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Money is Energy (An Abstraction Thereof)

Money is an abstraction of energy (a derivative thereof), and anyone that says otherwise is either ignorant, confused or dishonest. The cost of anything loosely represents the net energy footprint of that item or service. Lets examine and explore what this means in different contexts.

Fortune Cookie Reflections

From a bunch of American made "Chinese Fortune Cookies" emerged a series of small white strips of printed paper with words of prophetic encouragement for the cookie consumer to read while enjoying the simple carbohydrate dense cookie :)

Self Defense : Saving Yourself and Others

When criminals exert violence against honest people seconds can make the difference between life and death or worse. Sadly the police cannot be there for you when you need them most, when you are being mugged or having your front door kicked in  by dangerous criminals during a home invasion.

Clean Fifteen vs Dirty Dozen : Good to Know

This info-graphic can help you get the best deals on safe foods. The dirty dozen (red) are foods that have high levels of pesticides remaining, so if you want to buy those foods you should probably spend a little extra for the organic versions. The clean fifteen (green) are foods that are naturally safer with far lower pesticides contents. You can buy less costly conventional versions of these foods knowing that even the conventional versions are safe to consume.

Blessed is the Name of the Lord

(C) Aaron Kenneth Schwarz 2012 "Sunset Beams of Bellevue"
The God we worship is bigger than any problem, bigger than any star, bigger than any galaxy, bigger than the known universe. The God we know is a massive, powerful, creative, intelligent, loving, interesting, friendly, funny, compassionate, graceful, wonderful, amazing God. All that is good in existence exists as an expression of God's genius. The mystery of life exist because God is a creative artistic scientist above all others. God's power and knowledge is unequaled and God's grace is miraculous. 

Mental Illness and School Shootings

Image (C) prepper chicks on facebook 

The news of schools shootings has been on the rise lately. Mentally unstable people with guns are clearly very dangerous. There is an underlying cause and driver behind all of these terrible school shootings, unresolved mental illness. 

Let Go of Stress & Live Healthy

(C) 2012 Aaron Kenneth Schwarz "Sunset Colors 3AB"
Negative ideas are toxic. Focus on Gods Love and set yourself free of toxic stress, bad ideas and negative emotions. Focus on the positive and live more completely in each moment you are gifted in life :) 

Violence and Sex in Media : Shifting Norms

Many Americans find the sexual content of modern media off putting. Many Europeans find the violent content of modern media off putting. Is a sex scene in a movie worse that a brutal violent scene of torture or murder? I am writing this editorial as a follow-up to my previous op-ed piece about online pornography.

Digital Pornography : Too Easy

I found an interesting article online about a tech editor that is spending a year away from the internet, and he found that being "offline" enabled him to refrain from looking at pornography that was simply "too easy to look at" when he was online. Have you ever looked at pornography online? Does looking at pornography harm anyone? Are their physical, mental, psychological, spiritual, social or emotional side effects of looking at pornography?

Low Utility Prices = Waste

Cheating Future Generations

Fresh water is wasted because it is relatively cheap! Lets take a look at why fresh water is wasted, how it is wasted and what we can do about this to embrace conservation and other sustainability solutions.

Understanding the Weather

Meg gave me this 1963 GM Delco Print about Weather and Air Conditioning. The beautiful pastel art and accessible language in this printing make climate science easy to understand. I am posting this document as a climate science primer for environmental, ecology, meteorological and other higher educations students. Enjoy

Forgetting : Essential to Mental Health

Now more than ever people are exposed to huge amounts of information in media. The twitter post TV world dense with an impressive gamut of constantly changing information. Information overload is now a possible psychological conditions from over-exposure to information. Forgetting is a mental memory clean up function that helps mentally healthy people discard "useless" information effectively. It turns out that marijuana is often used by people to help them unlearn "bad ideas", specifically helping people that are hindered by memories of negative life events or those who internalized toxic negative ideas from the world. The positive power of learning to "let go" and to "forgive and forget" in many ways underscore why forgetting is such an essential mental function.

Enjoy The Music :)

The world we live in is full of music. Music exists as an integral part of modern human existence. People have been making and enjoying music for thousands of years. The age of internet radio makes music you will love more accessible than ever. I like to stream free internet radio with Pandora. Put the name of a song or artist you like into the search box and Pandora will automatically build a free ad supported playlist, enjoy :) You can also pay a subscription fee to get ad free listening. Spotify, Rdio and many other internet music streaming providers exist. Google search for "internet radio" and give some different ones a try until you find one that serves up music you enjoy!

Cold and Flu Viruses vs God :)

The common cold and flu virus's we circulate and pass between each other are not really alive, these viruses complete a life-cycle process in each new host, rapidly evolving into new strains as they jump from one person to another, but they are never really completely alive.

Pleople Blame Obama, Corruption is the Problem

The main problem in the US government is the bribery and corruption in congress. Campaign finance reforms thus far implemented are tantamount to legalized bribery. So who is bribing congress and perverting our democracy into a socialist handout system for the department of defense, big oil, big pharma and chemical companies? 

Are you a non-stick person?

Joel Osteen #556 A No-Stick Anointing

"There will always be people that don't understand you, those that are critical and find fault. It's very easy to let their lack of approval stick to you and change who God created you to be. But in this empowering message, Joel will teach you how you can be strong in who God made you to be and move past those who've hurt you. Even Jesus Himself had to learn how to move past those who criticized, were disrespectful, and didn't approve of Him. Instead of using your energy to gain others' approval, you will learn how to look past these distractions, run your own race, and let God take care of those who oppose you." 

~Published on Nov 4, 2012 by TheReyRegio
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Yes I-502 : Legalizing Marijuana

Let's stop wasting law enforcement resources, generate new tax revenues, and quit subsidizing drug cartels. Learn more

Click "Read More" to Learn about Marijuana Legalization and Why it Matters!

Net Neutrality Essential for Online Freedom

Giant greedy telecom companies like Time Warner and Comcast want to control what you can access online. Without net neutrality, they could make a deal with a company like Walmart to keep you from accessing Amazon for example. 

Grid Power Storage

Hot Liquid Metal Grid Battery Mg Sb (Ambri)
Electro-chemical energy genius and MIT professor Donald Sadoway is in the process of commercializing a liquid metal grid scale energy storage technology he developed for low cost large scale industrial use. His major design objective was to use two abundant and inexpensive metals, and he did so and modeled the battery as a reverse design of an aluminum smelter (ie gigantic industrial scale and low cost). This battery technology will enable intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar to provide continuous uninterrupted base loading capacity 24 hours a day every day of the year. 

Tesla Model S : For The Win

Image from:
Tesla, an American start-up car maker is producing the coolest car ever made, the amazing Tesla Model S. It is a fully electric performance luxury sedan that starts at just $49,900 for the 160mi range base model.

Nexus 4 an iPod Touch Alternative ^^

A smartphone without the contract has finally arrived :) for years I have been complaining about the required data plan of smartphones, and their off contract prices were mostly north of $600. Now google is offering the Nexus 4, a real world iPod Touch alternative for $300, boasting all the best internals ^^ Woot Woot ^^

Cold Virus -- :(

Started with a dry nose, then a sore throat, then a nasal infection, then heachache, then stomach ache, joint soreness, congestion, and a mixture of tiredness and physically drained feelings: I got hit by a cold virus that is now in full swing. OTC pharma to the rescue! 

Hurricane Sandy (A taste of poverty)

As the people in the east coast of the United State begin recovering from Hurricane Sandy, millions of Americans got a taste of what billions of earths people live without all of the time (modern grid power, natural gas, running water). Are we really so cold, cruel and dis-connected to blindly ignore the poorest of people in the world?

Pandora Radio Online

I have been listening to internet radio with Pandora for several years and I really like it! 

Microsofts "8" Ecosystem

This article focuses on Microsoft's launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT and then goes on to consider how these operating systems and the Metro UI they share is creating a unified cohesive ecosystem with Windows Phone 8 and Xbox. The 4 screen paradigm for Microsoft, read more to dig in ~

Yes on Prop 37 : Label GMO Foods

The people have a right to know what they are buying and eating. Yes on Prop 37 to Label GMO foods! 

Lance Armstrong is Guilty : I was wrong

I was wrong: Lance came forward and admitted he doped! With this in mind, that fact should raise serious concerns about professional sports and doping, and the conspiracy and corruption required for it to happen.

Cleaner, Fuel Efficient Vehicles

The upcoming 2014 Tesla Type X (CUV)
Image from:
The list of clean and fuel efficient vehicles continues to grow by the day. Every major automakers and many minor automakers are developing hybrid, plug in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Things Are Getting Better

In all areas of life things are improving if you look at the things in the world through a lens focused on progress and innovation. 

The Solutions to Failed Western Medicine

Sickness yields tremendous profit for those that treat it! Fat, sick and half alive, Americans have access to high tech medicine while simultaneously enjoying preventable heart disease, preventable cancer, preventable stroke, preventable diabetes, and preventable birth defects. The solution to these preventable diseases are healthy diet and regular aerobic exercise, solutions that are increasingly rare in our culture.

Understanding Vehicle Smog

Do you breath in the stuff that comes out the tail pipe of your vehicle?

Someone else does!

IKEA Commits to Efficient LED Lighting

A $20 Philips 12.5W 805Lumen LED A19 Bulb
Retail giant IKEA has declared a war on inefficient lighting. Today the retailer announced that it would phase out all non-LED lighting products in its ubiquitous blue retail stores by 2016.

LED for the win!

80% less electricity, 10x longer lasting!
Philips claims their 1
2.5 Watt AmbientLED *60W eq* will save its users around $130 worth of electricity, while also being fully dimmable. 

Ivy Bridge 22nm of Intel's Finest CPU action

I don't own one of Intel's latest 22nm Tri-gate transistor Ivy Bridge HD4000 chips, but I just helped my brewing partner build two computers based on the i3 iterations of that chip flavor. Don't leave your discrete graphics behind.... While the CPU is beefy for all sorts of action, its lowly integrated HD4000 GPU setup leaves much to be desired. A low end discrete graphics card will run circles around intel's latest attempt at fusing GPU's with its (i) series CPU's.

Bluetooth (Safer and Better Connection for Cell Use)

The Motorola H12 : A Stylish Nerd Worthy Bluetooth 

You have seen those funny little dongles in peoples ears right? You have observed someone having a conversation through one of these devices that appeared at first to be having a conversation with an imaginary friend.... :P It turns out that using one of these blue-tooth things can help you avoid dangerous levels of cell phone radiation ;) 

Sniffing Internet Clouds Everywhere

Streaming music, movies, books and video clips: Pandora, Hulu, Rdio, NetFlix, Kindle Store, Google Play, Itunes: Reflecting on how the digital clouds are rising up to rain down content through broadband internet connections. Far deeper than Email, the internet and the clouds that store and serve it are penetrating into every facet of your life whether you know it or not :) The world of data is interesting today, streaming and network access taking on physical media and local storage.

Taj Palace Indian Food (Amazing)

My future wife/ girlfriend and I went out to eat at this Indian restaurant called Taj Palace. The food was absolutely amazing. It was by far the best Indian food I have ever had.

We ate garlic and spinach naan (both were excellent). The 2 star spicy Saag Aloo was so tasty we were both blown away by the intensely delicious flavors. The Mango Lassi was pure delight (made of their home-made yogurt and mango), it was smooth, cool and bursting with bliss inducing power. The prices are reasonable too.

Taj Palace
2331 140th AVE. NE
Bellevue Wa 98005


Open Daily 

11am to 3pm Lunch 
5pm to 10pm Dinner

Ethics of Usery

Lending money at an unreasonable interest rate is considered immoral and unethical in every major world religion. In the united stated, the interest rate applied to a loan is not regulated at the federal level. Sleazy greedy companies like "check into cash" or "money tree" or most credit card companies lend money at rates ranging from %18 to %500 : short term loans of high risk having the highest interest rates.

Disappearing Middle Class Americans

John Talton of the Seattle Times recently wrote an article "How Middle Class Lost Its Place in Economy" where he highlights some literature that eloquently conveys the history of increasing income inequity in the United States. Click read more to dig deeper into this issue.

iPod Touch 5

 Image from :

After two years Apple finally updated their most popular iPod, the iPod Touch. Its thinner, lighter, faster, and has a much better camera this time around. The new Touch even includes a wrist strap retainer cleverly built into the thin body that clicks to hide or rise for use. Perhaps the coolest feature included on this iPod is Siri. It also sports a new 4inch 1134 x 640 display! They even throw in a set of the newly designed EarPods!  Can this combination of new features create a worthy off contract iPhone alternative over wifi ? Yes! Will I buy one? NO 

iPhone 5

   Image From  
Apples latest Keynote brought with it product announcements for upgrades to their most popular mobil products. The iPhone 5 was perhaps the gem of that show! Lets have a look at what the new iPhone of late 2012 brings with it....

54.5 Miles Per Gallon (4.32L/ 100km)

The USA Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards have been set to 54.5 mpg by 2025, producing consumer savings comparable to lowering the price of gas by $1 per gallon. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency developed the new CAFE standards to help American households save more than $8,000 in fuel savings over the life of their vehicle while reducing Americas economic dependence on foreign oil!

13 major manufacturers (in the private sector) have expressed their support for the new standards. 
Click "read more" to see the official press release from the NHTSA! 

Why Choose Organic Food?

Here I examine why you might think about choosing organic foods. Taste, Nutrition, Sustainability, Simplicity, A balanced Economy, Reducing Pollution, The Social Impacts, and Organic going Mainstream..... 

Animals in Concentration Camps : Toxic Meat

A Cattle Concentration Camp
Not a blade of grass grows: GMO Pesticide Corn Fed Beef

The High Costs of Low Meat Prices 

The cows used to render cheap beef are sent to concentration camps where they are denied grass, forced to eat corn to fatten their muscles: too sick to sustain such a lifestyle, they are injected with antibiotics and hormones to keep them barely alive until they are slaughtered in a brutal inhuman fashion that is cruel and disgusting! 

US Throws $11.4 Billion in the Trash. Every Year.

The facts show us that we have a lot of room for improving recycling! Trashing recyclables is bad for business, bad for human health, and bad for the environment.

Honest People Should Carry Guns

Think About It

I believe Honest People Should Carry 
Self Protection 

Guns for Sane People to Save Each Other From Mentally Ill Criminals! 

People are More Important than Profits

My posting title is a quotation of Tommy Douglas. This posting is about how we can solve the healthcare problems that are plaguing American's with unrealistic and rising costs. We are going to identify the myths created by propaganda (funded by the insurance companies, drug companies, and other health care profit motivated companies). We are going to examine the scope of the problem and the simple solution.

Patent Trolls Hindering Innovation

Today, companies large and small with any intellectual property spend inordinate amounts of time, energy, and resources fighting patent battles that ultimately hinder everyone from innovating by diverting huge quantities of capital into spurious legal battles over trivial patents.

There are Patent Toll companies that develop intelectual property and then never turn these ideas into anything tangible. These trolls make money by extorting innovators who seek to bring these ideas to real market reality.

Software patents seem particularly absurd, given the context of how they are applied. My neighbor once said something to the effect of "A software patent in many cases is like patenting the ideas of putting mustard in a refrigerator ". After studying closed source patent heavy software, I became a fan of Linux and open source software.

Has the patent system been abused and degraded by frivolous legal entities and their litigious practices?   Yes! 

Spirits ( Fermentation Innovation )

A recent round of in mail high color marketing introduced me to a new store in my area.  Total Wine & More :

"People have enjoyed fermented beverages since the beginning of civilization. However, it wasn’t until an alchemist’s discovery of distillation that the party really took off! The art of making distilled beverages creates an endless variety of spirits ranging from the most basic (vodka) to complex (whiskey and brandy)."

AR. Drone : Close to Gone

A near miss: a software glitch, light winds and low light conditions combined to result in a snafu takeoff that sent my AR drone over the tree line westward into la la MIA land.........


Ars Technica editor Lee Hutchinson recently wrote a detailed analysis of Nand Flash storage solutions *SSD's*, that provides a fascinating view into the world of data storage.

This article confirms my initial conclusions and personal data storage preference: SSD's are good for your primary boot disk where applications and the OS is located, while bulk storage of music, movies, video, pictures and other large files is more effectively and feasibly accomplished by large capacity Disk Drives (Hard-drives). This combination solution provides the best peak performance while also offering the best overall value! 

A local Lightning Storm

Come check out the video I shot of a lightning storm floating over where I live during the early morning hours of July 9th 2012.

Wireless Carriers Blocking Innovation

As a followup to my posting about why "Smartphones Still Stuck", here I present an argument about why the carriers are the real problem with overpriced mobil data packages and ripoff required data on "smart" devices that connect to the dumb pipes offered by companies like AT&T in the wireless market.

Towards Singularity

Are we moving towards a science fiction reality? Singularity.... 

Image From :

4th of July (Family and Friends)

Friends and family gather for food, social interaction and fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July with nerd style on the 3 camera capture iMovie edit 720P HD windows free all SSD editing action.


Make sure to select 720HD, go full screen, and turn up your volume for maximum enjoyment, especially for the last half of the video :)

On YouTube

Not Going Offline: Online is Useful

Many people have started to question constant access to the internet because in some cases it has turned into something that people abuse excessively with social networks like Twitter and Facebook, occupying their limited and precious time on silly trivial stuff.

Some have started to say that we need to unplug and go offline in order to enjoy life more completely. While I understand this sentiment, that the internet can be bad if abused, I would argue that the internet saves people a lot of time and money when it is used responsibly with balance, wisdom, self control and self respect. I also believe the internet is a powerful tool with multiple useful functions in many areas of a persons life.

Lets examine why balanced use of the internet is not only useful, but in many ways important and essential to increasing numbers of people! Going beyond email......

McIntosh Audio Made in America

A legendary audio classic McIntosh 275  
Some of the best audiophile equipment manufacturers still make their products from raw materials right here in America.

McIntosh Labs has been continuously building high quality  audio electronics in New York since 1949. Their superior products offer unmatched build quality and performance.

I would like to dedicate this July 2, 2012 posting as a thank you to the McIntosh Laboratory company for their tradition of honoring their employees and heritage by keeping our economy strong right here in America! 

Google Q Made in America

The vast majority of consumer electronics are made in China, Taiwan, Japan, or somewhere other than America. This "outsourcing" of "Designed in America" "Made in Not America" has caused a lot of political and economic turmoil, debate and thinking lately.

More people in America are realizing that it was not just blue-collar factory jobs lost. Many of the high level intellectual service jobs associated with manufacturing disappeared with outsourcing to Asia or Latin America.

Google chooses to take a leadership position on this issue by building a modern consumer electronic device right here in the USA. Enter the one and only Google Nexus Q. 

Google Nexus 7

Image :
Many android tablets have launched and failed to gain mainstream consumer acceptance. Plagued by high prices, inferior clunky and unrefined hardware, a lack of tablet applications, outdated operating system software, lag prone user interfaces, and real world performance that does not match the hardware specifications, the Google Nexus 7 breaks through this cluttered fog of half baked hardware by offering consumers a really solid, well designed, and highly refined user experience at a price point that gives the Kindle Fire and even the iPad a run for the money. Will other companies take a hint from this strategy? 

Camera Geeky

When thinking about cameras lately I always find my self reflecting on how nice it is to have a good camera that fits into a normal pocket. That saying "the best camera is the camera you have with you" underscores why a compact form factor is important for mainstream consumer camera acceptance. Keep on reading if you want to go down the geeky camera path to look at cameras from a different perspective.....

Positive Emotions Heal Diseases

You absolutely have the power to focus on the positive aspects of any situation or event. Negative emotions are deadly and have been scientifically linked to a range of preventable diseases. Lets take a short look at what disease negative emotions cause so we have a good reason to choose to focus on the positives in life.

Save the Good Bugs

Pesticides kill the good bugs and bacteria too. Modeled after chemical weapons, many chemical pesticides cause suffering in all living things. Fortunately there are safe all natural alternatives to synthetic pesticides made of organic plant oils. Better yet you can make you own super cheap super safe bug repellent at home using basic over the counter things like mint and isopropyl alcohol.....

CEO vs Avg Worker Pay Ratio by Country

Fortunately love, friendship, family and faith are not for sale ! 

Regaining Function after Stroke or TBI

Every year millions of people are hit by a brain damaging stroke. When the blood is cut off from an area of the brain that area dies. The good news is that our brains are totally plastic and able to completely reorganize, rebuilt and automatically repair themselves. The trick is intense ongoing and constant physical and mental therapy. A few years of this intense therapy can completely repair the stroke damage. 

Animal Testing Unethical

Mutagen Testing on a Dog :(  This is unacceptable ! 
Our knowledge of toxicology and ready availability of voluntary human research subjects means that animal testing of chemical products is no longer warranted by a need. God asked us to respect his creation and that includes treating other living beings with respect, even when we are slaughtering them for food production. It is unethical to torture animals with cruel pain inducing research practices since we have alternative technologies and the knowledge needed to avoid causing harm. 

Wisdom is Love

"Wisdom is a deep understanding and realization of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to apply perceptions, judgements and actions in keeping with this understanding. It often requires control of one's emotional reactions so that universal principles, reason and knowledge prevail to determine one's actions. Wisdom is also the comprehension of what is true coupled with optimum judgment as to action."

Lovingly Dismiss Trivial Matters


Ever get upset over something trivial or insignificant? Let love rule your perspective and enjoy life more completely. 

Perception vs Reality : Income Inequity

You may be technically free, but others that are free have taken advantage of corruption to bribe and tip the scale/ bias the laws to funnel wealth into their hands. Bribery and corruption from lobby groups like pharma is out of control: the very core of our democracy has been eroded by this corruption to the point where we live in a huge semi-free oligarchy where income inequity has been increasing steadily for the last 30 years. Think about it! 

Stress is Toxic : Positive Solutions

Image From:
Unrelenting stressors are extremely toxic. Your body translates stress into physical problems in the core of your cells. Every single disease that affects humans is either caused by or exacerbated by stressors. Fortunately, we can choose to mitigate these stressors as they occur. Life is full of stressors, learning to deal with stress in a healthy way is an essential part of living a healthy balanced and fulfilling life. Lets examine these stressors, what they do to our bodies and the solutions to stress. 

The Islamic Cultural Expansionism Problem

Image From:
The new tactic of Islam is to obliterate the "infidel" by populating the world with Islamic people. Europe is being destroyed by this problem. Australia takes a hard line stance against Islamic cultural expansionism and gives a great example of the solution we need to embrace to stop the spread of radically conservative islamic culture through their new mechanism of population displacement. 

Pascals Wager (Gambit)

Image from :

A philosophy that humanity should believe in God because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so....

I believe in God for a lot of reasons, but Pascals reason makes solid rational sense as well! 

EV, PHEV & HEV Battery Cost Reductions

Image From: : Nissan Leaf EV 2011

Vehicle Energy Storage System Cost Optimizations

Most of the research in advanced automotive energy storage systems (ESS) is focus on improving the performance of the battery cell chemistry and active materials.

There are other less complicated areas of the ESS that can be optimized to dramatically reduce the costs of electric energy storage systems for electric, plug in hybrid and hybrid vehicles.

Fuel Costs

Image From:
Fuel price increases have a more pronounced impact on the fuel costs for a gas guzzler because these vehicles use more gallons per unit of distances traveled. Lets have a look at the numbers. I also explore some ideas,  technologies and smooth driver techniques that can improve fuel economy and vehicle manufacturing profitability. 

Stinky Thinking

Image From: 
I was inspired to research this term (stinky thinking) by a friend named Ruth, when we were discussing substance abuse, domestic violence, crime and homelessness. Click "read more" to have a look at an interesting article on this subject. 

You Can Do Anything

You can do anything you want to, so long as your heart is motivated by love and respect for God. Through our interaction with other people great things are possible. Human inovation is limitless. We can solve all of the problems we collectively and individually face if we learn to work together with Love as the guiding force of social cohesion. Faith, Family and Friendship are the key social constructs we need to embrace to build a brighter future. God has the answers we seek to the problems we face, he will reveal the solutions to those who faithfully live according to his word! 

God's Love & Grace

I hear a lot of bigoted hateful stuff coming out of the mouths (or inboxes) of people who claim to be Christian and it makes me wonder if they understand that God is Love..... Lets refresh our memories about what it means to be a real Christian. 

Deadly Diesel Solutions

VW Diesel Engine Emissions Clean Up Technology
The fumes emitted by internal combustion engines consist mostly of the nontoxic primary combustion byproducts of hydrogen-carbon fuels and oxygen, namely water and carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately all chemical reactions are imperfect, and the reactions involved with the burning of gasoline and diesel produces a lot of noxious smog forming toxic emissions. The dark side of diesel engines exists in the huge amounts of particulate matter they release directly into the ground level air we breath, resulting in lung cancers.

Technology offers clean diesel solutions to give us great diesel fuel economy vehicles with much safer emissions. Using bio-diesel in these oil burners results in a number of benefits. Lets take a short look at this story..... 


Image From:
Many automakers and the EPA ratings, claim that some of these newer fuel efficient cars are good for 40 miles per gallon. While this number may somewhat misleading, it turns out you can get these efficient cars to achieve better than 40 MPG's by driving smoothly. Lets take a look at this issue and what you can do to save a boat load of money on gas, reduce your emissions and keep your car running as smoothly as possible. 

Not Just the Tailpipe

Image From: : Tire Smoke Emissions
Vehicle use creates emissions in a number of different ways. Tire dust, brake dust, and road wear dust particulate that is toxic to the lungs of everything that breaths. Aggressive driving increases these emissions. Engines and their tail pipes are cleaner now, but we forgot to address the other parts that emit toxic dust/ fumes. 

Inequity Speaks

While everyone's health insurance costs are going up these people are taking the policy premium money for their personal benefit. Fraud ! Inequity ! Greed ! Lets call it what it is. 

God is Love

God's grace is amazing. God's love is beyond compare. God's knowledge is incomprehensibly extensive. Gods' power is infinite. God's presence is ubiquitous. Through God's mind and action all things were made. Every part of the universe, known and unknown to mankind, exists as a sublime example of our compassionate supreme unparalleled God's creativity, love and passion.

We were created in the image of God. The capacity for each person to express love in our thoughts, choices, actions and behaviors is a gift from our graceful generous loving all powerful all knowing ever present God.

I kneel before you heavenly father and openly commit my soul to your Kingdom and to you Lord God. Let all who know me understand that my faith in you can never be broken. The love you show me inspires me to show others love, and for this and for everything you have so generously given me I love you! I love you for giving my a free will to worship or deny you. I love you for giving me freedom to choose wrong or right. Your absolute justice is completely refreshing, your word renewing, your presence inspiring.

I adore and love you Lord God more than anything else is all of existence. 

Plug In Hybrids :)

The Prius 3.5 Plug in Hybrid :)  $32,000
Plug in hybrids combine the best of electric vehicles, pure electric driving, with the benefits of a normal hybrid, tremendous gas powered range and great fuel economy. Some plug-in hybrids are already available to consumers, others are going to launch within the next couple of years. Lets take a peak at what is out there, how much they cost, and which plug in hybrids are going to be available shortly.

Why Smoke ?

Image From:
This history of human tobacco use tells us an interesting story about the mixed impacts that drug use has on society, human health and the economy. Here I examine how tabacco affects the body, why people use it, and what happens to the body when a person stops using it. I will also finish by promoting a tobacco smoking alternative know as the SafeCig. So you know, I recently smoked two cigarettes in order to subjectively evaluate their impact on my mood and cognition. I also own a SafeCig and infrequently puff on that for enjoyment.

Open Minded

Image From:
There are a lot of good reasons to hold an open minded worldview. Here I share some famous quotations that explore where other people espoused close minded ideas. These quotations prove that there are different kinds of intelligence. Sometimes a persons professional Title says absolutely nothing about their vision, perspective or understanding of the world.....

Pro Vaccination

Image From: : Dr. Salk
I support the use of vaccines to combate viral diseases, microbes, pathogens and other sickness vectoring agents. Vaccines are not perfect, and some people are harmed by vaccines. Their overall effectiveness historically provides a lot of solid science from which to derive that the benefits of vaccination out weight the risks. Vaccines need further development to reduce their risks and increase their effectiveness.

Lost Something?

Image From: : Hurricane Destruction
Things are just things, you can always get a new one. Sure, some things have sentimental value, but that is only because they came from someone you love, loved, knew or some other important part of your life. Think about the end of your life for a moment.... when you have only a few moments left in this world, will you really care about your stuff ? Think about it! 

Whats in my Pockets

The Essential Pocket Gear : Key, iPod Touch, Phone, Wallet

Inspired by "The Verges" whats in your bag. 

Love The Old Stuff Too

Original and still working well from 1914.
Made by the OTIS company: DC Electric Motor
Smith Tower, Seattle WA 

A lot of people could avoid debt spending and get more out of life by simply making the best of what they have already, by embracing the old faith, family and friendships that already exit in their lives.


Less with More

In vehicles = better performance and better fuel economy : requires applied technology in order to keep costs within feasible parity with conventional metal "structures".

In buildings = warmer, quieter, with lower recurring costs (HVAC/ Lighting/ Water/ Drainage) : Materials savings with innovative designs : applied technology required to keep costs on parity with conventional designs using older ideas.

We need to embrace "good ideas" for efficient dynamics in any system: be that a home, an office, a computer or a vehicle.

Think about it!

We can do more with less waste and lower costs. We can go farther, faster and have more fun for everyone by making efficient use of everything, including bright ideas.

"Our ignorance is not nearly as vast as our failure to use what we already know" Dr. M. King. Hubbert!

Greed ( A Mental Illness ) Not Illegal ?

Avarice is the excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain, according to the dictionary.

Should this type of behavior and the thought processes associated with it not be considered a mental illness?

When a person behaves this way (greedily) they are harming other people as much or more than a violent criminal : ref. wall street mortgage back derivatives/ Enron et. al.

GSX-R600 Gixxer Mixer

I have one like this :) 

My Gas Guzzler

It performs like a $200,000 sports car, but it gets 38-52MPGs (low when you ride it, and higher when you tool it frugal) : My average so far is 40 because I "rode" it a lot, but lately I have been "tooling frugal" and less often to save gas, reduce emissions and increase safety.

The Fun of Boring and Efficient

Energy Screen of Prius II MFD : Used in Hypermiling a Prius
I have often described to others how I find automatic transmissions boring to the point of tears: especially that awkwardly silent CVT powersplit setup in my Prius. Here I explore some of the fun hypermiling techniques that a Prius driver can "enjoy" to replace the fun they lost by not being part of the gear changing process....

Commercial Space Flight History Today

The Space X Dragon module carrying re-supplies to the International Space Station has successfully docked with the aid of the Canadian robotic arm. This represents the first big step in commercial space flight, and is an epic achievement for the private sector, Space X, Elon Musk, and all of the people at NASA that participated. 

App Store Market Winning

This history of PC software has mostly consisted of large, complex and costly software packages that alienate the average computer user base from more diverse software consumption. The digital convergence of "app stores" with mobile handheld computing devices like smartphone's helped to usher in a new era of broadly affordable software. Everything in the software sector is being turned on its head as the result of the "app store" software market. 


Tea brewing in a Tea Ball
I first became an avid Tea enthusiast in early 2004 when I discovered it gave a good caffeine mind sharpening boost / refresher without the jittery anxiety of coffee and caffeine pills. The rest is history. Did you know that after water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world?

Cost Per Mile To Drive ?

There is a cool calculator at this site that will give you a window into understanding what each mile you drive is actually costing you.

Causing Cancer

Everyone has cancer cells in their body: when some has "Cancer" that means their immune system and body health is weakened and no longer able to effectively deal with the cancer cells. The cancer cells become out of control, and then spread and cause what people call "Cancer" : In reality cancer is a process and should as such be called cancering ( a verb ) not a noun, because it is not a thing.... We develop cancer when our cancer cells get out of control. The cure to cancer is to regain control by improving our overall health with healthy lifestyle choices.... 

Throw Away Coffee K Cups :(

Plastic/ Foil/ Paper Coffee Cup Complex Waste....................
Here I focus on an emerging newfangled trend of coffee in complex little single serving material wasting throw away containers..... and one sustainable (refillable) alternative and a call for another alternative eco-friendly quick and easy totally compostable version......