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IBM TrueNorth Neurosynaptic Computers : Disruptive Information Technology

6 Million Synthetic Neurons, 4 Billion Fabricated Synapses, 50 Petabytes of Data, 300 Petaflops on 2.5w of Power

Inspired by biological naturally occurring intelligence, neurosnynaptic processors will pave the way AI engines like SIRI hosted locally on handheld thinking smartphone computers!

3,000+ MPG : Why Cars 4 Real People never Live up to What is Possible!

Starting in 1985 Royal Dutch Shell started hosting the Eco- Marathon. The $64 trillion dollar questions is : why are the engineering lessons learned at these events not visible in modern car designs? 

Biopharma GMO bacteria to Therapeutic Innovations

There are ethical and responsible ways to use genetic engineering technology. Meg and I disagree with GMO foods because of their unknown safety, but there is a positive side of genetic engineering!

Diesel Dead End Exhaust Emissions Externalities Scrutinized in Japan

In Japan, the government is going outside the laboratory for emissions testing in the real world after diesel vehicle models from Honda, Toyota, Nissan & VW have failed updated lab tests.