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Losing Someone You Love

I photograph sunsets because they remind me of life, the cycle
of the sun rising and setting. The sun powers life on earth,
through plants that we eat directly, or indirectly through animals. 
Everyone dies, every living being dies, the star dust we are made of returns to the world to be recycled. The cycle of live continues and there are deeper questions to be raised about life when we consider death. Live more completely by temporarily looking at life through the lens of death and "thinking about it" 

Two Wheels or Four

Buzz the Gixxer : I traded him for Howard the Scooter :
Picture taken at the Wild Horse Wind and Solar Power Facility
The question to explore here: two wheels or four ?

Automotive HID vs LED

35W 4300K "OEM White" D2C HID Bulbs
Soon to Replace the 6K Bulbs in Astro
Brighter, longer life, less energy, HID is better than halogen in every way that matters! For now HID is even superior to LED for reasons discussed in this posting. 

Rugged Electronics and or Cases

My 2013 Galaxy Note 2 in its OtterBox Defender
"Protected on Both Sides"
"Tough" "Active" "Dust Resistant" "Waterproof" "Drop Tested"

Descriptive marking terms used to describe functional attributes of rugged consumer electronic designs (Pentax W90) that can stand up to challenging real world conditions.