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Tesla Model S : For The Win

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Tesla, an American start-up car maker is producing the coolest car ever made, the amazing Tesla Model S. It is a fully electric performance luxury sedan that starts at just $49,900 for the 160mi range base model.

You can get a 230mi version of the Model S for $59,000 and a 300 mi version for $69,900. The performance edition fetches $84,900, the signature edition fetches $87,900 and the signature performance editions fetches $97,900. The more expensive versions all ship with the large 300mi 85kWh battery. 

The reviews of the Model S by every major automobile magazine have given it positive praise. Even die hard motor-heads that drive the Model S are completely blown away by the mind boggling acceleration performance and smooth flat tight handling. It also has more utility and cargo space than any other car in its class.

Watch some of the reviews of the Model S on YouTube

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Cool Eh?

Thinking About It

Some has called it too expensive.... but consider the vehicles that it directly competes against. They cost just as much and used thousands of dollars worth of gasoline every year.

Did I mention that Tesla is in the processes of rolling out a network of high power level III chargers for model S owners? Yeah! They already installed phase 1 in California, and they going to blanket the United States with these level III chargers within a few years.
Better still, these super chargers are powered by the sun. Each super charger location has a giant solar power setup that pumps solar energy into the grid. Model S owners that charge up using the "super-charger" network will not only get a free charge every time, they will also be running their vehicles on sunlight :)

Well Done Tesla... Well Done

God Bless Tesla Motors : Made in America

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