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Cold Virus -- :(

Started with a dry nose, then a sore throat, then a nasal infection, then heachache, then stomach ache, joint soreness, congestion, and a mixture of tiredness and physically drained feelings: I got hit by a cold virus that is now in full swing. OTC pharma to the rescue! 

I heard from a friend who told me there is "A strong one " going around, and that lots of people "have it". I believe every word of that. I started to feel drained on Monday evening, by Tuesday morning the dry nose hit and the symptoms cascaded from there.

Now it is the middle of the late afternoon on Friday and I am medicated with a mixture of acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, doxylamine succinate and pseudoephedrine hydro-chloride (Vicks NyQuil)... that was in a murky tasting 15ml serving of green cold/ flu syrup. 

Last night I took a simpler mixtures made of just dextromethorphan and doxylamine succinate, so that I could breath while sleeping, and it helped. I woke up after sleeping for 10 hours feeling like I got hit by a bus. An hour ago I took a dose of the quad mix NyQuil and I feel like I am out of it.

A cup of nana tea is brewing in my cup right now so that I can sharpen up, I have to manipulate data (words) later for a presentation I am giving with my lovely partner Megan in three days. We are going to collaboratively work on it via email :) Ah, the internet is nice for situations like this.

The common cold virus is not one, but rather a collection of hundreds of viral agents that are broken down in a few different categories. Rhino viri are the most common, and I have had a history of being affected by them. In the past I had a propensity to sniffle, which is really bad. The nose is a filter, if you sniffle you are sucking down what it has trapped. If there is a cold virus sitting in your snot and you sniffle, you just sucked down a cold. I made a conscious effort to stop sniffling and have avoiding getting a sinus infection for more than 2 years now, until now, but even now it is a weak one that will resolve without antibiotics :)

I have no idea where I got this virus, but I know it took a couple of days to incubate before producing symptoms, symptoms that started peeking last night, after which I decided to medicate to help facilitate effective sleep... that doxylamine succinate is a powerful hypnotic that knocked me out cold and left me with a hang over: I took a super B complex this morning to help deal with that! Now the tea is going to help more :)

If you have a cold make sure to get lots of sleep, stay hydrated, and for the sake of everyone: avoid going out in public and contaminating everything you are near. It is sick people who refuse to isolate them selves that facilitate the endemic transmission of these cold viri.

Just saying....

Be careful with the cold medicine. I took two doses of that cough syrup that has dextromethorphan and doxylamine succinate yesterday evening, and when I was listening to music with my eyes closed resting I experienced something unusual; strange daydreaming with bright visual aspects and augmented perception of the music. These side effects are evidence that these medicines are strong, so if you use them please do not operate a vehicle while under their influence: the warning label on the products containing these compounds also warns against using heavy machinery while the medicine is active in your body: the warnings are good advice! Take it easy and rest while you are sick and only use the medicine to suppress the nasty symptom of the cold and flue if the symptoms are preventing you from resting and recovering.

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