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Criminal Bankers

Mr. Greenspan: The Criminal Mastermind Roams Freely  
After Deregulating The Economy to the Collapse of 2008 
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Do you want to know what caused the global financial collapse of 2008? Check out the film "Inside Job" and continue reading if you want to know more... 


The greatest ponzi scheme ever created was not the one created by our good friend Bernie Madoff: he is a saint compared to the other people in the film  "Inside Job" and my blog posting. These guilty greedy idiots used special financial instruments called CDO's along with elaborate illegal corruption of the federal reserve, securities and exchange commission and other regulatory agencies to cheat our entire economy out of billions of dollars. 

With a lobby force of over 3000 strong and an annual lobby budget of $6+ billion, the financial services sector basically owns our Government. I thought big Oil and Monsanto were corrupt, and while those thoughts are true, the criminals I am about to talk about are collectively guilty of crimes on a scale never previously seen: the irony is that with the exception of Bernie and a few others, most of these criminals roam freely to this day.

The list of guilty parties is not huge, a few hundred people at the most deserve the vast majority of the blame. These people can be identified as the individuals who walked away from the 2008 collapse with lavish wealth extracted with criminals financial actions that brought on the recession. So for the sake of brevity lets narrow the list to those who deserve the majority of the blame.

Alan Greenspam
1. Alan Greenspan: The criminal mastermind of the 2008 recession, his long career as cheerleader of deregulation gave rise to the global financial collapse. He spent decades of his career engineering the largest ponzi scheme ever created, and became personally wealthy from this system. The collapse of Mr. Greenspan's econ experiment resulted in the loss of tens of millions of Jobs all over the world. So far, over 10,000 homes in the USA have been foreclosed as a direct result of his actions. Millions of people are out of work as a direct result of Mr. Greenspan's actions. He is the most guilty of all the people responsible for the 2008 global financial collapse. 

Robert Rubin 
2. Robert Rubin: He is a criminal liar and almost as guilty as Greenspan. Mr Rubin has made a life long career of manipulating public policy for the sake of creating the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

Larry Summers 
3. Larry Summers: He is a criminal liar and engineer of the collapse. 

Richard Fuld
4. Richard Fuld: He is criminal liar. 

5. Ben Shalom Bernanke: He is criminal liar. 

Lloyd Blankfein
6. Lloyd Blankfein: He is a criminal liar. 

 Henry Liar Paulson 
7. Henry Paulson: He is a dishonest greedy criminal liar. 

Geithner, Timothy
8. Timothy Geithner: He is a dishonest criminal Liar

Frederic Mishkin
9. Frederic Mishkin: He is a criminal liar. 

Glen Hubbard
10. R. Glenn Hubbard:  He is a criminal liar.

Unpunished Criminals 

These criminals continue to roam the earth freely. Fortunately, they are not a direct safety hazard unless you give them your money. I would suggest keeping a firearm with you for these kind of people because you never know when they are going to upgrade from while collar crimes to other kinds of crimes to get your money. They are not that different from a street gangster who will kill you for your shoes and wallet. They just use weapons more complex than guns to steal from other people. As long as those weapons are working, they will likely avoid using violence to jack you. If we get a good "change" in the next election I would be extra cautious of these people. A total shift in the Fed could knock these criminals out of power, and then they might turn to violent forms of theft to feed their greed. 

See The Film
Inside Job: Best Documentary Film of 2010 

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  1. The injustice is beyond measure. It is sad, wrong and if they aren't forced to pay for their crimes against humanity, they will in the here-after.

    Better scenario is this, they realize they are wrong, change their ways and change how the banks run their dirty business. My hope is that they will see the light and have a revelation and change drastically. I pray they will be convicted of their wrong doing and Change.