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Counter Strike to Singularity

Game engine Bots reflective of the information handling magic behind our eyes, with GPU's we are speeding towards Singularity!

Netflix Preview (trailer) Feature Added

A new feature added to Netflix allows you to preview content to help you save time you might have spent watching something that does not suit your tastes.

Geeky Beer, Tea & Coffee DIY 7 Layers Deep

Beer brewing, tea brewing, coffee brewing, the magic in the making of these super popular beverages, you can DIY your way to geek heaven 7 layers deep. 

Google Daydream Underwhelming with Future Potential

Google updates "cardboard" with an upscale $100 Daydream headset that pairs with the expensive new Pixel's phones, but this system fails to deliver anything groundbreaking. 

No Checkout Required

Amazon's new retail store in Seattle without a checkout. Pack your bag with the items you want & go, the items billed directly to your Amazon account.     

Trump Fan of Dr. Ben Carson : Good

I was a big fan of Dr. Ben Carson, an honest intelligent man who ran in the presidential race for the 2016 election. Now Ben Carson gets an appointment by Trump to become the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development or HUD. 

Aeropress Coffee Tested & Approved

I recent wrote a skeptical article about the polypropylene Aeropress, afraid that it would make the coffee taste like plastic. Fortunately I was wrong. Thanks for the Aeropress Allan :) 

Aeropress Skeptical

Our 2016 Aeropress :) Thanks Allan
My super generous father-in law Allen gave Meg & I an Aeropress for making coffee that I have yet to try. Aeropress produces coffee that is free of LDL increasing compounds & coffee that is up to 9x less acidic & less bitter than French Press coffee! 

Perfume/ Cologne & Cancer

I found out that many cologne & perfume ingredients are toxic but unregulated by the FDA since they are not intended for consumption. 

Digital Currency

Gold Coins & Bars 
More countries are in the process of switching to a cashless society based on cryptographic digital currencies. Lets take a deep look at money to understand why! 

Beer the Safest Alcohol

The nutritional properties of beer stem from the grain, yeast and hops used in beer brewing. Beer contains carbohydrates, B vitamins and potassium. This tasty adult beverage is one of my favorites. 

Causing Cancer : Reverse to Solve

Today in America 1 in 2 men & 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer. You can solve cancer with healthy lifestyle changes! 

Lithium Ion Explosions Overblown

Saying that Lithium Ion batteries explode makes for a hyperbolic statement emblematic of things said during the latest US presidential debate.

iPhone 6s Oxidized Battery Failures!

iPhone 6s Teardown Photo shows Battery that Failed 
Certain iPhone 6s owners experienced a rapid battery failure that was sourced to a manufacturing defect, where the battery manufacturer accidentally allowed the battery foils to become oxidized, a form of contamination that dramatically increases breakdown of the resulting cells. Not just Apple affected! 

Trusted Certificates Questioned (All Browsers Affected)

Graphical Artistic Rendering of Web Cryptography : Link
Fiddling with the Security Settings in my Android phone, I found a list of System Trusted Credentials from more than 100 corporations all around the world. The results are a bit unsettling. Inquired triggered by Gooligan outbreak!