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Segway Mini Pro

Black or White : $999 on Amazon : 10mi @ 10mph :
The Segway Mini Pro by Ninebot its $736.99 in China
A cheaper less capable $377.99 Ninebot Mini is Chinese  
10mi at a maximum of 10 mph for $1000 : the Segway Mini Pro from : via partnership with Ninebot : 130mi later and I love it! Intuitive to use, easy to learn, fun to ride! Like a drifting magic carpet that you control with your mind, and it has an AI that is thinking about your riding as well! Well engineered IP54 dust and water resistant, I gave mine a shower with a hose after some dusty trail riding! Continues to delight! 

*Update July 15, 2016 
I have taken the new mini pro Segway for about 100mi of gliding, and it is slow. Think an average speed of 7 mph, like a walking speed bicycle, that requires almost no physical output except standing and bending your knees to steer. If you can stand, lean forward, lean backward, and bend your knees, that you are likely able to pilot one. There is a 3 min learning curve if you go for it like there is no tomorrow, fearlessly! I am starting to ride with more style and result of all the practice... The good news, its fun to glide ^^ 

*Update July 22, 2016 
A very polite man in California from the North American distributor helped me secure replacement tires as spares. I had to contact 5 different places to get an intelligent response, but in the end it worked. The tires will be available on Amazon within a week! 

Its not without flaws, the range speed combo is not a trail blazer, think of a walking multiplier that you can tow with a string like a kite if needed, it even has a pop up shepherd bar to allow you to walk your machine without riding it. The Segway Ninebot MP is nice, a polished cool, well done bit of science and technology, but it needs more horsepower, more energy storage and better performance! We need more watts per motor to make this kind of thing sing, think of a professional snowboarder, skateboarder, if you call it the pro model, make one that is dope like the Tesla Model S! Something with more power, when the advanced rider can access power if they prove their skills to the AI. By the way, these things have an AI the learns from the rider, creating an adaptive changing control algorithm that changes with the rider as the riders skill level improves.

The worlds coolest EPMAD or electronic personal mobility assist device, basically allowing anyone that can stand and bend their needs to move in many places that are walkable, but hard to access on a bicycle, motorcycle or by car. With a range of 10mi, its not a marathon runner of a machine, its a quicker than walking for most people alternative powered assisted moving of people technology. A component of modern transportation, a model based on the Dean Kamen original Segway ^^ that ninebot the chinese company partnered with in American to bring the Segway Mini Pro by Ninebot to for $999

Have you ever brake slid down the face of a steep snow covered hill with a snowboard, that forward slide drift on your heal side brake edge slide is the same movement feeling as the self balancing scooter at first, a little sketchy and unstable feeling but only for a few minutes, then the AI comes to the rescue, the robot in the scooter is the AI engine, one that is protecting you, protecting the battery, and protecting your experience, while placing constraints that keep the performance, safety, thermal management, and energy system management all balanced. Your smartphone becomes the dashboard! Like data and feel geeky, I hooked up the Ninebot app on my old Galaxy Note 3 phone, and this old phone is now that dash I carry for the Segway MP!

Smaller, lighter, less expensive, more fun, updated technology, the Mini Pro is a partnership project between Segway of American and Ninebot of China. Is it a vehicle or a toy? Depends on where it is used. For me it will be an exploration tool to make walking around faster so I can cover more ground and see more in less time with less effort, to make my steps count, to extend my range, all without a car or motorcycle, using pennies of electricity, the capital costs dominate the operating costs of this vehicle. The real question will be how many miles will I be able to log^^ time will tell and I will update this posting if I have the time, energy and remember to do so :)

Electroplated Magnesium Aluminum Frame
10.5in 30psi tires : Its 28 lbs : The Knee Bar Removable

The 54.3v LG Chem Lithium IMR 310wh battery delivers up to 2500w of power to computerized power controller that gives each of the 400w brushless wheel hub motors power and control to propel you and the scooter with the AI engine learning about your riding style and modifying the control scheme to match you, if you are 16 or older and at least 4 ft tall and no taller than 6 ft 6in.

Each motor can surge to 800w for better performance, with a peak transfer power of 2100w to the wheels. Its 4 hours to format the new battery, after that you can top it off whenever, 30to80% the goal for a long life battery. Brake energy regeneration helps to go it better range, and functions to slow the scooter. Keep the tire pressure around 30psi cold. I am thinking 14S 2P of the battery pack given the voltage, and the use of 18650 cells that are likely 3.6v 3.7v or 3.8v nominal. If we divide 59.6v max by 4.26v we get 13.99 cells fully charged. The 310 wh can be divided by 14 to give 22wh per cell pair, or 11wh per cell, which sounds plausible for an 18650 battery. A normal 18650 is 3.6v 2600mah or 9.5wh. Better new lithium ion can discharge at higher peak amps, in this case 2500w peak means the 54.3v battery is throwing out 46 amps. Its is believed to use 1kwh per 100km according to the specifications. It makes use of regenerative braking to capture charge when slowing the rider down :)

My father once asked me if I had my choice, what kind of car would I buy. I said one that is small efficient and fun. Today I drive a Honda 2014 CRZ ex 6sp man, for its the only one that meets these criterion. I went completely financial berserk when I spent $7000 leasing a Nissan Leaf, fortunately I got to loan it to my dad during his last few months on earth! I miss him so much that even writing this caused me to break down into tears. He was a true friend and a good guy, and I miss seeing him, talking with him, having the pleasure to know him and call him my dad. He adopted me into his family, I was not even his genetic own. If you are able to read this from heaven buddy, I hope you appreciate that I mentioned you. You were an inspiration to me in so many different ways! Thanks for everything, glad I was able to help you in the end :) I feel terrible for not helping as much at the very end. I hope to see you again in heaven in 400 years. I am going to use whatever technology I can find to live as long as possible! I believe that Pluripotent Stem cell technology holds the key! I hope he gets to come along on the ride spiritually, when I am riding it. I hope this for our scooter, and our cars!

The AI engine not only balance the scooter, it learns from its rider and customizes the system learn control io profile

For Support
contact the Segway, Inc. Technical Support Team with questions or issues at or 1.866.473.4929.

I sent an inquiry email and they promptly responded 

A replacement battery is $289 and must be installed by Segway 

Chemistry : Lithium Cobalt Oxide Hard Carbon via LG 
Voltage = 54.3V 
Capacity = 5.7Ah 
Energy Storage Wh = 310 

I wrote back asking about the rims and tires, cost, replacement, blowouts, repairs, etc and will write that up when I here back from them about it! 


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