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The world we live in is full of music. Music exists as an integral part of modern human existence. People have been making and enjoying music for thousands of years. The age of internet radio makes music you will love more accessible than ever. I like to stream free internet radio with Pandora. Put the name of a song or artist you like into the search box and Pandora will automatically build a free ad supported playlist, enjoy :) You can also pay a subscription fee to get ad free listening. Spotify, Rdio and many other internet music streaming providers exist. Google search for "internet radio" and give some different ones a try until you find one that serves up music you enjoy!

I find that music can set the mood, creating texture and ambiance in a space. In general I find music to be stimulating, but their are some kinds like that from the artist "Liquid Mind" that I find intensely relaxing. Ambient music is good background music that can add some depth to almost any task, event or situation. Upbeat music is great for "work-outs", while smooth jazz can turn a traffic jam into a listening session worth experiencing. Music can liberate your mind from stress while adding tasty flavors to life in general. Find some music that resonates with you and turn it on.

Peace be with and God Bless


I listen a diverse and every changing array of music: here are some examples of artists I enjoy listening too:

Liquid Mind
Gary Wright
Norman Connors
Sarah McLachlan
Robin Guthrie
Norah Jones
Hans Zimmer
009 Sound System

I love digital electronic soundscapes, thematic music, beats and positive lyrics.

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