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Losing Someone You Love

I photograph sunsets because they remind me of life, the cycle
of the sun rising and setting. The sun powers life on earth,
through plants that we eat directly, or indirectly through animals. 
Everyone dies, every living being dies, the star dust we are made of returns to the world to be recycled. The cycle of live continues and there are deeper questions to be raised about life when we consider death. Live more completely by temporarily looking at life through the lens of death and "thinking about it" 

Ashes to Ashes

Every person is going to die, and many people are going to suffer from diseases in some form another until their death. We each have a very limited amount of time on earth, perhaps 30 millions minutes or so if we are lucky, and we need to be careful to spend that time with positive loving ideas in our minds.

Many diseases that sour life for people can be sourced to toxic deadly emotions they hold with respect to past events and other people. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect, let go of the negative and focus on the positive uplifting and healing Love that God generously and freely offers all who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Show love to your neighbors and friends and family and strangers. Spend the limited minutes you have in this world having fun with and solving problems with other people.

The bible talks about how short each persons life is. If we live to be 80 years old, we only get to experience about 29,000 days. That might seem like a lot of days, but when you are looking back on them after they have passed, life can seem very short indeed. “Time Fly's” as we age, the relative fraction of each year becoming a smaller fraction of the total number of years that we have lived.

Loving People

When people live a life of love they often experience profound emotional experiences when they encounter the death of a loved one. If we live a long healthy life we will live to see many of our friends and family fall to sickness and death. Death is a natural part of life and rather than fearing or focusing on it, let us instead focus on celebrating life as it unfolds, in all of its seasons and variations. Your enjoyment of life has nothing to do with your circumstances and everything to do with your perspectives, your philosophies, the ideas you hold that inform your choices actions and behaviors; the ideas you hold that affect your emotions.

Not Wasting Your Finite Time

My objective in posting this comes down to my desire to help other people live lives free of avoidable suffering. We can each live more completely if we focus on Gods Love and embrace forgiveness, positive ideas, and choices based on kind wisdom and intelligent love. God exhibits super-intelligence that is incomprehensibly powerful, and God knows and loves each and every one of his people. We only have to turn to God and reach out through accepting Christ Jesus to fully embrace the healing restorative power of salvation through Christ Jesus in Gods generous, miraculous grace and compassion.

Use Kind Healing Words

34 million minutes if you live to be almost 100, and that is a lot of chances to change your tune, to embrace someone or something that you love, to start over, to forgive, to learn, to forget. We are each given a lot of opportunities to become kinder, nicer, more intelligent better versions of ourselves if we focus on helping one another and solving problems inspired by God's amazing love. Use your powerful words to lift yourself and other people up. Commit random acts of kindness with your writing, speech, actions and behaviors. If you are nice to other people you can help them to enjoy life more, and in turn they will help others. By showing all other people love we can cultivate and encourage healthy positive ideas in other people, we can bring other people to find salvation in Christ Jesus.

Life is about Love

The core of Christianity is about Love, About God's love for His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Through Gods living Word he conveys to his followers healing, wise, intelligent, kind, loving ideas, thoughts and choices and inform a beautiful life. God gives each of us the capacity to enjoy all the minutes we are given. None of us know our time or our place, we can each be suddenly taken by accidents or diseases outside of our control, and taking this into account we should each be vary careful not to spend any of our minutes wasted on toxic negative emotions.

Life is Too Short

Focus on the things that matter, on Faith, Family, Friendship and Fun. Let go of unforgiveness, anger, frustration, bitterness and hate: embrace love, and kindness and compassion. Become a more sincere, more thoughtful, more generous, more humble, brighter, faster, smarter version of your self. Wisdom is the kind of intelligence that loving people embrace: they see past the immediate consequence of their choice, they can see how their actions and lives affect other people. These "good" people in the world actually care about things that matter, not trivial insignificant fluff or noise. Turn off the TV and set yourself free to live life more completely in each and every minute that you live it!

My Grandparents

I loved my grandparents very deeply and clearly remember the last time that I saw my grandmother. I lost my grandfather suddenly when he committed suicide while suffering from a deep depression based on his lonely situation at the end of life. It was from their sudden loses that I began to see life as fragile and temporary. These early experiences with death caused me to stop and "think about it".

Let Death Remind You To Live

When you lose someone to death let it remind to you to live life more completely while you are still alive. Do not squander your ever more limited time on negative toxic ideas or emotions, focus on the stuff that adds real value to your experience of life. It is your perspective that makes all the difference and that is exactly why "thinking about it", death in this posting, is so important. By thinking about death we can start to think about life differently. By looking at life through the lens of death we can live life more completely, with fresh, positive and loving thoughts, choice, actions and behaviors that maximize our enjoyment of life! 

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