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The Power of Data Analytics

All things human begin with electrochemical sparks in the human brain, those sparks of thought that connect people with communication, with all things human, things we learn from each other. Customers connecting to products & services in novel new ways due to e-commerce & data analytics. 

Connecting real people with real products & services with greater effectiveness, faster means customers waste less time finding what they want or need and businesses connect to their customers with greater accuracy, faster, with lower overhead costs per transaction, improving time savings & fiscal efficiency on both ends of a transaction. E-commerce got the ball rolling more than 20 years ago, today Amazon leading the charge. If you business does not have a web presence, you should start thinking about creating a web site to connect to new customers. This is why "big data" can be a boon for corporations looking to understand their customers better. Image a toy company knowing how often their toys are actually played with, by who, and in what locations, the average life of the toy, its real world use & life cycle statistics. Knowing these things could help the toy company focus on new products that people actually want, use & have fun with, while discontinuing products that didn't connect with their customers as well.

The power of data analytics stems from a core of analytical processes happening within the human mind. Look around at what people have been able to do working together as teams, groups, organizations, churches, businesses, and institutions.

Humans have created thousands of modern marvels of industrial engineering that have gone on to create more shared wealthy and prosperity that anything else in history. Working together by the billion as countries, we create huge changes in the world. The pollution from billions of people living simultaneously is one societies greatest problems, the biosphere poisoning itself with human intelligence output, the work of mankind unleashing huge changes in the world, like climate change, the unintended consequence of carbon energy thinking, you can smell the foul externalities of tailpipes directly! Climate change has tremendous implications on weather, storm systems, agriculture, net energy use in buildings, energy emissions, flooding, erosion, land slides, tropical storm systems. When we add green house gases to the atmosphere of earth, more of the sun's energy is captured, warming things, but also adding energy to a very delicate chemical energy balance between ice, water, the oceans, land and the atmosphere of Earth. Together as one human civilization we are changing the face of the earth with mining activities so huge they are visible from the International Space Station orbiting the Earth.

When corporations look at big data they are looking for strategic business insight. Visualization of the data defines everything about the analysis & conclusions that can be drawn in order to produce insight or innovations. When we work together to try and push the boundaries of knowledge, new ideas, new solutions, optimization, a focus on efficiency, creativity and logic emerge. Mankind has a huge tool chest in the age of Billions of Everything that we find ourselves in today! Often times when you want to do something new, its not a matter of it being technological possible or not, it comes down to market size, production volume & real world feasibility. This is why Automakers have not been making budget priced cars out of carbon fiber yet. The power of yet is that someday in the future advanced composites will replace steel in vehicle platforms, mostly electric autopilot models that fly and or drive themselves. Today the Ehang 184 exists as such an example!

Anyone who has seriously thought about climate science & carbon emissions of a green house gas already intuitively understands how climate change works. The science is very clear, conclusion that anthropomorphic green house gas emissions along with dumping billions of tons of chemicals will likely accelerate changes into the atmosphere, going on to influence something about the way that the atmosphere functions, which is really important because of the way that the sun interacts with our atmosphere, to produce photochemical pollution for example, or to pump power into solar panels, to heat buildings, oceans, lakes and all kinds of lands with natural sunlight, a stream of energetic particles being ejected by our local fusion reactor, the Sun!

Mankind's technology toiling away to create artificial fusion, the power of energy condensed within all matter unleashed by innovations that came from human natural intelligence over long periods of time between many billions of people across all of history. Science today is missing huge amounts of useful information about reality that would unlock science fiction concepts on the scale of galactic terraforming, to infinity at light speed & beyond throughout time with inter dimension space bending travel with trillions of watts unlocked by future fusion reactors spacecraft! Today General Atomics & Northrup Grumman already announced they are pipelining secretive defense fusion reactor technology into commercial grid power plants within the next decade, mostly to drive coal power completely out of business given the global toxic noxious emissions that coal power creates. Fusion is the clean nuclear power of science fiction that mankind has been working on developing for more than 50 years with modern technologies. The trick was pulsed magnetic mirrors of very high strength.

The emergent nature of artificial intelligence technologies, self driving cars and industrial automation is already evidence that the work of mankind is giving rise to a reflection of mankind brain logic in the human artificial infrastructure of information technology. Stopping to even think about this seriously should cause serious transformative changes to the way that you understand reality. Having a sophisticated informed understanding of reality influences the way that your process information, they ways that you think and what you are capable of thinking about. With artificial intelligence enhancement, the human brain is already expanding as computer aided engineering of all kinds has connected people in endlessly new ways, across new places, the world over, some companies million of connected employees strong. Billions of people share a faith in Christ Jesus, one of the most powerful thought systems is faith in God, a benevolent, supremely intelligent, all powerful, ever present Amazing God that exists throughout place & all of time simultaneously. The meter thought of consider who God is has the ability to completely transform a human mind! Powerful ideas unlocking huge sweeping changes throughout history that got us to where we are at today in the world, with problems of every kind still plague mankind with a hindering effect that is unspeakably disrespectful to the tremendous usually unlocked potential of each human person.

Think about why anyone engages in information analysis. Think about the way that your brain developed when you were a young child. Look at how children learn about the world, and what does that say about how you became who you are? Where did you download your culture? What is culture made of? Do the ideologies you hold affect our civilization? Are you a cause or effect of your reality?  What is a friendship made of? Who do you think you are? What happens when you die? Where are we going with civilization? Whats the grand driver of mankind ongoing changes? Do you have 100% control over your mind or are things that you are thinking about controlling you ?

Agency was given to each person to choose right from wrong. People have the ability to understand ethics, logic, social rules, and culture. We teach & learn from each other, passively & actively. The power of seeing something deserving of its own library of ideologies, the power of sight in the mind unleashing huge potential from mankind. Look at how you look at something! Think about what it means to hear something, what is your body doing to understand speak, with your ears and brain. We are nothing more than an elaborate sensory input data differencing engine powered by food, water & oxygen? What does it mean to be a human? Will machines ever have complex thoughts to the point of wondering about something? We can surely create a simulation of the human brain, but will we ever really be able to make a machine humane? Can we teach future robots ethics, love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, concern, friendship? Beyond a simulation, can we create real artificial intelligence that is better than mankind ? How can we use data analytics to improve the human condition of the world today ? Will taking us closer to the stars solve real world problems that hold everyone back from a brighter better future? Are we making good use of aerospace technologies yet anyway? What about all of the underutilized off the self ideas that can improve everything ? We have to sell each other the sizzle about something, why not a better future? Come on Donald, stop swapping things in back rooms & become a honest fair benevolent kind leader! If only a machine ever reads that encouragement for Donald, knowing such now we encourages me to write about it.

Breaking free from consumeristic ideologies in order to pay down debt has been one of the most unusual pressures, one so powerful that my entire ideology about collecting things has changed/ whats the point of owning things you can't make good use of ? The minimization reality breakthrough starting during post analysis of watching my parents downsize their lifestyle right before my dad died. Reflecting on all the things I have had over time gave me greater pause to consider lifecycle analysis and the real value of things in my life. The deepening love I have for Meg the result of things way beyond me simplistic viewpoints to express. When I started to wonder what a relationship is made of, that caused systemic changes in the ways that I think about how people relate to one another, communication, socialization, mental connections, mind network of halls of knowledge, the power of the writer word and digital logic. The information technology explosion happening right now is evidence of the magic happening in our minds, in the human brain! Amazing natural self assembling logic hosting consciousness itself on biochemical brain hardware! Flesh and bone! Feel that hunger you have for something, how does that work biochemically inside you! When you look upon something what is happening in your brain/ sometimes like seems to shatter, other time we rebuilt, remake, recycle, rebaked, create, do, experience, the human condition and magic inside our minds! Reality itself remarkable if your stop and think about it!

I was reading about amorphous metal alloys, specifically these metallic glasses made of Zr/Ti in a vacuum induction furnace, with a proprietary plastic like moulding pouring process that produces cast parts that are stronger than titanium. Liquid Metal is a company that spun off of technology developed at California Institute of Technology. Zirconia is the hidden gem. Mixing zirconia with titanium in a precisely controlled way results in this glass like injection mould metal that can be case like plastic in a proprietary process done with other specialized intelligence. The knowledge & information from it the key to liquid metal things. Apple might be making the Series 3 iWatch with Liquid Metal alloys! They already use zirconia in the high end Ceramic iWatch, made of that same amazing materials as those super stay sharp ceramic knives by Kyocera! Industrial ceramics technology enabling sapphire windows of all kinds now in consumer electronics. I have an older Kyocera Brigadier with a sapphire screen module & weak lithium ion battery sealed inside its waterproof rugged by service destroyed housing. Japanese conglomerates astonish me with the range of products they offer, like Honda & Sony! I think of what Samsung did in the Note 7 & it makes me want to go all Apple, it seems, sadly, the only vender selling high quality IT hardware. The meaning of the world "quality" being used to denote enduring when used with sophistication, (not a children's toy)!

The iPhone 8 might be made of liquid metal alloys combining zirconia & titanium, or high strength ceramics. Strong dental implants are already made of the same kind of ceramic as the ceramic iWatch! We live in an era where amazing things are possible, devices of remarkable embedded technologies. If you think of what it took mankind to do collectively over time to get to an iPhone, you will really appreciate how far along we are! I often find it remarkable how there appears to be a lack of intelligent thought in the world, stupidity reigning supreme despite each persons potential. So what can a person do in their lifetimes? What is the limit of what mankind can do? Who said so, and who has all the answers? We are making up our future as we go along, adapting, reacting, & thinking for creativity. Trying to solve problems is part of what makes us human, but we are not endless creatures. We have limits and dimensions, power restrictions, weakness to disease and chemical poisons, genetic disorders, accidents of all kinds between vehicles & people and people and objects of all kinds. Watch a fail video on YouTube if you want to see people behaving like animals devoid of common sense. Humanity is not perfection, we can only imagine the idea of perfection conceptually, and intellectually. Faith lives in your mind not your foot, though your mind is connected to your feet in remarkably complex high speed control ways that are astonishingly complicated to reproduce in human robots. The history of humanoid robot development tells you a lot about the speed limits of mankind, even though we are always awake as a species, somewhere in the world. What are time zones made of anyway, and is that not a bit silly to arbitrarily break up experience into discrete named little artificial conceptual time units like seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia.... what about the human mind makes us try to finely divide everything to understand more, to peer through the microscope, telescope, screen of information, window into life, perspectives!

We can become lost or confused focusing on the failing of mankind, but our insights come from understanding what went wrong with an old broken idea, like making energy by burning coal! We can understand that burning coal is wrong because of the toxic pollutants galore that are emitted by coal power tail pipe stacks in the shared biosphere environments where our food, air and water is recycled chemically, in pure balanced chemical system that are being disturbed by air * water pollution created by coal power and other industrial toxic activity like mining. People want the metals, they want something. People are making money doing stuff and spending it buying stuff. The economy is a philosophical creation of sizzle & illusion. People have to learn about something to want it! Marketing is the education arm of materialism, to plant ideas into the minds of people who we then direct their spending to this or that thing. Incredibly sophisticate and simultaneously childish, adult humans all have flaws of many kinds, including biological genetic defect limitations that are made worse by pollution exposure. We poison and cheat each other with pollution, with a lack of intelligent thought, with thoughtlessness, people hurt each other senselessly because of stupidity and ignorance and bigotry, hatred and other negative lines of reasoning. Toxic ideas are toxic to the people that hold these broken sick ideologies. War is not the solution to anything, it is nothing more than mankind harming itself at ever increasing scales in more and ever more elaborate ways like nuclear weapons! What are we doing to each other and why? What is suicide made of ? What is wrong with people? I realize the answer to these questions are the subjects of libraries of books, again demonstrative of the way that people do things. We do not solve problems at first, we write & talk about them, get other people thinking about them, and then change things. How long did it take for cars to gain seatbelt and why? Why were not the first vehicles equipped with passenger safety technologies? Because people had to teach each other to think about safety in vehicles. We are all like dump children on a mystery mission, stuck with each other like it or not, on one little earth, floating through space blissfully incomplete with a cohesive understanding of anything, all of us deeply confused about something.

Science is sadly an incomplete framework of knowledge about everything, but it is improving every years, every more quickly due to information technology! Mankind is constantly trying to bush the barriers to knowledge, building knowledge as we accumulate data and information about everything.

What about the 700tb information limitations of the human brain, or the technological limitations of lithium ion batteries peaking with Lithium Air chemistry before Sodium Ion displaces the market space with a cheaper, safer, cleaner natural salt ion battery that can be recharged 2000+ times! There are more than a dozen emerging battery chemistries that have no lithium.

Looking at the Apple iWatch first generation and the 2nd generation revisions Series 1 * 2 shows us something about human science * technology. While Apple was able to improve the GPU performance by 200% and the CPU performance by 150% the battery capacity only increased from 205mAh for the 38mm in the first generation to 273mAh in the Series 2, a 32% improvement. Its easier to improve a GPU or CPU with an architectural IC design change than it is to push the boundaries of electro-chemistry with a reliable proven battery technology, especially given the case constrains inside the wrist worn computers (smart watches). You can't get something for nothing in engineering, except when innovations unlock a new potential, but developing innovative technologies requires a lot of research capital, human thought, energy, time and money! Apple being a very large powerful wealthy company with many talented engineers was able to improve the iWatch significantly between the first two generations. By the Series 4 or 5 we will have a truly awesome iWatch! For now the limitations of lithium ion hold the original and Series 1 & 2 back with truly mediocre battery life performance, 2 days max! My old Fitbit Surge offers almost a week of runtime by comparison.

Vehicle emissions per gallon over the history of automobiles provides insight into the returns on engineering efforts that go beyond simple improvement to fuel economy. The emission of a vehicle affect ground level air quality where most people are living, working, exercising, sleeping, eating, etc. Vehicle emissions also impact huge global issues like climate change. If we look at clean engine technology a gasoline burning simple lawn mower emits 25x more toxins per gallon than a modern super ultra low emissions vehicle like a Honda Civic. Modern gas burning vehicles make use of many overlapping technologies to reduce the toxins present in the tail pipe emissions. The progression in vehicle emissions per gallon is peaking with plug-in hybrid technology, where much of the gasoline energy is replaced with stored grid power. This means the engine in a PHEV is not producing emissions more of the time. In conventional gas powered vehicles the emissions achieve Super Ultra Low status with the best practical emissions controls technologies, namely 3 way catalytic conversion with advanced variable EGR, variable valve timing, variable ignition timing, direct injection or advanced fuel injection, and other tightly controlled engine management features, like a variable water pump and other tech that reduces loses in the engine. With more efficient engines, less fuel is burned, reducing emissions per mile, but with the addition of emissions controls, the dirty exhaust of an engine can be chemically remediated by controlling the exhaust gas temperature and reducing toxins with catalytic conversion. Note that engines produce the most toxins during cold startup. When vehicle manufactures study their engines, the data analytics allow strategic business insight. VW for example used this kind of powerful data analytics to cheat emissions testing with TDI vehicles in the Diesel Gate Scandal, using computational system analytics in each TDI vehicle so that the vehicle would be able to know when it was being emissions tested so that it could switch to a low emissions mode to pass the tests, only to subsequently resume operating in a dirty normal mode that releases 40x the legal limits of toxins.

The electrical grid is carefully balanced to match up loads with generation capacity using computational data analytics. With automation, enhance grid operation becomes possible. Automated machine learning systems can control the grid load : generation matching and power routing with greater precision, greater accuracy and improved functional fidelity, more of the time than people. Never tired, sick, bored or spaced out, computers are able to do certain things with far greater performance in 24/7 applications than people. You would not want you clothing washing machine taking time off during a cycle to consider its role in your household, or the way that it fits in among the other machines in your collection. We have to apply machine learning to optimize traffic routing with intelligence, while there is almost no value to adding general intelligence to a coffee cup or other simple item or machine. I do not want my drill driver asking me questions!

Internet Speeds

ISP or internet service provides constantly monitor system traffic and loads. Comcast recently applied a 1TB per month data streaming cap to my home cable broadband router modem setup. I typically only use about 380gb per month with Netflix, Pandora, general browsing, etc. In order to better serve customers the ISP's like Comcast use advanced data analytics, allowing high bandwidth and better network utilization with ongoing optimization to reduce downtime & improve signal fidelity.

HD screen resolution

You can see that data analytics plays a role in CGI or other large data pool manipulation, especially with increasing screen resolution beyond 4K. Youtube had a lot of big video data, more every day, and Google uses powerful data analytical tools to give your youtube channel intelligent suggestions about content your might want to watch based on your viewing history. This automated data analytics is also used by Netflix to suggest content, and by Pandora and other streaming services for the same reasons, functions and applications.

Aerospace alloys

Using data analytics, chemical formulations for the addition of vanadium, cobalt, silicon and other alloying elements like nickel to steel alloys allow for the development of increasingly strong steel alloys used by mainstream automakers where super strength steels make cheap high performance parts possible. Ongoing alloy development depends on performing data analytics on existing alloys, figuring out why they are weak in a specific way to gain insight into how to improve the alloy to build ever better metals. Facing costs as constraints amazing things are now possible, while few are practical due to feasibility. A titanium foam bicycle frame for example might be possible to build, but at what cost. Figuring out how to make a cheaper titanium bicycle depending on the analysis of where cost savings can be achieved. Data analytics allows for insights that integrate innovations. In the manufacturing of something like the iMac, tons of R&D were done with data analytics to optimize the supply chain and production needed to bring such a product to mass produced commercialization.

To get FLIR into a smartphone, innovations will be needed to reduce the cost of the components, to diffuse the intellectual capital, to scale manufacturing with more smaller units, spreading the costs out further to drop the per unit cost, and optimizing the supply chain and production processing streams. Again data analytics providing the executive team insight into optimizing down stream operations from design to manufacturing, even to marketing and connecting with customers for feedback.

Microscope to Space Telescope : access to the content online, digital everything, streaming * more. Subscription everything, the power of data analytics will continue to extend with the ongoing connections made between sectors, products, services and customers. Cars that talk to infrastructure and infrastructure that talks to your smartphone. Connecting more people in more ways will give more power to data analytics, for that critical and increasingly complicated insight to be derived from systems with increasing complications. Think of the inventory management challenges of a world with millions of different sized lightbulbs! Billions of everything for billions of people! Data analytics helps to reign in that big data, summarize it into intelligence that can be used to formulate strategic insight. Really listening to customers, their impressions of existing products and what they really want, this feedback between customers and businesses is where data analytics will really pay dividends! Connecting people to products and services in more ways, with greater understanding of customer impressions and desires for the optimization and development of future products, to know what people will like, to mimizing producing products that do not sell well, maximizing branding recognition, customer pleasing and repeat long term relations that create stable revenue streams with products and services that are endlessly new & improved, optimized to better meet the always changing emergent needs of the next generation!

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