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A Safer Cigarette? 
Avoiding the Death Tax of Tobacco Use

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports tobacco use to be the leading preventable cause of death worldwide and estimates that it currently causes 5.4 million deaths per year. The good news is that the negative impacts of tobacco use can be reduced with technology. Enter the Electric Cigarette

The Safe Cig
The Safe Cig is the finest electric cigarette currently available. After conducting a fair amount of research online I selected the Safe Cig as a gift for my father. He has long enjoyed abusing tobacco as a recreational drug to cope with stress. I have watched the toxic impact it has had on his body over the years and this caused me to seek out an effective solution. Originally I purchased him some of that fancy gum, but he did not like it: it was missing the flavor and experience of smoking. I ended up using the Gum myself to become intentionally addicted to nicotine so that I could gain empathy for him. After 2 months of using the gum daily I stopped cold turkey. Sure enough I had nicotine withdraw that was rather unpleasant. There had to be a better solution than the gum, something digital like a vaporizer.

The Safe Cig is Safer
The Safe Cig is exactly what was needed. It is a convenient electric cigarette that accurately simulates the taste and experience of smoking without any of the toxics. Where normal cigarette smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals, tar and other poisons that stain your teeth, harden your arteries, and dry out your skin, the electric cigarette delivers a vapor of tobacco flavored water vapor with nicotine. It is safer to use in term of a dramatically reduced impact on the users health, and also fire safe as it can not ignite anything, public safe without the emission of smoke of any kind. When you take a hit of the vapors from a Safe Cig you will instantly notice how similar it is to smoking. It cost a lot less too. A since $2.50 cartridge has the same amount of hits and tobacco as an $8 pack of cigarettes.

Safe Cig gets my Endorsement
Using a safe cig is not healthy. The whole point of the Safe Cig is to offer a safer suitable alternative to a tobacco smoker. The vaporization technology, construction quality, and product performance of the Safe Cig is industry leading. This is not a marketing plug or anything else. This is just my personal endorsement of a product that I firmly believes can help people who suffer cigarette addiction.

Nicotine is Interesting
Nicotine is an interesting psychoactive drug. Interestingly nicotine is both a stimuland and a relaxant, creating feelings of relaxation, mental sharpness, calmness and alertness. Nicotine increases metabolic rate and decreases apatite, causing many users to loose weight.

Instant Action
One of the reasons nicotine is addictive is because it inhibits chromatin modifying enzymes. It is fast acting when inhaled, reaching the brain within 20seconds where immediately stimulates the release of acetylcholine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, vasopressin, arginine, dopamine, autocrine agents and beta-endorphin. Enhances concentration and memory results from the increase of acetylcholine. Pain and anxiety are reduced by beta endorphine.

Calm Emotions with a Sharper Mind
Its effects flip from stimulate neuro-enhancement at low dose to calming pain killer at high dose. At low doses the stimulant response changes in neurochemistry dominate increasing memory, focus, energy, and concentration. At higher or more frequent doses the narcotine anxiety and pain reducing effects of beta-endorphine release dominate the effect profile. A small dose is around 1mg and a large doze is 3 to 4mg. Tolerance to nicotine develops quickly, and users become addicted through behavior reinforcement and the neuro-functional enhancing, mood improving effects of nicotine use. The use of nicotine encourages learning, productivity and higher metabolic function. Greater levels of consumption produce mild narcotine effects that stave off pain and anxiety. Nicotine is really interesting! 

Safer Vapor vs Toxic Tobacco Smoke
Tobacco smoke contains a lot of psychoactive chemicals other than nicotine; so the effects from smoking an electronic cigarette like the Safe Cig are significantly different. The Safe Cig and other electric cigarettes only deliver the Nicotine. Many of the other mood modifying MAOI's and hydrocarbon and psychoactive gases formed by the combustion of tobacco are absent from the vapor produced by an electric cigarette. This is actually a good thing for the safety of the user. When tobacco burns it produces thousands of chemicals, many of which are toxic (tar class, particulate, nox's, ect) The Safe Cig delivers the Nicotine in a clean vapor that has almost no smell, and a smell that does not linger. The vapor is full of taste however as the tobacco extract used to produce the vaporization fluid in the cartridge has trace amounts of flavoring chemicals from the tobacco extract used in the production of the vapor fluid. The tobacco extract and nicotine inhaled in the vapor is much simpler, much less toxic and far safer for the user.

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