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Kitty GIF Late 15

I found a clip of kitty photos that looked like a GIF possibility in the making. PicGif in OS-X was used to stitch the GIF!  

She meows looks to ask us to follow her :) 

Cat communication is a mixture of "meow" noises with kinetic body movement communications. In this example our Kitty came over to the couch where we were sitting to ask us if one of us would please follow her to the downstairs bathroom, which implicitly also means she is thirsty and wants sink water, but you would have to know her to understand her this well! If we leave her unattended at the sink, she will make a distinctive meow to ask one of us to come back and dry her head off with a towel. If we do not respond, she jumps down and finds and sprinkles one of us, usually the ground in front of us with her head water as a form of communication. LOL 

Kitty has many distinct meow noises, perhaps as many as 30, of which I am able regularly able to discriminate about 10 as her authority. She has short soft meep noise, will meow whisper, will make loud yowl noises, 3 speeds of medium meow, 5 or more short meow, a few meow beep kinds of noises, a purr chip noise, she will make a MaMa meow to refer directly to Meg, and makes a Ayereow to refer to me. She definitely has the communicative skills of a very young human child, perhaps in like with the toddler assumption of feline intelligence models. Meg and I are the ones who have a hard time understanding Kitty, and its not for Kitty's lack of trying to communicate with us. She says more things to use than we can clearly understand from her, so Meg and I try to pay attention to notice what she is saying. Sometimes she just wants to say hello, or declare that she is happy. A like a sequential sneeze, when we get home at night she says hello again and again until someone snuggles her.

Kitty speaking skills are drawled by her amazing balance, motor coordination, and kinetic control fidelity. I do think I know of any humans except perhaps a few circus show performance who have the balance and motor control excellence of a cat. Her pressure whisker sensor system on her face gives her the ability to sense tiny change in air pressure, something humans can only learn to do if we hone our cognitive focus on to the sensory channels that process income skin pressure and temperature data, more specifically the nerve clade subsets that are linked to hair follicles. Sadly our body signals like this are often hard to hear over the symphony of ideas and concepts that dominate the cloud computing architecture of layered human cognitive processes that give rise to awareness and consciousness. See the Kitty has a little edge on us because she is never thinking about Donald Trump, pollution, the economy, a job, or any of the other concerns that dominate human thinking! She has a super clear mind able to focus on balance, sound processing, and pressure whisker vision.

She likes to visit me sometimes. I was over on the couch
while Meg was in the kitchen 

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