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Animals in Concentration Camps : Toxic Meat

A Cattle Concentration Camp
Not a blade of grass grows: GMO Pesticide Corn Fed Beef

The High Costs of Low Meat Prices 

The cows used to render cheap beef are sent to concentration camps where they are denied grass, forced to eat corn to fatten their muscles: too sick to sustain such a lifestyle, they are injected with antibiotics and hormones to keep them barely alive until they are slaughtered in a brutal inhuman fashion that is cruel and disgusting! 

People eat this "cheap" GMO Pesticide Corn Fed Concentration Camp Beef and develop a whole range of different diseases... ? Fat, sick and nearly dead, the People then burden our health care system with preventable sickness.

The real cost of beef has dropped in half since the 1960's. These beef concentration camps employ industrialization and mechanization to minimize costs!

If a person eating this toxic beef develops colon cancer, the cost to treat that one persons colon cancer vastly exceeds the price they would have had to pay to eat organic grass fed beef for life!

Cheap pork comes from concentration camps, as does cheap chicken. Dirty, Unhealthy, Stressful and Toxic, these concentration camps mass produce cheap sick animals, that are rendered into cheap meat.

Pigs in a Concentration Camp :( 
Chickens in a Concentration Camp :(

Think about it

Does a cow, pig or chicken diserve to be tortured in a concentration camp feed lot ? Animal cruelty laws ? Are not these concentration camps for animals cruel and inhumane? Where are the ethics? To who's benefit if everyone is loosing ?

Billions of animals are raised in concentration camps and slaughtered every year to produce the cheap meat that people have come to expect. The only way to produce animals in this quantity for such a low price is in huge concentration camps, or concentrated animal feed operations as the industry referes to them.

You have a choice to eat less meat!

You have a choice to buy ethical free range, fair trade, local and organic meat.

I choose to not eat meat! After learning more about CAFO and the high costs of low meat prices, I decided to finally stop eating meat altogether. Cheap industrialized meat production renders a meat product that in unhealthy to consume. I don't want to be part of the meat system at all: I would rather eat cheese and yogurt and ice cream! I love God's animals, and all of God's creation, and it breaks my heart to know that animals are being tortured on a massive scale by giant agro- companies that produce cheap meat for fast food restaurants.

You might consider watching some films to learn more about the solutions we need to these problems!


Forks Over Knives

The Future of Food

Super Size Me

Deconstructing Supper

Food Inc.


Fast Food Nation

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