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Towards Singularity

Are we moving towards a science fiction reality? Singularity.... 

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The industrial revolution was largely brought about by one critical innovation: the printing press. This technology started democratizing access to information.

The telegraph, telephone, radio, and television then increased the speed of access to information. Now we have the internet, a global network of connected machines that archive human knowledge and the human experience, a constantly changing place that is no where and everywhere, a place where art & science are merging. Network connected computers have enabled a new level of collaboration between people that was never previously possible. This has revolutionized society with social justice (see Arab Spring) and revolutionized the private sector be enabling extremely complex research (see the Human Genome Project)

Mobil broadband *smartphones* and *free wifi* have increased access to the internet further. We are moving ever closer to ubiquitous terrestrial access to the internet. Trains, ships, airplanes, cars: our transportation machines are being enhanced with mobil internet connections and access points in the case of mass transit. Within a few iterations, private automobiles will have ad-hoc data networks for increased safety systems and other useful functions (traffic reduction through adaptive driver feedback).

If you plot this growth in information access over time, it shows an explosive rate increase. This should add context about why we live in the "information age".

Singularity is an idea about a time in the future when human intelligence is more tightly coupled to technology and information networks such that the human mind becomes more powerful. I think we are already heading in this direction.

Moving beyond the keyboard and screen, the Woz, cofounder of Apple, remarked a little while before Siri was announced that "voice" was going to be the next big thing in mobil technology.

Can anyone say Star Trek with me....?  "Computer, locate the gama quadrant's energy core and calculate the time required for our plasma capturing system to harvest 25 gigawatts of power for enhanced warp acceleration to Vega 4"

The voice accessible personal digital assistent, Siri, is Apple's proprietary fusion of acquired and internally tuned intellectual assest's covering intelligent voice recognition, network information searching, calendar modification, and other fun stuff that effectively renders iPhone 4S users a functional but still very limited voice accessible personal digital assistant.

The best search engines have already gone to voice. Google already offers voice search and recently expanded their visual image search features. Thinking about Project Glass, these transtext search features move applied technology one step closer to augmented reality.

Augmented reality provides a user experience where their view of the world is actively enhanced by computer generated information. For example, imagine wearing a pair of thin light goggles, where you can see like you would when you are skiing, but within your visual field you can get any kind of information you want while still being able to see (translucent adaptive display).  A camera mounted on the googles allows you to search for what you are looking at, literally. Combine that camera with GPS location and a powerful network accessible map/ public records, and you can now instantly access a wealth of knowledge about anything in your visual field. Making this technology consumer ready is only a few years away, and that represent one more step toward singularity.

Moving beyond Google Glass, we need a major biological hardware interface improvement. We need to move beyond clunky mechanical keyboards and screens to an implant that give the visual information directly to your brain. So called "Wetware" will require genetic engineering to be optimized. When human technology is used to genetically engineer computer hardware interfaces into the human brain that enhance memory function, cognitive performance or other brain functions that increase intelligence, this will be the start of singularity, after which an explosive growth in human knowledge will occur. Right now our major problem is applying what we already know.

I have no idea when life on Earth is going to end. I have no idea about the timeframe of God's plan. I operate under the constant working assumption that life will continue fueling the human experience long after my life on Earth has been extinguished. I hope that human civilization evolves to an intergalactic state. I liked watching Star Trek for a reason: it sounds cool to have a future society of space exploration, high technology, without money. That sounds truly interesting. I hope that people in the future will continue to seek God, and a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I hope that others will continue sharing the knowledge that God is love.
You can do anything thing you want to: there is no limit to human innovation or imagination: live what you dream of: become the change you want to see in the world. With faith in God, anything is possible. I love all of my friends, family, and even those who hate me. I love all of God's beautiful, miraculous and sublime creation!

Never underestimate yourself : never let anyone talk you out of your dreams: you can do anything you want to with God on your side.

It is easy to cast judgment: it takes real integrity and wisdom to see the difference between a sin and the sinner. No one is perfect. Everyone has moments of clarity. We are called to focus on the positive, love, by God. We are called to be humble, kind, friendly, patient, understanding, generous, sincere and wise. We are called to use the gifts we have each been given, and to respect each other. Through embracing positive perspectives each person can constantly grow and improve while also enjoying life to the fullest.

It took me a long time to see the light, the balance that love can bring to any perspective: the understanding and empathy that faith in God can bring, the wisdom that love brings to a worldview. I still have a long way to go, and will always have room from improvement. Its not about the destination, its about the road we take, the journey, the life we live, each and every passing moment.

Thinking About It !

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