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People are More Important than Profits

My posting title is a quotation of Tommy Douglas. This posting is about how we can solve the healthcare problems that are plaguing American's with unrealistic and rising costs. We are going to identify the myths created by propaganda (funded by the insurance companies, drug companies, and other health care profit motivated companies). We are going to examine the scope of the problem and the simple solution.
When a person pays money into health care insurance, they are doing so under the belief that this insurance pool of money will be used to help take care of them when they are sick: that it will help them to access medical screening and lower cost preventative health care to keep from becoming avoidably sick. Sadly, this is not what is happening.

House energy panel asks 52 companies to cough up info on everyone who makes more than $500,000 a year. Insurers cry foul. Does health CEO pay matter?

The problem with Health Care in America comes down to profit in health insurance companies, drug companies and other parasitic companies the create obscene profits at the expensive of raising the cost of health care for everyone.

When a person pays $1000 into health care at age 30 : they deserve to get every single dime of that money back. Right now what happens is the private for profit health insurance companies take that $1000 from this person and tens of thousands of other people to pay the annual salary of just their CEO. Take a look at the following image: and think about how many people have been defrauded out of the money the paid into health care insurance just to pay the salaries of these greedy useless sleazy unethical worthless dirt bag heathen evil mean spirited avarice infected hateful dishonest crooked jerks! 

Hundreds of millions of people have each pay tens of thousands into health care without getting anything back just to cover the overhead costs and padded profit margin costs of the useless paper pushing health care company employees that contribute absolutely nothing to the care of anyones health or sickness. That is not only sleazy and unethical, it is also irrational, frustrating, confusing and evil!

Our for profit health care insurance industry is unethical and evil! They take the premiums that people pay for health care and use it to pad the wallets of paper pushers who contribute nothing to the health care of the customers paying for health insurance. This is criminal! The way that health insurance companies operate is just as unethical as the actions of a thief, pedophile, or murderer.  

The drug problem!

We have a health care system that focuses on treating sick people, rather than focusing on keeping people healthy. It costs far less to keep people healthy with healthy food and fitness than it does to treat them for diseases they acquire through unhealthy lifestyle choices. It costs less to prevent cancer than it does to treat cancer: the big money is in gama-knife, radiation therapy, chemo-therapy: the treatments are profitable, not the cure! Drug companies profit off of treating sickness: they therefor have a direct motif to make sure that people are sick: if people were healthy, it would make the pharmaceutical sector unprofitable!
In many instances a drug company turns $1000 worth of chemicals into $5,000,000 worth of prescription drugs. Much of this obscene return on investment in the chemistry of drug manufacturing is absorbed into the paper pushing legal overhead at the big pharma: they have to pay all of their lobby pharma big bucks too to keep the officials on the dole and off their case. Drug companies also have to spend big legal money on defending against ethical violations when their crude toxic drugs kill, mame, and sicken enough people that a class action lawsuit against the drug dealer is formed. This model of release and test it on the public and then withdraw if it harms a lot of people, is horrendous.

Hospital Overhead

Useless boring paper pushing jobs create tremendous overhead costs for hospitals. They then take these costs and pad everyones hospital bill with erronious charges. For example, an exam glove that cost the hospital $0.15 is often billed for $10 or more. A tube that cost the hospital $2 is billed for $60 or more. My best friend racked up millions in hospital bills when he was injured in a motorcycle accident. The real costs of treating him with the machines and doctors and nurses and care takers and so forth, was about 1/3 of the bills: the rest of the charges were Hospital Overhead Waste related. 

The Money is the Problem

When the focus of health care is on costs and profit, and not on helping people to stay healthy and helping them when they are sick, the whole health care system is unethical.  We see that bribery in political settings causes ethical problems. Our public officials are bribed into servering the special interests of those whom "contribute to their expensive media slandering campaigns". They are working for mindshare, and that means big spending on TV, Radio, Mail, Internet Marketing, Social Networking, Event Planning/ Events. The people and businesses with the big bucks can afford to hood wink and confuse the public with ignorant fantasy news from Faux.

Lobby What? Bribe 

Ever heard of K street? Your congressman and senator are for sale! A whole sector of bribe lobbing lobbyists pander, placate, and extort our political system into what is essentially an Oligarchy. Countless examples of this highly unethical "lobbying" happen every single day of the year, reducing our so called "Free democracy" into something more akin to an economic dictatorship.

We Have More Power than Lobbyists

The public outnumbers the lobbyists: we collectively have more money, power, resources and energy to persuade our elected officials into doing their jobs by representing their constituents. Right now, most of the elected officials are doing the works that the bribing special interests tells them to do. Most of our officials are beholden to these wealthy special interests. Is that a democracy? Do you know what democracy means?

We need to stand up collectively as a people and demand an end to this health care insurance tyranny. We need to recognize that people are more important than the profits of a paper pushing useless health insurance company.

The first step will be the passage of new laws that limit and regulate health insurance companies to make "health care" the primary objective. Profit driven health insurance business practices have no place in treating sick people or helping to keep people healthy. The laws regarding health insurance should reflect the bests interests of the people; the public; all of us! Everyone is equal in God's eyes!

Where is the Love that Christ talked about in our health care system: fraud, waste, abuse, unethical practices, denied claims, greed? We should not stand around and just let this continue! Our health care system in America is completely and pervasively hindered by unethical health insurance companies, drug companies and legal services that raise the costs for everyone!

Can we learn from history, from Tommy Douglas, from Christ ? Can we turn our new understanding into action? Can we demand changes?  YES, YES, YES

We have the power! We are the people! We deserve to be represented in our Government, by the legislators and law makers! The bribery and corruption and health insurance profit are the problems!

I will update this posting soon with editing and more content. For now I think almost anyone who reads this will grasp the ideas and themes I am trying to convey! Goodnight for now! 


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