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Regulation not Prohibition

Portugal legalized small amounts of drugs in 2011, realizing that prohibition does not work! We can all move beyond ignorance about drugs to realize their history, value, roles and the emergent science paving the way for genome specific custom made therapeutics for everyone! We can move beyond the ignorant history of one size fits all compounds for everyone!

I like Portugals policy model of completely decriminalizing all common street drugs, and believe that most relatively safe well studied drugs should be available at pharmacies to adults 21 years of age & older who will have a drivers license number recorded for max annual purchasing limits, even for unusual things like psilocybin, LSD & cannabis, especially if we are going to continue allowing free adult access to caffeine, ethanol, nicotine and concentrated sugars! I look at drug legalization as a scientist, with analytical reasoning, based on biochemistry, biology, genomic science, and pharmaceutical science. Less is more, better less often, with prudence logic and reasoning, apply wisdom if you decide to ingest intoxicants of any kind, including strange ideas.

To a future of Genome Tailored Therapeutics 

I want society to move beyond simple single compound drugs, the one sized fits all drugs for everyone : which make no sense given that each person has a unique biochemistry based on their specific genome. Everyone has custom biochemistry.

One size fits all drugs are just like one size fits all shoes, they are never going to work well for everyone! We need custom made therapeutics from robotic pharmaceutical vending machine pharmacies. Mixing robots, artificial intelligence, informatics, genomics, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and pharmaceutical processing technology into a $2 million dollar automated vending machine. Using advanced synthetic vision and genome identification, the machine would take a small droplet of blood, skin, spit, sweat or other bio-material, depending on the medical diagnostic, and produce a custom therapeutic drug dispensing with video user tutorial that is required for the customer to get the drugs. They would have to pass a simple test on the machine to verify their identity and understanding of the therapeutic agent, how it works and how to use it. Several emergent technologies will be integrated to create these robotic genome pharmaceutical teaching vending machines. I plan to be part of their development & commercialization, even if only to cheer lead the idea now! It is the powerful idea that makes the big difference!

Avoiding Intoxication 2017 Onward

I am not a fan of the intoxicating effects of cannabis for 3 reasons:

1. Memory distortion of working memory, short term memory, and memory handling
2. Dry Eyes & Dry Mouth along with sedation, mechanic inhibition, tired feelings
3. Stimulation of my mind with strange ideas, odd motivations and unusual fascinations.

I do not like alcohol much anymore because of its dehydrating carcinogenic effects at doses greater than 10 grams per day.

Cognitive impairment remains the main thing about intoxicants that I find most off putting. I am afraid of age related cognitive decline, and deeply afraid. My fear of age related cognitive decline accelerates my interest in cognitive enhancement with CRISPR & CAS9 digital artificial super intelligence in the middle 2040's. I am very interesting in things like Green Tea that amplify cognition. Smart drugs are a class of mind enhancing substances that are crude today, but I believe are the foundation of a great conceptual framework for drug development in the future : neurological theraputics than enhance cognition to combat neurological decline due to aging.

Alcohol Avoided

I stopped drinking beer regularly several months ago. I do not buy beer at the store or have any on hand at home anymore. I am trying to stay hydrated by deliberately only drinking water regularly. I am done with regularly consuming alcoholic beverages. A small amount of vodka *super clean* or *wiskey* or a little wine or a few beers per year is more than enough. I am lightening up on using alcohol as an intoxicant, as doing so is unsafe and unhealthy, dehydrating and carcinogenic. Actually that dry mouth that cannabis causes can actually cause someone to stay hydrated, especially sick people with HIV or cancer, or anyone for that matter. Children should never use intoxicants because of the harm it causes to their neurological development during rapid brain development in early childhood and teenage years. Intoxicants should only be used by adults age 21+ who are already on a downward cognitive decline slope caused by aging.

Extension on Cannabis Biochemistry

The endo-cannabinoid system : Human Anandamide, also know as N-arachidonoylethanolamine, a cannabinoid that activates the CB1 & CB2 receptors in neuron retrograde transmission from the post synaptic cleft to the presynaptic cleft, in sharp contrast to normal neurotransmitters that move the other way, anandamide is the focus of pharmaceutical research aimed at discovering drugs that increase anandamide levels to treat anxiety & depression. The human endocannabinoid system also makes use of 2-AG a CB1 receptor agonist, found in human & cow milk, its primary activity is in the central nervous system (brain, spine, nerves). Neuromodulatory cannabinoids have tremendous potential for treating pain, depression, memory disorders, apatite and immunity.

Avoiding Harm

The time has come to rethink our strategy to reduce the harmful impacts of drugs, especially the negative fallout from sugar, alcohol, tobacco and un-natural food like substances, perfume and cologne toxins, and other carcinogens that are common today. Legal Marijuana is already a mainstay where I live in Washington State. Meg & I both lobbied for the legalization, believing that law enforcement would better serve the public focusing on anything other than petty marijuana law violations. Anyone who has tried cannabis knows that it is not a hard drug. There are other common legal drugs that are widely abused and completely ignored by law makers, namely Tobacco products, Alcohol, Caffeine & Sugar in all of its concentrated forms.

Real Gateway Drugs 

One of our neighbor, a conservative Christian nurse with decades of experience in nursing said "Tobacco & Alcohol are the real gate-way drugs" going on to agree with my view than concentrated sugars are also powerfully addictive drugs. She claimed that "Caffeine is a powerfully addictive and widely abused drug". A coffee drinker herself, Meg & I are also guilty of consuming sugar * caffeinated beverages. We are not pointing any fingers at anyone, only discussing the hypocrisy in prohibition.

Government Hypocrisy

How can the government support a pharmaceutic sector that pushes dangerous narcotic drugs that hurt people with nasty & sometime deadly side effects, while also supporting a processed food industry that pumps boxed foods full of sugars and chemical artificial flavors that harm people with preventable diseases. Fast food restaurants serving compounds that no one would ever prepare at home. The processed food industry makes use of millions of chemical additives, things you would never find as ingredients in someones kitchen. Where is the war against carcinogens?

Caring for the Public 

If the government actually cared about protecting people from harmful drugs, they would heavily regulate the pharmaceutical & processed foods sectors to remove harmful compounds that causes endocrine harm, heart disease, cancers and brain damage. Pollution only harms people, where are the regulatory frameworks to phase out polluting transportation energy, polluting factory processes, polluting power plants? The government is obviously more concerned about getting kick backs from wealth concentrating industries, and obviously cares little for the actual health of its people.

The Real War on Drugs 

The war on drugs is a joke in the context of the government actually caring about its people. If the war on drugs was a sincere effort, hard drugs would be unavailable. The reality is that the war on drugs is nothing more than an elaborate way to institutionalize racism while creating a huge hidden tax resource stream to steam roll and fund law enforcement government jobs, prisons, courts and legal services. I want to state clearly that I like the DEA. I am glad that law enforcement is out there protecting citizens from criminals. I am glad that law enforcement is combating meth, heroin and other hard drugs like cocaine. What I am disappointed with is the lack of scientific logic in government drug regulations that underpin the prohibition minded efforts.

We need to move beyond ineffective prohibition to education, treatment, fairness, logic and ethics. Drug addicts need help not a prison sentence. Criminalizing drug users is a failure of government. This does not address the underlying social, genetic and cultural problems driving drug abuse in the first place. You are allowed to legally abuse candy bars and hot dogs until you become an morbidly obese blob, but you become a criminal if you abuse cocaine. The problem is not the candy bars, hot dogs or cocaine, the problem is the negative toxic ideologies held by the abusers. People that abuse things need help, help to bring restorative balance & healthy thinking back into their lives. I think concentrated sugar harm the public far more than all the hard drugs combined. Look at all the diseases caused by sugar abuse, and how abusing sugar is socially acceptable, even when most people understand that abusing sugar is toxic.

Friends Teach Each Other About Everything

My late father Ken Schwarz told me during his last years on earth that people learn about drugs from their friends. Technically people learn about everything from other people, so he was right. I learned about marijuana when I was 12 years old. I wanted nothing to do with it at the time, having firmly associated marijuana with drift failure burnout type people who do not care about anything, who do not value knowledge or wisdom, who do not value high intellectual function or intelligence, and who do not aspire towards better ethics, benevolence or any other forms of super intelligent love, kindness or edification. Fortunately by my 17th year I learned that the D.A.R.E program was feeding me misinformation about cannabis in order deliberately confuse me into supporting prohibition. I became disenchanted with life after learning that the school district was intentionally misinforming me in order to create psychological support for pharmaceutical companies, the military, and the war on drugs.

National Prohibition Ad Campaigns

"This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs" these TV ad's showing an egg frying as your brain on drugs : what a bunch of hyperbolic noise. The reality is that humans have been using mind altering substances for at least the last 10,000 years. You tell me why people are drawn towards achieving altered states of consciousness? Probably to escape the undeniable reality that mankind has been sensely harming itself with stupid wars throughout history, emblematic of the failures & shortcommings of each person, each of us limited and flawed, the evidence is everywhere. I can imagine that thoughtful people who realize how mankind is failing would be compelled to achieve an altered state of consciousness! Perhaps people get high because getting high feels good! Perhaps people get high to escape bored feelings, stress, anxiety or fear. Perhaps people like being periodically intoxicated because it helps them break through toxic broken ideas they often use as operating principles underlying their conscious layers of thought. The subject of why people use drugs exists well beyond the scope of this posting.

Your Going to Die Anyway

No amount of prohibition effort will keep all people from gaining access to mind altering substances of many kinds. Magic mushrooms grow wild, and society is already deciding that legalizing marijuana just makes good rational sense. Alcohol is the really dangerous intoxicant anyway. Look at how people like Amy Winehouse die senselessly from easy to achieve states of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol has a steep dose to toxicity curve, very much unlike much safer cannabis products. Few if any deaths can be directly attributed to a cannabis overdose. It was only a matter of time that people could say that "Marijuana is ok for people dying of AIDS and Cancer, but harmful for everyone else"

Tax, Control & Regulate

This is the purpose of government. Prohibition represent government overstepping its role. With regulation harm reduction is actually possible. With illegal drugs no one ever knows the quality or purity of what they are getting, its origin, age, strength, composition or other useful information. Black market drugs are highly unpredictable. Drug dealers do not care who they sell their stuff too, children or anyone else. The kids at my middle school had better access to illegal cannabis than they did to alcohol or tobacco back then.

Solving Real Crimes

It would be really cool to repurpose the DEA to work on solving identity theft. It would be cool to see law enforcement focus on reducing theft of all kinds, violent crimes, human trafficking, rape, hate crimes, vandalism, driving crimes, electronic crimes, online crime & related emergent crimes. It would be cool if law enforcement was using their resource to protect people from one another. I am glad that there efforts to combat street meth. Single compound drugs like meth harm each person different as each person has unique biochemistry. Single compound drugs of all kinds are technically not intelligent. A single compound drug is like a one size fits all shoe for everyone, it will never fit everyone well. Cannabis has it broad medicinal power because like a carrot, it contains thousands of biochemicals. Human and plant genetic and biochemistry have a lot in common, this is why humans are able to eat plants or animals that eat plants. Concentrated drugs are more dangerous. Take the case of the different between cannabis flowers (weed) and cannabis concentrates (wax, oil, shatter, crumble)

Concentrated Cannabis Caution

THC is psychoactive at ~10mg levels similar to a glass of wine or a serving of beer (~8-14 grams of ethanol) Crumble, Oil, Shatter, Wax : highly potent cannabis concentrates have the potential to go the wrong way. With cannabis extracts you are still getting a mixture of bio-compounds, many hundreds of terpenes and cannabinoids are present in the extracts. A few compounds dominate the composition of cannabis concentrates, namely THC & THCA, Monoterpines like beta-pinene, beta phellandrene, cis ocimene, terpinolene, terpineol & Seequiterpenes like beta caryophyllene, humulene, delta quaiene, gamma cadinene, and elemene. Concentrates can be safely used in tiny amounts, especially helpful to avoid the combustion byproducts of smoked cannabis. The problem stems from the way that concentrates can be easily over consumed, leaving used extremely high, well beyond their intended state of psychoactive intoxication.

Marijuana is not THC

Beer is not Ethanol

Apples are not Sugar

Coca Plant is not Cocaine

Opium Poppy is not Heroin

Marijana contains THC, Beer contains Ethanol and Apple contain fructose. If you concentrate marijuan you remove most of the plant chemistry and concentrate the intoxicated oils. If you concentrate beer using distillation you end up with whiskey. If you concentrate apples you end up with apple flavored fructose. If you concentrate coca leaves you end up with cocaine + other alkaloids. If you concentrate opium poppy, you get a mixture of solid opiates. Concentrating the natural substance increases the resulting concentrates potency, which increases abuse potential and the dangers. Marijuana is safer than pure THC. Beer is safer than pure Ethanol. Apple are safer than Apple extract concentrate. Coca leaves are safer than Cocaine, Opium Poppy is safer than concentrated opiate extracts.

The Wrong Focus

Concentrating specific bio-compounds from plants comes from the early days of the pharmaceutical sector, and a principle of finding the "most powerful" compound that dominated early drug discovery efforts in the biosphere, while today it find a role in artificial intelligence genome based drug discovery models. Humans are always trying to distill concepts down to the very important parts, the executive summary model of information concentration. You can write something, then revise it asking yourself "So What" over and over " to hone in on the critical details.You might be able to tell that some of my blog posting take on a wandering kind of feel emblematic of the ebb flow of ideas and information that populate my cognition. It is my most sincerest hope that what I write on this blog will live on after I die to in hopefully at least some capacity edify at least one other person.

Magical Biochemistry

A carrot contains more than 15,000 biochemicals in its natural state. When you cook, reduce or concentrate carrots with processing, many of the fragile biochemicals are destroyed by thermal denaturing, oxidation, side reactions, and metal ion catalyst reactions from cooking instruments. This is why eating raw vegetables confers more health benefits, assuming you have rinsed off any soil pathogens, parasites or bad bacteria during the clean up of the carrot in a stream of clean cold water.

Concentrating bio-compounds for the purpose of increasing the efficacy of a natural drug makes good rational sense at the functional level. When you zoom out and look at the organism level of genome bio-chemistry that old phrase "let food be thy medicine" seems to ring analytically true! Sadly few people know enough about their own genome to make truly informed intelligent food choices that are uniquely beneficial to their genome. I strive to one day understand my own genetic and modify my diet to best accommodate my unique biochemical needs, which foods to make my medicines, a truly healthy diet. I fly blind eating things that I know about now, with almost no knowledge about my own personal genome or biochemical requirements. I read about anti-inflamatory foods, anti-cancer foods and will share what I found.

To Live Free of Diseases

Eat Organic Fruits & Berries, Cruciferous Veggies, Healthy Meat, Less Dairy & avoid Sugar! Stay hydrated with clean room temperature filtered water. Avoid toxic ideas, toxic people, toxic pollutants, poisons and dangerous chemicals. Stay away from source of pollution, especially coal power plants, traffic corridors, and the center isles of grocery stores. Stop using plastic dryer sheets, synthetic perfumes & never spray anything synthetic on your skin, many colognes & perfumes are highly toxic & unregulated because the FDA does not consider them food or drugs.

Love for Drug Companies 

I want to state that I appreciate the Pharmaceutical Sector. I know there are a lot of well meaning, intellient and hard working people designing for profit drugs. I know they want to make safe products that do not harm their customers. I know that the biochemistry genome differences between people make product designs really challenging, to produce something that helps most people while harming the fewest number. Some people have rare genetic allergies to compounds that are widely well tolerated by almost everyone else. We badly need to move to the era of custom made genome tailored drugs with no side effects, something only the information age will allow with individual cheap genome sequencing, 3D printer drugs that can cheaply make unique molecules for each person, and integrative medicine that spans the gamut from diet to activity, food & medicine, psychology & mental healthy. It is the psychology of mankind, our philosophies that ultimately affect all things in all sectors, the way we forge out future together as one human people on one planet earth! Thinking about it!

True Laws 

Methamphetamine & Cocaine are prescription drugs, for narcolepsy & eye surgery respectively. Street cocaine and meth are impure substances and or mixtures of the active compounds represented by their namesake, often adulterated for the sake of cutting to extend revenue models of black market distribution networks. Both drugs are dangerous, addictive, ruinous substances that harm users who abuse them, and I applaud the DEA in its efforts to combat eco-toxic clandestine manufacturing, toxic dealers, and the unhealthy culture associated with the abuse of the aforementioned hard drugs.

502 Initiative Passed December 2012 : 
Legal Marijuana in Washington State

As the Benevolent Dictator of Earth I would personally legalize:

MDMA (tax, control, regulate, pharmacy with drivers license 21+ & 12 dose yearly max limit)
Magic Mushrooms (tax, control, regulate, at Marijuana Shops 21+ & 4 dose yearly max limit)
LSD (tax, control, regulate, pharmacy with drivers license 21+ & 4 dose yearly max limit) Cocaine (tax, control, regulate, pharmacy with drivers license 21+ & 12 dose yearly max limit)

I think of natural magic mushrooms and cannabis the same sort of way, and think they should both be at pharmacies to adults age 21 and over, with limits on annual consumption of the psilocybin mushrooms to 4 effective doses, but no limits on Alcohol, Caffeine, Cannabis, Nicotine, or Sugar.

I like the idea of requiring people to pass a basic drug information discovery class to earn a educated consumer pass that would enable people to buy the drugs as adults age 21+ at pharmacies, ok known concentration, type, origin, chemistry, effect profile, with literature available to edify the consumer about psychoactive drugs like caffeine, nicotine, psilocybin, and cannabinoids.

I would require all people to study basic chemistry, basic biochemistry, basic neuroscience, basic pharmacology, biology, physics, material science, math & other basic STEM subjects to do a better job edifying the public more proficiently than the standard education system in America today, full of boring mediocrity galore.

S.A.F.E starter would become a national science discovery project aimed at developing drugs to enhance neurological function, that are safe for children, students, elderly people and everyone, that are custom printed by 3D chemical vending machines that tailor on the fly drug manufacturing with information technology, biochemistry and chemical processing: using a standard cartidge based system of biochemical precursors where each machine would print a specific class of custom genome drugs : for athletic performance, for improved neurological performance, for the suppression of cancerous cellular precesses, and the reversal of and eventual eradication of all sexually transmitted diseases.

Neuro Pumping would become a national priority, where all science & technology would be aimed at improving human cognition on all levels internationally. Edifying each new generation with ever more wisdom to the splendor and benefit of all future generations. Biochemistry, informatics and genomics would be the core focus for emergent genome specific drug development technologies, real time custom biomolecule printing robots, and drug printing vending machines. I like the idea of developing a vending machine that sequences a persons genome automatically, emailing them a 1TB sized MP4 file with all their unique biochemistry information related to their unique human genome!

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