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Pleople Blame Obama, Corruption is the Problem

The main problem in the US government is the bribery and corruption in congress. Campaign finance reforms thus far implemented are tantamount to legalized bribery. So who is bribing congress and perverting our democracy into a socialist handout system for the department of defense, big oil, big pharma and chemical companies? 

Evil companies that lobby congress are the problem. Theses evil corporate interests spends billions of dollars every year buying up public officials by financing political campaigns in exchange for favors from the government official they bribe into office. This problem is a non-partisan issue that has undermined the very foundation of our government and sand-bagged our economy and the American people with foreign oil, increasing debt, a weakening dollar, pollution, and outsourcing while the middle class shrinks, the poor class increases, and the wealthiest people continue to rake in the cash: a small percentage of these very wealthy people are using their wealth to buy political offices, the Koch brothers for example. 

Congress for sale. 
President for sale. 

Both political parties are rife with corruption from special interest lobbying. Obama for example has been sucking the dole pipe of Goldman sachs since he first ran for president. Crown douche greed mongering heathen Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sach's is one of Obama's good friends: they have been photographed together in secrete meetings where Obama was negotiating to give Goldman Sachs some special deals in exchange for generous untraceable financial support to Obama's political campaigns (a kick back system that is essentially the "norm" in Washington D.C.) 

I hear a lot of people trying to scapegoat all of America's economic problems on Obama. Look at the following Graph.

Remember it is congress that writes the laws: you can not rationally blame these debt increases on any of the presidents: 
Congress is the problem, has been the problem and will continue to be the problem if we do not do something about removing the campaign bribe money from K street lobbyists.  

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