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Marriage is Good

A Spiritual Marriage between Husband, Wife and God :)

Marriage is such a popular social institution, but in recent years it has been given a lot of bad press. Here I explore the facts about marriage. Keep reading if you want to know more about the benefits of marriage in "Tie the Knot or Not"....

Planet Earth

From NASA'S  Flicker Page : Planet Earth 

NASA releases a huge high resolution 64MP image of our sublimely beautiful planet Earth. Come take a look at this image and learn something new about Earth. 

Liquid Creme Brulee

Liquid Creme Brulee in 1L Boiling Flask $24/40 w/Stopper
Inspired by my lovely partner Megan Otto's grandparents, I concoct a very sweet liquor made from organic cane sugar, fresh northwest water, absolute ethanol, and Grand Marnier. I call this mixture Liquid Creme Brulee. Continue reading if you want to know how to make your own...

Solving Cancer

Have you lost someone to cancer? Do you know someone with cancer? Lets examine what causes cancer and how we can make choices to treat and prevent cancer in ourselves and in other people.

Dirt is Life

Dirt is Life 
Mud, Soil, Dirt, its alive and its feeds your existence. Were you as dismissive of dirt as I once was? Lets take a look at what dirt is made of and how dirt powers the human experience. 

Criminal Bankers

Mr. Greenspan: The Criminal Mastermind Roams Freely  
After Deregulating The Economy to the Collapse of 2008 
Check This Derivative

Do you want to know what caused the global financial collapse of 2008? Check out the film "Inside Job" and continue reading if you want to know more... 

Made in (Not America)

Your iPhone, Clothes, and other Goods Made in Asia Were
Made, In Part, By 13 Year-Olds Working 16hr A Day for $0.70/hr
Modern Sweatshops Killing First World Economies

Outsourcing The US Economy

Exploring why so many things that we buy in the USA are made somewhere else. Lets take a look at this issue of Made in (Not America) and the serious negative long term impact this is having on white collar middle class jobs in America.... 

Lossing Jobs to Wal-Mart

An economic virus, Wal-mart moves into an area, crushes all of its competition, concentrates and then exports the wealth to billionaire heiress Alice Walton who owns the majority of Walmart, and replaces all of the local jobs lost by their presence with poverty pay work at Wal-mart. Lets take a look at how this works...

My Gun Rights

My Bushmaster AR15  .223 or 5.56mm 
Guns do not kill people, people kill people. I support the right to bear arms because I believe in freedom for law abiding citizens. Honest people with guns can protect other people. Lets examine why a normal honest law abiding person might consider keeping a firearm handy.... 


Brewing Pots, Heat, Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast, Storage Vessels, Time, CO2, Kegs or Bottles : Trade your cash and grab a glass... lets open up a bottle of what goes into making beer.....

Moving For A Better Mind

Three older men going for a walk: proven to enhance cognition. 
Setting the record straight, here I examine the issue of staying active and how an active lifestyle can improve mood, memory function, cognitive performance and sleep quality.

Hybrid Vehicles are Cool

2012 Concept NS4 Toyota Plug-in Hybrid via Autoblog Green

Hybrid vehicles are increasingly popular. Lets take a look at some of these vehicles, how they came into existence and at some upcoming hybrids that are really interesting. 

Electric Cars Are Cool

The 2012 Tesla Model S Fully Electric Luxury Sports Car
You may have heard about electric cars like the Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt in the news lately. Lets examine why there is such a buzz surrounding electric vehicles....

Why We Should Legalize Marijuana!

Lets examine why so many people are calling for the legalization of Marijuana. 

Healthy: Daily Red Wine

Image via :

You may have heard something about red wine possessing health benefits. Lets examine why these claims have been made. 

Powering the Future with Wind

Making a case for wind power!

Organic Food for Better Health

Image From :

Pesticides in produce, hormones in milk, antibiotics in meat -- what are all these extra ingredients doing in our food?

Viri that cause Cancer

There are now 7 known Viri that cause cancer! 
Did you know that there are Viri that cause cancer? Some of these are STD's others are not.

Why Recycle?
You have seen those little numbered triangles on the bottoms of packages, the colorful bins in public places, so lets take a look at why we should care about recycling. 

Ethics of Foreign Aid

Vaccine vs Condoms : Human Population Ethics in Question

You have probably heard about foreign aid on TV on in political debates or articles. Lets examine the ethics of foreign aid. Sure it makes sense to help the poorest of people, but are we really helping them? 

World's Lightest Material

Photo via HRL Laboratories: Nickel Microtube Structure

100 times lighter than styrofoam, made with laser beams, photo polymers and nickel metal. Lets take a look what it is and how its made.

Prius Battery : Totally Recycled

Autoblog Green : Prius Batteries 100% Recycled at End of Life

Pundits claimed that NiMH battery in the Prius was waste after 70,000 miles: they actually last 150K-300K miles and are totally recyclable at the end of their operational lives. Come take a look at the facts.

Ubuntu with AMD

Alternative desktop computing with AMD and Ubuntu: Come take a look at this frugal quad core desktop build. 

LED Tree Shines On

My neighbor has an LED lit evergreen tree that continues to shine on well into the new year. I figured I would capture this before it is taken down. Remarkably energy efficient, these here LED lights draw very little energy while producing vivid brilliant colors that pop! Imagine if all artificial lights were as efficient as light emitting diodes.... 

CES 2012 and other Tech from


Come check out the goods and emerging technologies presented on covering the 2012 CES (consumer electronics show)....

Healing Eyes of Love

Not My Photo: Lost Citation: Image Search Pending

How can seeing other people through eyes of love add value and enjoyment to you experience of life? Come take a look.... 

Drawing Inspiration From a Polymath
Normally I would cite Jesus Christ, Nikola Tesla and Rob Prufer as the source of my primary inspiration. As of late however I realized I have more in common with another figure from history.

Finding Beauty in Empty Spaces

The Beauty in Empty Spaces - Aaron K Schwarz
Here I shot an image of the sun back-lighting an alder tree casting a shadow against the side of my neighbors hours at ~4PM 1/5/ 2012:  The suns light shines through some other trees off in the distance visible in the reflection off the glass. GIMP was used to crop and hue enhance the image.....

Rise of the Digital Camera

Technological innovation has played a pivotal role in shaping the development of modern digital cameras. Here I take a look back at this history of Digital Cameras and my interaction with these devices....

Smartphone's Still $uck

Charging Anxiety: Weak Battery Performance Standard
Smartphone's have become all the range of consumer electronics as of late. Lets take a look at why one might find these devices less compelling then their marketing experts would have us believe...

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