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Perfume/ Cologne & Cancer

I found out that many cologne & perfume ingredients are toxic but unregulated by the FDA since they are not intended for consumption. 

After taking more than 9 chemistry classes in college I began to manufacture my own cologne at home. Looking at the materials safety data sheets MSDS of many of the chemicals I was using, I realized that the commercial recipes I was *cloning*were full of highly toxic chemicals that cause cancer, autoimmune diseases, brain damage, liver & kidney damage, allergies, even DNA damage.

How it Works 

The very principle that makes perfume "smell" allows the chemicals in the perfume to boil off as vapors from whatever it is that you sprayed the stuff on, carrying the toxins into your nose and respiratory system where it enters your blood stream, and its all bad news from there. Many things that are toxic happen to also smell really good, confusing our senses.


Never apply cologne or perfume directly to your skin, always spray your hair (its not living) or your clothing (also non living). The goal is to keep the chemicals off your skin to reduce your exposure to these exotic toxic's that happen to smell good.

The Principle of Operation 

When you spray cologne or perfume on your skin, the alcohol or water used as a carrier helps your skin absorb the oil & chemicals that give the scents, base notes that linger for hour or sometime days; middle notes that last about an hour, and high notes that you can only enjoy for about 10 min after you first spray the cologne or perfume.

Essential Oils Exempt 

If your cologne/ perfume is made of essential oils, you can ignore my warnings. Organic all natural essential oils diluted down to 5% or less in pure ethanol are some of the safest kinds you can use; some of them even have potential medicinal benefits for improving mood in the case of lavender oil in ethanol spray as an example.

Natural Drugs 

Stress reduction, sedation, calming, the chemicals in the lavender oil trigger receptors in the olfactory bulbs that then trigger the brain to release peptide based pharmaceutical like drugs made by your brain that can calm your down as effectively as xanax or other heavy manufactured drugs.

Dreaming Hallucinations 

Your brain even contains the powerful psychoactive drug DMT, released while your are asleep dreaming to help your hallucinate imagery to the thoughts of your dream, sometimes so powerful that the dreams seem strikingly realistic. I have never used DMT as a drug, aside from the natural DMT released by my brain when I am asleep dreaming, this technically happens to everyone who dreams, some more than others depending on the genome, genetic, diet, enviromental chemical exposure, sleep quality, stress levels, experience, social connections and other variables that are outside the scope of this discussion.

Do Not Smoke DMT 

I would highly advise against ever smoking DMT. If you want to increase your natural production of DMT take some Vitamin B6 before bed. 5HTP is also known to increase endogenous DMT production. Your might consider reading materials published by Dr. Rick Strassman, the foremost expert on all things related to DMT and our Brain. He is a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry and clinical psychopharmacology research who has studied DMT and written extensively about it, including the production of books and videos where I learned about him. Some people smoke DMT extracted from plants to have detailed level dreaming experience while wide awake, though the ~3 minutes that they are out, you would think they were almost unconscious, that is until they report back with what they saw while they were "gone". Known as the business mans sling shot of psychedelic drugs, its is one of the most powerful psychedelic drugs known to mankind, and occurs naturally in our brain as well being present in more than 1100 plants in nature.

LSD Cures Alcoholism 

Other similarly powerful mind bending drugs like LSD are so powerful at inducing changes in cognition that LSD is actually able to help some alcoholics break free from their ethanol substance dependency disorder.
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Commercial Cologne / Perfume Dangers 

The commercial perfume/ cologne contains chemicals that smell good, but many of them are carcinogens, endocrine disruptive substances, VOC's that cause brain, liver and kidney damage, or worse mutagens with almost unbelievable levels of toxicity. The really cheap stuff is often the worse, but even expensive types can contain dangerous chemicals that are horrible for your health.

Use High Quality Essential Oils 

Try using home made perfumes that you can make with essentials oils. They smell just as good are the commercial varieties without any of the dangers.

Some essential oil are actually safe to consume in small amounts, like the oils present in rosemary powder spice, just make sure that your essential oils are organic and or pharmaceutical grade of extremely high purity. Less is more, a drop of pure essential oil goes a long way.

Some essential oils are dangerous to consume because we cannot digest them correctly, lacking the liver enzymes and digestive processes needed to break down things like clove oil.

Make sure to read about the specific oil extensively if you plan on ingesting a highly diluted preparation of the oil. A few drops of mint oil for example can produce an  entire 30oz bottle of minty fresh mouth wash, not something you want to swallow, but perfectly safe to use as mouth wash. Many flavored spirits (alcoholic beverages) contain essential oils, like GIN when the botanical steeped in the alcohol contribute many flavor and scent chemicals that give GIN its smell and taste profiles. Different kinds of GIN are produced with different botanical extracts that alter the flavor, color and smell.

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