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Finding Beauty in Empty Spaces

The Beauty in Empty Spaces - Aaron K Schwarz
Here I shot an image of the sun back-lighting an alder tree casting a shadow against the side of my neighbors hours at ~4PM 1/5/ 2012:  The suns light shines through some other trees off in the distance visible in the reflection off the glass. GIMP was used to crop and hue enhance the image.....

The intense warm colors are the result of clouds forming between the sun and my camera, scattering the light more than normal on a day like today. It was a beautiful day with sun and rain at the same time in place, surely a rainbow was spotted somewhere around here. 

The pictures title was inspired by a Seether Album called "Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces". This space photographed is a positive area between my home and the home of my inspiring intelligent friendly neighbors.This picture was taken through a window that is not perfectly clean 
and this added some "dust" to the image. 

The sunset was quickly obscured by clouds shortly after his image was captured. 

About the Image: 
ISO 160 for 1/60th of Second at F3.2 Canon S95

Alternate Lighting 
Solar Tree Shadows By Aaron Schwarz 2012 
The colorful image with the strange cropping "The Beauty in Empty Spaces" was taken at dusk. A daytime lighting situation 1.5hours earlier in the day produces a very different image. "Solar Tree Shadows" is an example. We can invert this image to produce a cool effect too. "Solar Tree Upside Down Shadows" is an example. 

Solar Tree Upside Down Shadows By Aaron Schwarz


  1. What a wonderful photo!!! Speaks volumes my friend

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  3. This is truly A stunningly beautiful photo, the colors, the image you captured, the cropping with the complimentary negative black background that makes this picture Pop! The shadows against the house with the warmth of the orange and the way the window is lit up with such vivid brilliance, all this to say, I love this picture!