch within the next couple of years. Lets take a peak at what is out there, how much they cost, and which plug in hybrids are going to be available shortly.

Why Smoke ?

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This history of human tobacco use tells us an interesting story about the mixed impacts that drug use has on society, human health and the economy. Here I examine how tabacco affects the body, why people use it, and what happens to the body when a person stops using it. I will also finish by promoting a tobacco smoking alternative know as the SafeCig. So you know, I recently smoked two cigarettes in order to subjectively evaluate their impact on my mood and cognition. I also own a SafeCig and infrequently puff on that for enjoyment.

Open Minded

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There are a lot of good reasons to hold an open minded worldview. Here I share some famous quotations that explore where other people espoused close minded ideas. These quotations prove that there are different kinds of intelligence. Sometimes a persons professional Title says absolutely nothing about their vision, perspective or understanding of the world.....

Pro Vaccination

Image From: : Dr. Salk
I support the use of vaccines to combate viral diseases, microbes, pathogens and other sickness vectoring agents. Vaccines are not perfect, and some people are harmed by vaccines. Their overall effectiveness historically provides a lot of solid science from which to derive that the benefits of vaccination out weight the risks. Vaccines need further development to reduce their risks and increase their effectiveness.

Lost Something?

Image From: : Hurricane Destruction
Things are just things, you can always get a new one. Sure, some things have sentimental value, but that is only because they came from someone you love, loved, knew or some other important part of your life. Think about the end of your life for a moment.... when you have only a few moments left in this world, will you really care about your stuff ? Think about it! 

Whats in my Pockets

The Essential Pocket Gear : Key, iPod Touch, Phone, Wallet

Inspired by "The Verges" whats in your bag. 

Love The Old Stuff Too

Original and still working well from 1914.
Made by the OTIS company: DC Electric Motor
Smith Tower, Seattle WA 

A lot of people could avoid debt spending and get more out of life by simply making the best of what they have already, by embracing the old faith, family and friendships that already exit in their lives.


Less with More

In vehicles = better performance and better fuel economy : requires applied technology in order to keep costs within feasible parity with conventional metal "structures".

In buildings = warmer, quieter, with lower recurring costs (HVAC/ Lighting/ Water/ Drainage) : Materials savings with innovative designs : applied technology required to keep costs on parity with conventional designs using older ideas.

We need to embrace "good ideas" for efficient dynamics in any system: be that a home, an office, a computer or a vehicle.

Think about it!

We can do more with less waste and lower costs. We can go farther, faster and have more fun for everyone by making efficient use of everything, including bright ideas.

"Our ignorance is not nearly as vast as our failure to use what we already know" Dr. M. King. Hubbert!

Greed ( A Mental Illness ) Not Illegal ?

Avarice is the excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain, according to the dictionary.

Should this type of behavior and the thought processes associated with it not be considered a mental illness?

When a person behaves this way (greedily) they are harming other people as much or more than a violent criminal : ref. wall street mortgage back derivatives/ Enron et. al.

GSX-R600 Gixxer Mixer

I have one like this :) 

My Gas Guzzler

It performs like a $200,000 sports car, but it gets 38-52MPGs (low when you ride it, and higher when you tool it frugal) : My average so far is 40 because I "rode" it a lot, but lately I have been "tooling frugal" and less often to save gas, reduce emissions and increase safety.