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Budget Math : Honda PCX150 Scooter Edition + Honda CRZ TCO and CPM ^^

Post Violates Design Principle normally used in my other writing: its my frugal thinking about budget math to understand why I am paying to have and use my stuff, to understand is to know, and to know is to understand more completely. Knowledge is power, set yourself free!

CPM and TCO for our 2013 Honda PCX-150

Cost $4600 new Paid in Full

At 85mpg, it sips fuel, cheap to fill the 1.6 gallon tank, good for 120mi of riding at 55mph as a realistic cruising speed maximum, though it can peak to 68mph max before the 153cc liquid cooled fuel injected single achieves the RPM range limiter, the 12.9hp failing to elevate the speed beyond 68mph max.

$2.90 for 1 gallon that can move the scooter about 75 to 105 mi, centering around 85MPG in city suburban use cases. Not meant for constant highway use, but it can do it....
Cheap to fuel
27,000mi of fuel will cost 317 gallons, or $1000 estimated though 2023

Tires $400 pair, every 8000 mi : $1400 over 27,000mi

Services $1500 over 27,000 mi

Repairs $600 over 27,000 mi

1000+ 1400 + 1500 + 600 = $4500 operating costs vs $4600 capital costs or $9100

Estimated mi log yield in 12 years to 27,000 mi or about 2200mi per year $759 per year or $63/mo

Out of pocket realized costs only $40/ mo now because the capital cost was already paid, and the title is held, owned. Its ours to take care of, use, pay for, enjoy! Hopefully safely for a long time!

Special gear cost warning, helmets $750, gloves $100, boots $200, etc, the special gear for summer safety, its not cheap, we are taking about $1200 of gear potentially if you go pro out of the gate.

We are talking about a CPM of $0.34 per mile, a 10 miles drive will cost $4 total
We are talking about a TCO of $10,500 with gear updates rarely!
With Meg, other special gear, we are into the $12,000 range on a motor scooter, one obtained by trading in our 2009 Suzuki GSX-R600 + $504 cash to get the PCX free and clear after all taxes and so forth, sold! 3 years later and it only has 2,700 miles, but I will fix that now!

Now we live 35mi away from the place I will drive it round trip perhaps 70 times per year max if I use special warm dry gear that I do not own to operate rain or shine in spring and fall, and warm in winter if dry and non freezing temps.

The sad trade in value is only at $1450 now, according to Tom of Lake City Powersports, the owner operator sales guy who sold me the PCX160 back in April of 2013

Brief CRZ 2014 TCO
$78,300 for 200,000 mi of operation or $0.40 per mile
Total via addition of following fee/ cost estimates

$22000 base price
$5000 options, warranty additions and a service contract
$3000 in loan fees over 7 years
$5000 repairs for 200,000 mi
$4500 services for 200,000 mi
$21,000 for fuel for 200,000 mi
$17,800 for 20 years of insurance

Segway Mini Pro

Black or White : $999 on Amazon : 10mi @ 10mph :
The Segway Mini Pro by Ninebot its $736.99 in China
A cheaper less capable $377.99 Ninebot Mini is Chinese  
10mi at a maximum of 10 mph for $1000 : the Segway Mini Pro from : via partnership with Ninebot : 130mi later and I love it! Intuitive to use, easy to learn, fun to ride! Like a drifting magic carpet that you control with your mind, and it has an AI that is thinking about your riding as well! Well engineered IP54 dust and water resistant, I gave mine a shower with a hose after some dusty trail riding! Continues to delight!