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Healing Eyes of Love

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How can seeing other people through eyes of love add value and enjoyment to you experience of life? Come take a look.... 

Seeing Other People Through Eyes of Love

Be generous with your grace, kindness, humility and understanding. The bible calls us to use kind, gentle, wise words with others because these words are healing (literally). See Proverbs 16:24

The power of positive thinking has yet to be fully understood. Learning to let go is a skill that unleashes the power of forgiveness. Why would any rational person torture themselves with negative thoughts? Negative thoughts are unhealthy not only to the mind but also the body. Toxic emotions cause physical pain and diseases. Most disease form where the body has become weak. Toxic emotions weaken the body.

By embracing a worldview of seeing others through eyes of love we stand to gain so much and stand to loose nothing.

Joel Osteen gives a very compelling presentation about Seeing People Through the Eyes of Love #494 : His talk gives words to something I have been thinking about a lot over the last couple of years.

Love is patient and kind. Love does not envy or boast and is not proud. Love honors others selflessly and is forgiving, keeping no record of wrongs done. Love rejoices in the Truth, protecting, trusting, hoping and enduring. See 1 Corinthians 13:4

God is perfectly clear with us about Love. The whole core of Christianity is love. Jesus's message of humility, kindness, compassion and love was designed to set us free from the evil broken negative thinking that makes us sick: broken thinking that poisons relationships, businesses and institutions.

Its impossible to be perfect: and we as people will always fall short of the glory of God. We are not called to be perfect, we are called only to love one another. Through embracing faith in our God and sharing in love with God, our hearts begin to overflow: through eye of love we can give others the benefit of the doubt: we can be patient and kind and understanding. Instead of blasting someone who is wrong, show them love and watch what happens: be patient, sometimes it takes a while.

Raise you hand if you want something right now. If I gave you what you wanted you would want something else would you not? Joyce Meyer's gave an interesting talk about learning to wait: learning to enjoy waiting. Everyone wants something, but are you allowing those wants to spoil your enjoyment of the present? Think about it!

This world is broken and full of people who need healing and help: not judgement. This world is full of people who need guidance and counseling. We are called to love one another unconditionally, to forgive and let go of wrongs done with love on our hearts. God knows the motive of your heart; your wants, desires and emotions: God knows everything about you. God asks only that you reach out to God, become friends with God and learn to love God because he loves you. This love will overflow in all aspects of your life if your embrace faith in God.

I have a lot of Atheist friends who don't seem to understand this: that Faith in God is about love. They have encountered people calling themselves Christian who were not motivated by love: toxic people who spew condemnation and judgmental words at others: those who blast and harm with their words. This clearly turned them away from seeking salvation in Jesus Christ.

I was once one of these people: frustrated with the world I began to use harsh words to condemn oil and pharmaceutical companies and crooked public officials: but the motive of my heart was always the same: I dislike inequities and injustices: especially where those phenomenon operate for greedy purposes. I dislike sin because it harms life.

I love every human being, every living thing in this world. The earth is unique and sublime. The world is beautiful in a way that escapes my ability to describe it: God creation, not only our world but the entire universe is exceedingly interesting in so many different ways.

Try it: try going out into the world with eyes of love and see how that works out for you. Use your powerful mind to understand someones story: especially someone you have bad relations with.

I bet you that if you use your mind with a heart motivate by love you will learn something about yourself that will set you free. Let go of those toxic negative emotions: they are terribly bad for the brain and the body. Toxic emotions and stress destroy memory and cognition. Toxic emotions and stress causes imbalances in hormones that regulate the body. Toxic emotions feed addictive toxic behavioral patterns. Positive thinking, kind words, humility and love have healing power. When we see others through eyes of love we encourage positive relationships: we can heal other people.

Try to see the world through a lens made of love; Let go of wrongs done against you in the past and move forward with life. Our time here is too limited and far too short to be spent wasting time and ruining our experience of the world with negativity.

Set yourself free by simply choosing to see other people through healing eyes of love.

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