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Mavericks 10.9 Macbook Battery Abnormalities

My Late 08 MacBook after a 256GB Samsung SSD Upgrade 
When apple announced that their latest OS update Marvericks 10.9 would improve battery life when it was installed, I got all hot and bothered thinking about the real time CPU coalescing technology and ram footprint compression and core os optimizations  that enables this energy saving operating system technology. It turns out that there is a flaw in the update that actually caused widespread damaged to peoples macbook batteries. 

Thousands of people are reporting on the Apple forums that installing 10.9 cut their battery life in half; people with the latest Macbook airs seeing a decreased runtime for 10+ hours with Mountain Lion 10.8 to less than 6 hours with Mavericks 10.9

"Forgiveness" the song by Matthew West | Lyrics

My Work :) A sunset through the trees 
My lovely wife and I both really like this song, and used Youtube to listen to it while posting this one :) 

Understanding Noise Pollution

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Understanding Noise Pollution

iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina, New Macbook Pros, New Mac Pro, New OSX Free : Blown Away yet Disappointed Again

The 2013 iPad Air
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Thinner, lighter, faster, more powerful, more beautiful, more robust, more of what matters. The new iPad Air allows you to focus on creating or enjoying content, apps, photos, music, movies, documents, and books. Apple's long string hardware hits continue to come with breathtaking innovation and beautiful designs that inspire. Almost all good news at their latest Oct 22nd 2013 Event, but a critical flaw remains. 

Project Glass : Smart Watch : Fitbit : Plugging into Wireless Mobile Technology

Mr. Brin, Founder of Google, Shows of Project Glass
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Wearable Devices : You can now wear high performance technology that interact with your portable "smartphone supercomputer", which connects to computer cloud networks via wireless technologies like wifi and LTE. Keeping you plugged into information while you are unplugged wirelessly ^^ 

High Performance Computing or Not

Can a 1w smartphone computer give you all the computer you really need in day to day modern life?