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Prius Battery : Totally Recycled

Autoblog Green : Prius Batteries 100% Recycled at End of Life

Pundits claimed that NiMH battery in the Prius was waste after 70,000 miles: they actually last 150K-300K miles and are totally recyclable at the end of their operational lives. Come take a look at the facts.

Fact : "When a Prius battery pack reaches end of life, Toyota provides a UPS shipping container so the battery can be sent to a recycling center. For U.S. cars, that center is in California."

Its also worth noting that you get a $200 core charge back for turning in the old battery!

"The batteries are shorted out to prevent accidents with any remaining charge, then all of the components are disassembled. The plastic case is shredded and recycled. The electrolyte is decanted and the rare earth elements recovered. The nickel plates are sent to a smelter where they are used in making steel."

"All the components of the pack are recycled or reused, leaving nothing to go to the landfill. The same recycler is already equipped to deal with the lithium batteries found on the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, and plug-in Prius."

The Prius battery lasts anywhere from 150K to 300K miles worth of use. Originally costing nearly $5000, the price has steadily fallen and today the replacement pack can be had for $2589. Over its operating life the Prius saves more than $14,000 in gas vs a conventional car: so even if you had to replace the battery twice, you would still save more than $8000 overall. The money spend on batteries is far better allocated since the battery is %100 recyclable: very much unlike foreign oil. At the end of its life the battery has a residual value as well: it contains a lot of valuable nickle, aluminum, copper, steel and other recyclable materials.

Disinformation campaigns funded by oil companies and published by "shell" organizations with misleading names claimed that the Prius battery was toxic for the environment and that it would pose a costly landfill waste problem. Clearly their objective was to discourage consumers from investing in hybrid vehicles that use less of what the oil companies sell.

Setting the record straight with the Truth: 
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  1. Even with the $2600 replacement price: a prius with a replacement battery is still more feasible than a foreign oil wasting conventional vehicle. With 90% lower emissions a Prius is also better for local air quality, public health, the environment and the economy.