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Ubiquitous Surveillance

Laser Bounce Audio Harvesting Off Sheetrock

The computational power of todays computer networks will pave the way towards a more honest future. In the future the truth about everything will be easier to access because of ubiquitous surveillance.

Charge where you park : Or Not

The key to electric vehicle mass market success evades society because of a simple problem that can be easily fixed in most places: the lack of electrical outlets where cars are parked. 

Why Blame Lance Armstrong

Grand liar of Cycling, King of performance enhancing drugs, but not a drug chemist. What about the system of doctors and drug companies that produce the juice that these athletes use to dope?

Fenix LD60 2800 Lumen LED Flashlight

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Flash strobe the bad guys with this photon pumping beast of a flashlight. Light your path, your back yard, or just about anything else you can think of, except of course black holes in outer space :P This is the brightest, highest output, nicest compact LED flashlight I was able to find. Read more to watch the youtube video and to learn more about the relationship between male culture, photon sources, and our eyes..... 

Star Trek with Fusion Energy

Magnetic mirrors, like Q switching a gas laser, the Fusion Pulse Hydrogen engine of tomorrow will bring mankind to new reaches in the universe. Translating secret defense technology of yesterday into  the power we need to go interstellar tomorrow........

Beard Blast 2015

I have not posted anything in a long time, for this I am sorry to my blog readers. I have been busy, sick, and most of my idea outreach efforts have been on FaceBook, in a more casual fashion. This post is a simple GIF creation to document my early 30's experiments with beard growing ^^