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Viri that cause Cancer

There are now 7 known Viri that cause cancer! 
Did you know that there are Viri that cause cancer? Some of these are STD's others are not.

Hepatitis viruses, includinghepatitis B (HBV) andhepatitis C (HCV)4.9Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer).[27][28]
Human T-lymphotropic virus(HTLV)0.03Tropical spastic paraparesis and adult T-cell leukemia[29]
Human papillomaviruses(HPV)5.2Cancers of cervix,[30] anus,[30] penis,[30]vulva/vagina,[1] and some cancers of the head and neck.[1]
Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus0.9Kaposi’s sarcomamulticentric Castleman's diseaseand primary effusion lymphoma
Merkel cell polyomavirusNAMerkel cell carcinoma
Epstein–Barr virus (EBV)NABurkitt’s lymphomaHodgkin’s lymphomapost-transplantation lymphoproliferative disease andNasopharyngeal carcinoma.[31]

These are just the known ones: there are others! Sexual promiscuity has a cost that is poorly understood; cancer.

Our rising health care costs and increasing prevalence of cancers is the direct result of moral decay associated with sexual promiscuity.

Other causal factors for cancer can be traced to toxic food chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other for profit death chemicals from the likes of Monsanto and Scotts et. al. Known as pop's or persistent organic pollutants, these chemicals are disruptive to living beings as they linger around in the environment.

Some heavy toxic metals like mercury undergoing biomagnification. Coal being burned releases the heavy metal toxin into the air. This metal interacting and forms methyl mercury, which then enters sea water and fresh water. Small orgasms absorb this chemical and it stores in their bodies. Larger organisms eat lots of these smaller organisms and the mercury level in the larger organism increases. This cycle repeats moving up the food chain to an orgasm like Tuna that humans eat. Tuna has high levels of mercury because of the biomagnification of mercury in the environment.

Synthetic chemicals are often designed to avoid decomposition so that they can be more functional for their application. Pesticides for example: when they are applied to a crop, the people applying it do not want it to wash away instantly, they want the chemical to stick around for a while to drive away the pest which it is designed to kill. Unfortunately, the application of these chemicals increases the evolutionary adaptation rate of these pests. An example. If we have a plot of corn and fungus A infects our crop, and we spray fungus A killer pesticide, the pesticide will only kill 99% of fungus A, the 1% that was able to survives because of its resistance to the pesticide is the only one to reproduce, soon the the Fungus A treatment resistant strain becomes the problem. This is why thousands of different pesticides are in use: not one is completely effective. This whole approach to combating biological pests in agriculture is flawed and driven by chemical company greed. The reals solution to pest management is a different kind of agriculture that uses nature to its advantage.

So many of these cancer causing POP's that linger around for a long time are there because of greedy chemical companies and poorly engineering agriculture. Simple organic safer solutions are available, but they cut into chemical and agrochemical company profits and are thus ignored.

Avoid kissing strangers and keep the number of sexual partners you have as limited as possible: also try to eat organic and you can avoid the synthetic and viral agents that cause cancer. 

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