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Trump Fan of Dr. Ben Carson : Good

I was a big fan of Dr. Ben Carson, an honest intelligent man who ran in the presidential race for the 2016 election. Now Ben Carson gets an appointment by Trump to become the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development or HUD. 

Like it or not, Donald Trump won the race in a bitterly contentious election against Hillary Clinton. I am glad to see Dr. Carson becoming part of Trump's team, that way Dr. Carson can inject some balanced ethics into the white house & federal government. Even if you dislike Trump, there are plenty of reasons you can find to like Dr. Ben Carson!

I was never a vocal fan of Donald Trump because of the outrageous way he conducted him self, saying outlandish things with hyperbolic statements, things that he never personally believed but said for political reasons. He started to use Hillary Clinton's tactics against her in this way. Frankly speaking I am not sure if she is able to differentiate between the truth and a lie. Yes Donald is guilty of telling lies, actually everyone does. Humans start telling lies when they are around two years old. There is a fascinating TED video on how children learn to like that is worth watching. Click the following link to access it ->

Human Hypocrites 

Everyone has threads of hypocricy, inequity, all the problems in society nothing more than outward manefestations of things that are wrong with mankind, each of us flawed sinners unable to achieve perfection, we all fall short of the glory of God who reigns highest above all else in the universe.

All the Other Issues 

When I see people bashing Trump on facebook & twitter it makes me wonder why they can not figure out something else to talk about. Have they forgotten about the rest of he US government, like the Senate and Congress? What about local government, local taxes, jobs, the reality of every day, education, entertainment, health care, freedom, privacy, self defense, friendship, relationships, faith, security, safety, there are literally a zillion other things to talk about.

Energy is a good topic  since it affects everyone directly in the wallet, in our air quality, in the reality of the kinds of vehicles and transportation systems we have access too. We need energy for lighting, computers, networks, refrigeration, all modern society needs energy of many kinds to move people, materials, to provides goods and services, to ship units, to create experiences. We need energy to travel, to heat our homes, to cool our homes, to make buildings we work in habitable regardless of where they are located. We need energy to explore the world, lots of it to explore the oceans and underground rivers, and an especially large amount of energy to explore space in a more meaningful way that will have a positive impact of the lives of a lot of real people!

Zoom Out 

Take a look at humanity as a whole for an example of what mankind is really like. A twisted confused hypocrite who is dangerous to itself. Humanity continues to exhibit inhumanity towards itself, and that is completely psychotic. This is why people need faith in God, something much bigger, better and more worthy of worship, praise and admiration. If you do not believe in God, please just entertain the concept of God. Step back in your mind and imagine an all power, all knowing, ever present being of super intelligent love, who wants to see all of his creation flourish.

A Utopia from Faith ?

God desires for use to live in a utopia together, something that Satan keeps from happening by confusing people with greed, selfishness, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, pain, bigotry and other toxic ideologies that hold mankind back from have a better civilization. This is about way more than Donald J, Trump or Dr. Ben S. Carson, take a look at the big picture of mankind and how we are collectively failing as a people to live in harmony and peace.

More War Inevitable 

The Bible even warns that there has been war all throughout history and there will continue to be wars, rumors of war and fallout from war until the end times, the fatality of our existence, perhaps when the sun consumes the earth in the future, of some other more near term event that wipes out human civilization, like a global plague, a astronomical impact that obscures the sky with dust and vapor. Natural hazards and disasters are all around us, happening all the time, earthquakes, floods, fires, disease outbreaks and more. Its not just the scale of human activity that is amazing, the amount of bad things happening in the world is staggering to consider. Imaging if you could see it all, if you had the mental abilities and perceptual abilities to see all of reality, all the good, all the bad simultaneously!

The Flaw is Human

Each person is flawed, a flaw that expresses itself as uniquely as the person it affects. There is tread of evil in humans. You can see it in that which gives rise to killing and war, mankind reigning terror against itself. The evidence of the insane nature of mankind everyone, even in the mirror if you stop to analyse the beam in your own eye before pointing out the sliver in someone else's eye. We are called to focus on being the best versions of our selves, to help others who are not as fortunate, to lify each other up with edifying words that teach virtues. We are called to teach each other about faith, about God, about being a good person. We have to constantly stay on top of teaching each new generation of people that value of virtuosity and why it is important for everyone for each person to be the best version of themselves.

Political Rhetoric Toxic 

Look at all of the strife & negative drama created by the outcry against Trumps victory in the presidential race 2016 in the USA. At some level I am glad that he won because Hillary Clinton is part of an establishment of career politician who serve a master far different than the public interest. The establishment serves a master other than God too. I think many of the people are serving their own self interests above all else. That is a mouth full of negativity. No wonder people are so put off by politics! A persons brain eventually reaches a breaking point when they are confronted with too many issues to a topic that is too intense. Instantly you can watch a person at the breaking point make a radical divergent shift in thought or action. I for example will develop a wild urge to play video games sporadically when exposure to certain stresses reach a breaking point.

Breaking Point 

The straw that broke the camels back when I left my last job came when I was asked to manually transfer hundreds of pounds of toxic powdered chemicals with a hand scoop into a chemical bath, without the proper safety equipment, I improvised the best I was able. Less than one week later I called out sick two days in a row, a fatal blow apparently. The toxins I was exposed to were ruining my health, Meg was noticing it and so was I. I called out sick because I could feel my body falling apart at the cellular level. Plans to buy that shop along with two long term friendships almost completely vanished in just the blink of an eye. I get the impression that they were trying to push me out, knowing that I would never engage in the toxic work the way they wanted, not until massive operational changes were implemented. It took weeks for the glass beads to finally phase out of our laundry system, but at last my immune system recovered and all is well now, except my source of income has vanished, aside from whatever small amount I make from this blog lol! At least I am not on the hook to actually buy the shop, and could not be happier that I figured that out before drowning in toxicity on so many levels I am still perplexed by the whole experience. Its amazing the kinds of lessons that life teaches through experiences.

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