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Counter Strike to Singularity

Game engine Bots reflective of the information handling magic behind our eyes, with GPU's we are speeding towards Singularity!

Nvidia to Singularity

It will be very interesting to see what singularity does to our civilization! I suspect a fountain of wealth and prosperity will emerge because of digital super intelligence. NVidia for example is already using AI on a super computer named after the Saturn V rocket; the DGX Saturn5, to help their electrical engineers optimize the next generation GPU architectures. I asked them about this on Twitter, but no reply yet!

Going beyond PC gaming, NVidia is forging the way towards singularity, massive parallel information processing of BIG data from ever IO source in the world, there are going to be things happening with AI in the future that will increase world wide transparency about everything to a disruptive, frightening, but truth based level, opening the eyes of future generations to the truth about about all things like never before. The UK got this ball rolling with their outdoor CC TV network, wikileaks with online news feeds, fact check etc. With search engines like Good, access to information about almost anything has been largely democratized, except that not all people alive have access to high speed internet yet! I am sure future generations will look back at the digital divide of today in an astounded amusing light when they study history.


The GPU tech enabling these visual interactive digital gaming experiences on personal computers, laptops, consoles, tablets & smartphones is somehow reflective of the magic happening behind our eyes. Unlike the standard 4 core general purpose CPU, GPU's are optimized for processing huge amounts of parallel data, like the IO stream sent to our brain by our eyes.

NVidia & Faith in God 

The GPU, a term invented by NVidia, the worlds leader of graphics processing unit designs, they produce far more than just video cards, like the epic GTX 1080 Pascal Architecture; named after a man, Blaise Pascal, who's Wager helped me to rediscover my faith in God! Pascal's wager is a logical defense of faith, which along with the words of C.S. Lewis helped me to recover anti-theological concepts and ideas I picked up in College. To defeat the hopeless, pointless, arbitrary conclusions of atheist ideology, I was propelled to look more closely at life, the genetic mystery, beauty and complexity of all living beings. Struck with an endless sense of awe at the nature of reality, I began to ask the harder questions that science simply will never answer.

Video Game Reflections 

Playing Counter Strike Go "Offline with Bots" to train before playing community maps got me thinking about Artificial Intelligence, and how these "bots' are interacting with the human brain. We start out as babies knowing almost nothing, and learn a lot throughout our lives. What can be said about learning A.I. in the future as we speed towards singularity ? Lets start with thinking about the learning curve with someone new to counter strike.

First someone must be proficient enough at using a computer to download steam, create an account, and purchase Counterstrike go. There is a standard FPS first person shooter layout/ interface that is relatively intuitive but still something someone must learn to make effective use of the game. Presuming the person has the desire to keep going, they are going to need to learn the mechanics of using the mouse and keyboard effectively in the game to control their on screen character, to move and aim and fire the weapons, to select different weapons.

There is a motor mapping learning curve to the human keyboard mouse interface for eye hand coordination control that takes time to develop, from tens of minutes to get started to many hours to refine, years to perfect. I have logged about 20 hours into counter strike recently, reminding myself that I operate better as a sniper than any other kind of playing style. Each person plays with their own unique style that adapts as the learn from other better player in-game, even from the game bots at first. If you watch how the bots move and operate, you can see that the game developers at Valve integrated some A.I. based on unique player styles, team playing styles and machine learning. The bots are a lot easier to play against then skilled human players. Bots give new players a chance to tune their chops before encountering real people in community maps. You can learn a lot just by watching the bots!

At about 15 hours of recent CS: GO I started watching a small amount of Youtube content of other people playing, which along with some tips and pointers from related articles, helped me to find out that death-match rounds give more practice. I have been playing death-match rounds ever since. If you watch what the pro's do, they work as teams, forming tactical groups, using special map analysis to find the sweet spots for different team positions. From flashing and smoking an area effectively to push through, where to aim, how to watch your back, sweet spots, optimizing your playing style, there is lot happening in your brain to make it all happen.

Something as as mundane as using optics on a rifle has a lot of knowledge skill depth to master. To use a scope effectively you have to consider its field of view, magnification, your tactical range, your hit box. Real snipers in the world also have to consider wind, air temperature, bullet drop, and the speed of the target. Selecting a spot to snipe from involves performing visual analysis on your surroundings, you want to pick a spot where you have a good view of where the enemy is likely to show up while minimizing your visual signature (sneaky spot) Coo Coo ^^

Sight & Vision 

The human brain devotes a lot of its metabolic energy, chemical and electrical activity to processing our sense of vision. Using the sights on your weapon, optics, analyzing a map, our brain mixes cognitive logical processing with abstract creative reasoning, creativity, imagination, abstraction, general intelligence, vision goes way beyond the physical reality of sight. Vision is happening in the brain and can even happen when your eyes are closed.

When you are asleep dreaming, your brain releases DMT, a powerful psychedelic computer so that you can see imagery in your dreams even with your eyes closed. Daydreaming can take a visual dynamic when the brain releases small amounts of the powerful naturally occurring endogenous DMT. You do not have to be able to see in order to experience vision, even blind people have visualization in their mind.

There is a huge difference between sight and vision. Someones ability to see, the way that they see, is heavily influenced by their mental function, not the photon physical signal collecting dynamics of the human eyeballs, or binocular sight as it were. If you watch someone as they learn to play a new game, you can see the magic happening in their mind as they adapt to the rules and in the case of a gaming console, the controller and interactive dynamics of the game, the persons eyes looking at different parts of the screen, their thumb controls of the stick, body movements, you can see a lot happening if you watch a person learning how to use a gaming console. I have had the pleasure of doing this with lovely Meg, she is even right this moment playing Destiny on our Xbox One on here own. Like learning a new instrument, I can see her making good progress as she keeps playing.

There is a learning curve for all things new to a person, be that learning how to do algebra or play counter strike. Eye hand coordination conforms to a task like playing PC games, playing tennis, or drawing, playing an instrument, or just about any other skill like welding, driving, etc, via a processes called plasticity in neuron structures that rewire as different ideas and neurons fire and wire together. "The Brain That Changes Itself" is a remarkably interesting and informative read on the subject.

Understanding Why People Do Things 

Do you ever wonder why people watch TV or movies? What about why people play video games? Did you know that people play games on tablets and smartphones now more than on consoles and PC's? What about why people like listening to music ? Why do people like to race vehicles or play competitive sports? Why do people do anything ? What are some people really interested in food and others not ? What about our preferences for colors, styles, architecture, sexuality, religion, values and ethics?

Cortex Stimulation 

I like it!
It feels good!
I think doing this is fun!
It makes me feel more alive!

You know what these all have in common? Stimulation of the brains Cortex, the part of the human brain that makes us so much more intelligent than all the other animals on earth. Each person contains a deeply layered mental operating system of sorts, populated with its own special operating system that dynamically adjusts to the persons life experiences, exposures, what they read, listen too, think about, who they know, what they spend their time doing, what they believe in by choices, what they have faith in, what they worship, how they eat, what they eat, where they live and other life variables. Computers provide a standardized format in which all unique people can use a common language to interact, collaborate, communicate, share, learn, etc. English is a working standards for international use all around the world. Nearly all people study english as a second language. English used as a communication standards allows people in different countries to communicate in all ways more effectively.

Computers Helping Engineering Design More Powerful Computers 

For a long time computers have been helping engineers to solve tough integrated circuit architecture problems in a field known as CAE or computer aided engineers. CAE that will pave the way towards more and more powerful computer GPU solutions in every kind of computer, from cell phones to cloud computers and everything in-between.  At Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD, IBM, HP, ACER, Sony, Qualcomm, and other tech firms, computers with the English language are used to connect teams working on very large technically complicated projects, like the Hololens @ Microsoft, or the Google Pixel Phones, or the Next Gen GPU from Nvidia or Super Advanced Neurosynaptic CPU's from IBM. Modern marvels like the worlds electrical grids are beyond the thinking capacity or work scope of an individual. We have to work together in teams of teams to make big things happen. Consider all the engineers working to make the next gen iPhone or Samsung Note 8 happen.

Connecting Minds

When we work together we can build amazing things like the internet. Collectively mankind has created many modern marvels! A persons mind & brain is loaded with huge potential, so much so that we can do "ANYTHING" that we set our minds on if we work together as teams with a shared goal. Cold Fusion, Ending All Diseases, Interstellar Travel, if we work together we are stronger as teams, leveraging the differences in our minds, knowledge and capacity to build cognitive human intellectual social super computing consciousness clusters, like cloud a computer. The goal of most corporations is to have all their server blades working for a common goal, similarly the corporation tries to effectively harness the cooperation of all its employees for a common set of goals, namely to make a ROI for the improvement of next quarters earnings! Profit is the goal of most corporations, something many teams within the organization must work hard for in order for the corporation to succeed.

Companies that focus on pleasing their customers naturally do better in the long run. The most profitable companies on earth pull on the lever of riches that technological innovations produce with applied science & technology. Google & Tesla are too good examples. With networked computers we can connect the minds of more people in more ways, more of the time, more effectively. Think of how human communication has changed because of telecommunications technologies like Email, Text Messaging, video chat, Facebook, Youtube and more. Phone calls & TV got the ball rolling, now we communicate using technology in many ways that way outside the scope of this posting, but think of the way your smarphone allows you to take a picture and then send it directly to someone else's smartphone. The point is that technology allows people to connect in totally new ways like never before. If you are reading this blog, you are connecting to my minds thoughts about the subjects contained within the postings I write and share.

Phone Camera GPU 

The GPU on newer smartphones give the onboard cameras tremendous power, so much so that new smartphones have remarkable photographic recording capabilities such that the point & shoot camera markets have almost evaporated. The only things cameras have going for them are optical zoom, bigger sensors, larger batteries, swappable lenses, and these help cameras to hold a performance edge over smartphones, but the best camera is the one you always have with you, and new phones shoot 4K video at 60FPS ^^

Its amazing how far technology has come when you stop to think about it, and most of the gains since 2008 were in the GPU front, well at least as a component of the SOC in your smartphone, or as a discrete unit in your gaming laptop or mid range to high end desktop computer. The Nvidia GTX 980 was amazing, and the GTX1080 took it to a whole new level. I am very excited to see what Nvidia comes up with next. I especially hope that Apple & Microsoft put high end Nvidia graphics in their hardware refreshes in Late 2016, thoughout 17 & 18 and onward; this would make gaming on a Mac better, would make the Surface computers from Microsoft more competent at video editing, and couple help to make the Project Scorpio xbox more awesome!

The Developing Brain 

Hand a toddler a Tablet computer and take it away and watch what happens. Experts in early childhood development now warn parents to limit their young child's access to tablet computers, smartphones, touchscreen laptops, desktops and similar digital visual information interactive platforms. Long ago parents were warned by experts not to use TV as a nanny for good reasons. The young human brain has a sponge like ability to soak up new words, ideas and information. The internet is loaded with non-PG things that are not appropriate for kids. I am not an expert on this subject, I am only encouraging parents of small children to make prudent intelligent and balanced choices when allowing their kids to access the doubled edged sword of internet connected computers, be that a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV, game console or other digital information platform.

The Aging Brain 

Our brains become less plastic as we age, making the learning of a new skill of any kind more challenging. Doing cardio helps to soften up the brain, allowing it to become a better sponge for new information, skills and more. Children at the age of 5 have about 25x more acetylcholine than someone who is 30 years old. Someone who is 60 years old has about 50% less than someone who is 30. Acetylcholine levels are highly associated with plasticity. The biochemical reality of the brain is far more complicated, outside of my knowledge base, and the scope of really interesting work that is worth learning about if that spikes your interest.

I am interesting in cognition and learning in so far as understanding how people go from knowing almost nothing as babies to possess General Intelligence that is way beyond the power of Siri, Cortana or Alexa. The IBM Watson is more like a person mind, but was built using nearly $8 million worth of hardware, and draws so much power that the 240v 200amp home connection at most homes in America could not power a Watson installation. IBM is actively working on miniaturizing Watson using a whole new CPU architecture called a neurosynaptic chip. Engineered after the Neurons in our brain, these completely new neuro-chips are orders of magnitude more efficient than the Van Neumann architecture digital hardware happening inside almost all computers today. If IBM is successful, buy the year 2030 we should have a pizza box sized IBM Watson running on 60 watts of power that costs less than $3000.

Healthy Body + Diet & Perspective  = Healthy Mind & Brain 

Staying active, getting enough cardio, eating healthy, staying mentally healthy, there are things we can do that stave off neurological decline, but everyones mind eventually becomes less powerful. Hopefully A.I. will help us to solve that problem once singularity unlocks our ability to hybridize the human mind with someone like IBM Watson running on hardware that is small like a smartphone plugged directed into a human computer brain interface that is created by a genetic reprogramming method that grows the interface biologically into place without surgery or tissue damage, with wires that connect to the neurons made of wet living materials that do no suffer from the kind of signal decay of metal pins currently used in computer brain interfaces that only last a few weeks. One of the keys is making the electrical interface neural with the immune system so that scar tissue does not form around the connections to the brain.

Easy to Use Exoskeletons 

We are a long way from this technology, but the seeds that will grow into the solution have already been planted, watered and are being actively cultivated by people who like the idea of plugging the human brain into computers for compassionate reasons like restoring motor control to a person who has lost limb control from disease or injury. This will allow paralyzed people to walk again. This tech will enable elderly people to don a bespoke exoskeleton that is natural an intuitive to use, being that the Human Brain Control interface allows the person to execute movement just as they normally would, the HBC converting their brain motor control signals into machine control for the exoskeleton.

Human vs Machine Intelligence

Our brains are much more powerful than the computers we used, possessing an estimated 700 TB of Memory Compute capacity spanned across ~100 billion cores (neurons) linked together by trillions of interconnecting axion & dendrites. As we speed toward general intelligence computers with Google Alpha Go, singularity on the horizon, one day super human intelligence A.I. will mine youtube videos of Counter Strike to create control A.I. for humanoid robot soldier.

To Infinity & Beyond 

I believe that human science (knowledge building internationally), especially cell science, will end up solving all diseases, granting people who can afford the treatment ever longer lives. The seeds for a technological fountain of youth are already planted. The potential revenue model for selling people more life already well established by big Pharma and Hospitals. The spending on Cancer alone would fund scientific progress at a disruptive & amazing rate, but society does not believe in moving forward so quickly; law makers have to catch up, some municipalities still decades behind normal IT technology today for example.

Hard Questions Science Does Not Answer 

So, you tell me, why does life exist?

That Big Bang that scientists are always talking about, into "what" did the "big bang" expand ?

No one has all the answers, even with computer brain interfaces, some things will escape the limits of human consciousness, even if we unite our minds as one using computer brain interfaces with gigabit or faster networking.

IT Reflective of the Human Mind's Information Handling

I view digital logic computers as an outward technological reflection of the information handling differencing engine happening inside the human brain. Our neurons, some 100 billion of them, are each like a small low powered slow integrated circuit processing core, in a networked cluster connected by trillions of links (dendrites, axion) to other neurons, grouped together in functional clusters in different brain regions, some that handle motor control, others for speech, hearing, vision, balance, memory, problem solving, emotions, endocrine modulation, peptide emission, control of the heart rate, breathing, and a two way chemical system between the brain and gut with a neuron bus called the spine.

The spine is our in-body high speed network bus, the human central and peripheral nervous system almost like a local area network. The 700TB of memory compute action spanned across billions of cores in the human brain is a genetic self assembling modern marvel of engineering far greater and more complex than anything mankind has cooked up, even collectively if you add up all technological progress throughout history to this point.

Seeds of Singularity

Interestingly however, we live today on the cusp of emergent super human intelligence AI distribution. We interact with early forms of this with Siri, Cortana and Alexa, assisted by cloud computer power over high speed networks spanned across billions of dollars worth of server hardware. These NLP proficient Digital Assistants will spawn future generations of artificial intelligence hardware that people plug directly into their minds. Singularity will allow super computers to help human engineers, doctors and scientists to develop a genetic self assembling tissue based hardware IO interface to the human brain that grows into place naturally. Actually genetic manipulation in real time is already a commercial reality at the fringe edge of applied technology thanks to innovations & technology pioneered by Monsanto and other biotech companies ^^

Cancer Cure to Human Brain Interface : Cell Science Innovations 

The race to cure cancer will no doubt give rise to cell science that will one day allow engineers to develop a self assembling computer brain interface that you plant in your skin like a seed that grows into a high speed data connection bus, perhaps even fiber optic in nature since neurons respond to light, think of whats happening in the retina in your eye, as the optic nerves are actually branch extensions of your brain ^^ That takes us all the way back to playing CS:GO video games and the IO handling inside the mind. When we interact with networked computers we form a human machine hybrid. Every time you use a search engine your mind is interacting with huge networks of connected computers, to information from around the world that is always online, humanity as a whole never actually sleeps.

Genetic Reprogramming 

Real time active genetic reprogramming of cells or stem cell modification technology will emerge on top of knowledge build during the human genome project and the ongoing computational analysis of genomics filed known as informatics, the building of molecular biological knowledge the explains how genes are transcribed into all the cells that make up life, omnipotent & pluripotent stem cells a current focus of this biological information technology analysis knowledge building science today. There are entire research institutions focused on advancing mankind's understanding of cell science. Cells make up all life, the genetic instructions to make cells and cell components at the core of informatics.

How A.I. will Help 

A.I. feed with molecular biology information, genomic information, genome informatics and related genetic science will come up with novel innovations, solutions that integrate more variables then the human mind is able to assemble, machines able to try with simulations millions of tests for recursive iterative improvements and automatic optimization. Today this kind of machine learning is already used to improve the Tesla Model S autopilot software. Similarly the Google (Alphabet Inc.) Alpha Go A.I. will enable scientific research explosions in drug discovery, genomics, materials science, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, bio-engineering, genetic engineering and other cutting edge science technologies. Super human general intelligence engines will be able to help human engineering teams to come up with increasingly innovative and novels solutions to problems that remain beyond our abilities to solve today. Solving all diseases for example might sound a bit outrageous or hyperbolic, but I assure you that Singularity will bring an explosive series of innovations at a rate that will completely redefine our civilization in less than 50 years.

Explosive Technological Evolution 

With widespread innovations in all sectors brought about by democratized A.I., we will end the energy constraint problems in society, end poverty, end all diseases, end sick thinking, mental illness, we will use super-intelligence technology to create a utopia in the future! Singularity will save mankind from a psychotic end that would come if mankind continued exerting inhumanity to mankind without the parental positive influence of super-intelligence machines that help the good people purge our civilization of the evil that hinders everything from being better!

Think I am Wrong, Think Again! 

If you think I am off kilter with my conclusions, consider how digital technology has emerged and developed in just a single generation, electricity, information, the outward manifestation of the sparks of creativity happening in the human brain, collectively fused through human machine hybridizations. Every time you use a search engine, the internet, a computer, a smartphone or any internet connected digital device today, you are forming a human machine hybrid, and indirectly or unknowingly voting for the emergence of super human machine intelligence. Nearly everyone with internet access has been voting for singularity all along, but like most revolutions, most people will not realized what has happened until long after it has already come to pass.

Upward and Onward 


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