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European Intellectual History to Modern Industrialization

Ideas are powerful 

Clean glass -> Lenses -> Microscope -> Telescope -> cellular biology / biochemistry / life sciences / life extension -> Astronomy -> Space Telescope 

Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Kindness, Understanding, Concern, Care, European Christian Faith with a core of Love 

Heat, Boil, Cool, Pressurize, Vacuum, Sublimate, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Electron Beam 3D metal printing, fissile, fusion, information, telecommunications, media, mental software, brain science, natural super intelligent biological brain logic computing, informatics, genomics 

The core of modern science exists in the building of knowledge about powerful ideas.  

Math emerged as a complex mental tool to allow higher precision higher complexity machines to be built like clocks and engines. Computer aided engineering extending the industrialization of applied math & science, knowledge building with computer networks enables millions of people across large spaces and time gaps to collaborate at building knowledge. 

Look at the Salk Institute for example! 

A single man with a powerful idea, the idea that he could eradicate polio with a vaccine. He spent his whole adult life creating, developing, producing, distributing and selling the polio vaccine to the whole world. Only a few people from very poor countries continue to suffer from polio. Dr. Salks power idea and passion for its manifestation into reality, it is this powerful ideologic that drove industrial life science into existence. As computer science, Artificial Intelligent, and computer aided engineering energy, the life science technology will create GMO's. We already stated modifying the genomes of other species when new technology emerged at Monsanto. Today millions of diabetic people get their insulin from the genetically modified bacterial that Monsanto adapted from God's design using genetic engineering principles and ideas first developed to understand life. 

Understanding things is the core of what this posting is all about! The powerful ideas can reshape the emotion engine in your mind. These powerful ideas can shape the way that you see everything in life, especially clearly if your look at through eyes of love. Vision is not about the eyes capture from the light in the world, vision is about what happens to those images in your mind. What you know and what you understand affects the ways that you think about everything. The intellectual fabric of society is therefor hosted on the minds of what people are thinking about collectively. We weave a fabric of ideas together when we communicate, the worlds and ideas so powerful that they change our minds literally. When you learn something new and get that "Ah Ha" moment, that is the spark, the feeling and tenor of knowledge. It is also that which separates each finite person from the infinite power of God. We can try, we die trying, but no person can achiever total perfection. Salvation is closet thing to perfection that a human can aspire towards. We can only hope to receive God's forgiveness of our inequities. Yes you can teach a person virtues, you can that free with the truth about the Love that God shares with his creation, with life itself in all its realities. 

Most Americans are european people, the genetic linear and cultural inheritors of european genome and ideas. The powerful ideas about how we can see the world differently through the lens, the camera or microscope, or telescope. That these ideas about optical things have given people new ways to see the world literally! The affect of knowledge is much deeper than this new perspectives, the European Ideologies, Culture Virtues, were translated into America's Legal Framework. Under these liberal concepts, all the high technologies of today energy from America and Europe!

To move beyond money, a powerful ideas that certain powerful people don't appreciate, but that is what made Star Trek amazing. A tiny population of humans dominating the universe with other intelligent species that we discover factiously using a warp core, which is becoming a commercial reality with Nuclear Fusion. I had the please of speaking with a man who claimed that particle accelerators were ripping holes into other dimension. He claimed that fusion rockets were not even important because the can jump across space time already. Now these are some powerful claims that he made, none of which can be substantiated using mainstream concrete science & technology. 

Fusion energy is a powerful ideas, the partial physics need being developed at the Large Hadron Collider on the border of Switzerland and France, the most expensive, largest and most complex instrument ever built by humans. We are talking about 1260 super cooled magnets that weigh thousands of pounds each, operating at 1.9 deg K, under the cooling power of thousand of gallons of liquid cryogenic helium. Speaking of helium and Fusion, General Atomics already announced that commercial nuclear fusion is their aim, to take defense technology to the energy sector, to phase out coal power forever.  

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