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Causing Cancer : Reverse to Solve

Today in America 1 in 2 men & 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer. You can solve cancer with healthy lifestyle changes! 

Fortunately you have the power to make lifestyle changes that reverse the ballistic cellular malfunctions that give rise to cancering! Yes, a verb, not a noun, cancer is a cellular process that has gone awry. Take back control by doing things that boost your natural immune function!

Check out Cancer Tutor, it is a web site devoted towards helping people survive cancer with alternative knowledge that goes above and beyond chemotherapy! A multi-dimensional holistic lifestyle approach can improve your outcomes if you have been diagnosed with cancer.

1. Positive emotions actually turn off genes associated with cancer progression. You can literally help your immune system fight off cancer cells by having a sense of humor, being positive and optimistic.

2. Stay connected with friends that you like and so something fun with them!

3. Reject negativity, especially political news, hot button topics and things that get under your skin that make you feel bad about life.

4. Stay hydrated to flush nasty metabolites out of your system. If your pee is dark orange or smells really bad, try to make sure you are getting enough clean water. Use a water filtering system if your city is like Flint MI!

5. Avoid dangerous garden chemicals, pesticides and other well known carcinogens, like tail pipe emissions from vehicles, especially older diesel models. If you live near coal power plants make sure to use indoor air purification technology to clean up your indoor air.

6. Less alcohol is more, the primary metabolite of ethanol metabolism is acetylaldehyde, an IARC classified carcinogen. Beer is one of the safest forms of alcohol because of its robust nutritional profile and because of its high water contents, often 90% or better!

7. Go easy on sugar, watch out for processed food ingredients, sugar has 60 different names! Sugar fuels rapidly dividing cells, so it causes acne and speed up cancer cells.

8. Get enough high quality sleep, consume your coffee or tea early when you wake & not at night.

9. Stress enhances cancer, so try a few deep breaths if you are feeling frazzled. A nice one minute meditation break can really make the difference.

10. Balance. Think about your whole life, your work, friends, family, health, activity levels. Try to learn about healthy lifestyle changes, and look online at Cancer Tutor to educate yourself!

Going Deeper

Mainstream medical science takes a broad approach to treating cancer that makes rational sense based on classical knowledge building. Every year the war against cancer becomes more effective, many cancers can be easily defeated using modern medicine like the latest generation chemotherapy drugs, biologic medicines, immune therapy, laser precision radiation, fluorescent dye enhanced surgical removal of cancerous tissues and other approaches that I am not familiar with.

Family Connection

My knowledge of cancer comes from research I did when my sister was diagnosed with cancer, something she was fortunately able to survive. She took the multi-lateral approach to both lifestyle changes for improving health along side mainstream chemotherapy medicines that her health insurance helped to pay for. Using modern western medicine to treat cancer produces an effective but expensive solution with good outcomes that health insurance companies to fund. If you change your diet with organic food, phasing out carcinogens and making health lifestyle changes, health insurnace companies will not help you pay for the increased capital costs of such efforts, like eating a cup of organic blueberries every day.

Your Individual Genome

I was adopted, so my sister is not genetically related to me. I am flying blind about my own genome in this way but hope to some day use genetic testing to help me understand my genetic health better, the hand I was dealt in genetic terms when the sperm and egg of my genetic parents fused to produce my one off individual unique genome. In this way all of us are completely unique, with our own genetic instruction unique to our body and cells. This makes one sized fits all chemical treatments more effective from some people but not others : many people have adverse reactions and side effects to one size fits all drugs because their genome does not jive with the drugs. Similarly some people have allergies that other people do not have. This means certain cancer treatments will work better for some people than others!


Attitude, Emotion, Outlook and Perspective all have a huge effect on cancer. If you have a good attitude, embrace positive emotions, have an optimistic outlook and healthy balanced perspective with hope and love then you are very likely to survive cancer. It turns out that being a happy positive person activates genes that turn off cancer cell processes. Invert this concept and it translates to bitterness, unforgiveness and negativity turning on cancer processes. Being a negative person increases your chance of dying from cancer more than anything else!

Genetic Reprogramming

Computers have allowed scientists and doctors to map out the human genome, now their attention and efforts are on using this information (informatics) to fuse GMO technology with medicine to actively reprogram omipotent and pluripotent stem cells to solve cancer. Your immune system owes a good part of its function to stem cells in your bone marrow. Here where the calcium in your bones shields the DNA from radiation damage, rapidly dividing stem cell daughter cells populate your blood stream with immune cells, the same immune cells that HIV attacks. The solution to HIV and Cancer have overlapping core science at the cellular process level. Cell science is actually the key to solving ALL diseases.

Cell Science the Key

Your body is made of about 100 trillion cells. You started out as a single cell when one of your fathers sperm fused with one of your mothers eggs. That XX or XY process sometimes goes wrong giving rise to inter=gender people who often find themselves part of the GLBT community as adults. Histo-chemistry and endocrinology play a huge role in trait expressions like sexual preference, a branch of medical science aimed at developing better understanding of hormones and signaling chemicals that influence all the cellular systems in the body. Our brain is constantly emitting peptides and other chemicals into the blood stream to regulate our body, while our gut and what we eat influences the chemistry that the brain has to work with. Health foods are essential because of how the guy and digestion affects our brain health.

Sleep is also super important for brain health, sleep is when our brain shrinks down to squeeze out metabolites that would cause neuro-degeneration if left behind. Many forms of dementia and mental decline noted in the elderly are now linked to the ineffective clearing of metabolites from the brain during sleep, notably caused by lower sleep quality and less sleep.

Trying to understand the molecular machinery of life in all of its exotically detailed complexity is way beyond the 700TB limits of an individuals peak human memory processing system. To solve all diseases we have to link the minds of millions of people together. Huge corporations attempt to do this today, to coordinate the thinking and activities of all their employees, under one system for the sole purpose of pleasing customers to generate ongoing revenue that is always good for next quarters profit. To solve all disease we have to unite people under a similar singular goal framework, solving cancer! This term scares people that make money fighting cancer with subscription based drugs, but I assure you that their business sector is totally safe. It is exactly these same pharmaceutical companies that are partnering with Monsanto to integrated and hybridize GMO technology that will enable cellular reprogramming. This cutting edge technology called Custom Therapeutics or Genetic Medicine is not part of mainstream medical science today, but within just more than a decade it will become the next blockbuster of the entire medical sector, including for Big Pharma, the one sector who stands to profit the most from custom made genetically tailored drugs.

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