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No Checkout Required

Amazon's new retail store in Seattle without a checkout. Pack your bag with the items you want & go, the items billed directly to your Amazon account.     

The Amazon Go store in beta mode for now, employee's only until the kinks are ironed out sometime in early 2017 when it will open to the public! The first store of its kind, we can now see that Amazon is pushing the envelope with more than just drone deliveries in early 2020.

Transistorized Prosperity 

Technology brings with it entirely new ways to do things, even new things to do, in more places, with more people, more of the time, often at a lower expense, technology democratizing access to previously unattainable items & services.

Look no further than your latest digital device, probably your smartphone, for an example of how technology gives you more every year for the same money, or at some level even less cost because the money loses value due to inflation. $400 for the iPhone 5SE this year is less cost than the same amount spent for a Kyocera Bridgadier last year. Similarly SSD's become faster, with larger capacities, at lower prices every year. HDD becoming cheaper as well, Seagate released a 5TB drive with a retail price of only $85USD in late 2016.

The Go Store

When you enter, simply click your phone with the associated Amazon Store App and ubiquitous surveillance made of cameras & sensors does the rest. You simply put items you want in your bag and then go, it might feel like shoplifting, the purchases are automatically billed to your Amazon account.

Fear Mongering over Transparency 

To privacy advocates, this is another red herring they will probably end up squawking about, but no amount of rhetoric can hold back the tide of technological change, the progress brought about by applied technology, its virtues nearly self evident, unless the power grid goes offline!

Sign Me Up 

I frankly do not care if corporations track what I buy and look at online. Ever since my browser cookies started giving up my info, I have been shown more products and services that appeal to me as a person, rather than one sized fits all adds that display things outside of my sphere of interests. I like targeted marketing, and am more than happy to sign up for a Fred Meyers card to get coupons in the mail that take 25% my purchase of $40, some 4 such coupons came as a part of the customer loyalty program we signed up for. I want Fred Meyer/ Kroger to know that Meg and I like organic products, that way they will stock more of the stuff that we like. Telling businesses what you like enables them to offer products and services that you will actually like.

Sell Your Info 

You already do every time you interact with a search engine. That incognito mode in chrome will only keep your browser from saving certain thinks like cookies, history, etc. Your network provider, ISP or Cell provider still has the dirt on your online activities, as does the Prism Program in the Gov. You cannot use the internet and hide yourself easily. If you are living a legal lifestyle, why would you care anyway! I do not do anything illegal, and have no interest in violating the laws of my state. I am patriotic American and love America, my country! No countries are perfect, neither are any people! You can find flaws or cracks in anything if you look hard enough!

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