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2017 HID still better than LED conversion kit

The halogen headlights on most vehicles are inappropriate for speeds greater than 40mph according to the National Institute of Highway Safety. Only OEM LED & HID OEM + AFM Kits achieve better than Halogen performance. 

98 MPG @ 50-60 MPH

The 2013 Honda PCX-150 that I ride to work achieves 85-102 MPG, a wave of warm sunny weather put me in the saddle for commuting with exceptionally low fuel consumption.

Toyota FT-BH

Toyota FT-BH Concept : Interior 
Future Toyota B-segment Hybrid or FT-BH, a compact ultralight clean technology concept car from Toyota with fresh industrial design improvements sadly missing from almost all but the most exotic vehicle options today. Check out the video in the hyperlink^^

Regulation not Prohibition

Portugal legalized small amounts of drugs in 2011, realizing that prohibition does not work! We can all move beyond ignorance about drugs to realize their history, value, roles and the emergent science paving the way for genome specific custom made therapeutics for everyone! We can move beyond the ignorant history of one size fits all compounds for everyone!

Climate & Weather

Understanding gases, liquids & vapor pressure is not for the faint hearted. Serious science exists in Atmospheric Chemistry. Climate, weather, renewable energy, clothing, building codes, the greatest impacts of climate change will be on agriculture affecting the foundation of all human life: food! 

The Power of Data Analytics

All things human begin with electrochemical sparks in the human brain, those sparks of thought that connect people with communication, with all things human, things we learn from each other. Customers connecting to products & services in novel new ways due to e-commerce & data analytics. 

Cleaning Water

Fresh water, an increasingly rare resource on earth, its heavy to move long distances in tanks like oil, and the costs of producing clean water from dirty water exceed the market value of water. Will wars be fought over fresh water in the future, a future where pollution from China has ruined water quality with industrial fallout the world over?