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Netflix Preview (trailer) Feature Added

A new feature added to Netflix allows you to preview content to help you save time you might have spent watching something that does not suit your tastes.

IMDB or the internet movie database provides a wealth of data about media & content that can help you to understand if something is worth your time or not. I have had mixed luck aligning good review scores with enjoyment level.

Super Speed Thumbnail Preview

With Netflix you previously already had the ability to watch a sort of time lapse of the content of a Show or Movie without sound. To do so you simply play the content then fast forward through it, a sequence of thumbnail images above the timeline show you something like a time-lapse summary. You can fly through a 2 hour movie at low res super speed silently like this in less than 3 minutes, getting a complete sparse visual summary of the content. I actually like doing this to movies I feel uncertain about watching.

TV on Netflix ?

I would speak to TV shows on Netflix, but rarely watch them. YouTube provides my dose of Engineering Disasters and related science and technology programming, the only stuff on TV in the past that I really enjoyed anyway; lots of Modern Marvels episodes carefully borrowed for Youtube use by people who are not afraid of copy-write litigation, very much unlike me. I am very afraid of the MPAA's litigious nature.

Lot of Junk

After a few years of Netflix I have notice that while it provides access to more than 100,000 shows & movies, I am disinteresting in watching most of the content, but at the same time feel like I am missing out on watching things that I might actually enjoy.

Endless Options 

I often find myself spending up to an hour scanning through the options, I get this feeling that my old German language processor described when echoing her first experience at a Starbucks. She felt bewildered, having never seen so many menu options at a coffee shop before. Frau Norling, I feel like I experience the same bewildering feeling when browsing watch to watch on Netflix.

The Blind Side

I feel like movie trailers often spoil the plot, in some ways I like going into the movie watching experience blind without knowledge so that my brain can be tickled trying to make sense of the content. Meg is so good at plot analysis that all but the most twisty of plots are easy for her to figure out long before the movie is over. While I have a deeply analytical mind, I am not good at finding my way to new places without help from my phone GPS and Google Maps. Likewise I find plot analysis tricky in both movies and fictional narratives.

Stick to the Facts

I enjoyed reading non-fiction works growing up and throughout college. I felt like there was enough real interesting stuff in reality to write about and wondered why people need to invent fiction to entertain others. The hypocrisy in my view on content comes from my affinity for Sci-Fi fiction. It seems plausible that this originates from my passionate interests in science & technology.

High Speed Networking 

To make use of Youtube or Netflix, you need high speed internet, something that more than 30% of people in America still live without. That is more than 100 million people! These same people, a diminishing demographic are the ones keeping traditional cable TV networks and printed newspaper alive. I do not subscribe to physical news paper. I tend to read books or anything for that matter on digital devices, and spend any time I might have spent watching TV online, reading or writing. The content on this blog for example is something I produce and do rather than watching TV like a speed bump stuck to a couch. When I am on the couch I like to play interactive digital games on our Xbox One, sometimes I get the PC gaming on via Steam on one of many computers in our collection ^^

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