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Cold and Flu Viruses vs God :)

The common cold and flu virus's we circulate and pass between each other are not really alive, these viruses complete a life-cycle process in each new host, rapidly evolving into new strains as they jump from one person to another, but they are never really completely alive.

Endemic (in circulation) virus that continue to exist live on the edge of life, constantly evolving to survive. Our bodies wage assaults against these viruses with an immune system that exemplifies the almost mysterious level of subtle complexity that supports the foundation of life.

Even using antibiotic agents to combat the bacteria, our only real synthetic defense against powerful virus's are honest ethically developed vaccines. Developing an effective vaccine for the cold and flu viruses in active circulation remains outside the scope of applied sciences in medicine.

Increased resting and sleep seem to be the the most effective ways to currently deal with cold and flu viruses. The immune system seems to have enhanced function when a persons overall health is ideal. Staying fit, healthy and hydrated enables your immune system to handle virus assaults more effectively.

Many people are chronically light on sleep and dehydrated, which lowers their overall immune system performance. Holding negative ideas and high levels of sustained stress are also associated with immune system performance problems.

Certain negative emotions are exceptionally toxic to your body and immune system. Anger, anxiety, fear, hatred, bigotry, grief, pain. Sadly toxic backward negative thinking is pervasive just like the cold and flu virus that negatively afflict society.

If you focus on healing and thinking about positive ideas, your immune system and overall health will improve. That is where faith comes in. Many people derive life changing positive ideas by engaging in a faith based relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ.

God can help us in ways that no synthetic systems can affect. Faith in God has a unique effect on people that improves their overall health and well-being if they engage the ideas promoted as the core philosophical axioms of their faith.

Christianity is about love. Many people that claim they are Christian seem to loose tract of this fact that Jesus Christ's message to mankind was all about love. We are called by God through Jesus Christ to love one another. To be kind, respectful and positive, so as to inspire other people to find a relationship with God.

The bible tell's us the kind of strengths we gain with God in our lives. By showing other people love, especially the challenging ones that make life difficult, we show God that we are living according to the love that he shows us. God loves every single person and is always there for each and every one of us. God will never abandon you, God is an intelligent, honest, loving, and amazing being that always wants everyone to embrace Love.

God rejoices when we worship and glorify God by treating all other people with Love and giving the credit where the credit is due, to God for the inspiration to show all people love, regardless of where they are at in life.

I started to suffer less from cold and flu virus and have been healthier in general by rediscovering my faith in God. Forgiveness is part of loving God and letting go of the past is essential to making the most of the present. We are called to actively love all people, especially the toxic and broken people. When we see someone doing something evil or toxic, we have to understand that they are only making the wrong choices because they are not embracing the Love that God shares with us and asks us, his followers, to share with other people.

If you want to help your self and other people get over a cold, try a smile :) Being kind and nice and embracing positive ideas will help you in all aspects of your life, especially if this kindness is inspired by the unique, unending Love that God shares with those who worship God.

God can turn your foes into friends, God can make the impossible possible. Faith in God can give your the strength you need to overcome anything. Cold and flu viruses make for interesting scientific inquiry and we all stand to benefit from increased scientific understanding of cold and flu viruses. We all also stand to benefit endlessly by embracing the Love that God offers his followers.

Gods's love is far more powerful than any cold or flu virus. Our God breaths out stars into existence. God is a massive, incomprehensibly super intelligent being capable of doing anything. When he have God on our side we are able to live each passing moment of life with greater overall health and enjoyment.

Positive ideas are powerful! While viruses exist clinging to the very edge of life, endowing their hosts with sickness, human beings continue to thrive in a very unique way that is far greater then the dismal pseudo-lives that viruses live.

While we face many increasing challenges with climate change, viral impacts, natural resource depletion, and populations increases, we still have the power of Love as an ideas to inspire our lives with something that could only come from God.

We stand to lose nothing and stand to gain everything as individuals and as a people through embracing the unique Love of Christianity. Love is a positive idea that will boost your immune system. Love can inspire smiles that inspire love in others. You can make the world a better place one idea at a time by embracing love though faith in God.

Faith, Family and Friendship: the things of real value in this world are made with love :)

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