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Honest People Should Carry Guns

Think About It

I believe Honest People Should Carry 
Self Protection 

Guns for Sane People to Save Each Other From Mentally Ill Criminals! 


  1. I will Always stand for my Right to Bare Arms!

    It is better to Have a Gun and Never need it than to Need a gun and Not have it

    If the government took our guns then only the criminals would have them - they don't care about laws and would know how to get them illegally!

    I agree that Honest People Should Carry Guns!

    1. Honest people that know how to use a gun, that are mentally stable and sane, that are adults, that are trained in how to safely use, carry a gun, that feel comfortable with guns: we want the people who are mentally, morally, social, ethically and personally willing and able to carry weapons: these people, like you and me, have the capacity to protect ourselves and others with deadly force. That said I never want to hurt anyone for any reason, I only care to love other people, but if someone's safety is being threatened by a criminal, I will do everything in my power to defend myself, you and other people from a violent criminal: I will fight to the death to protect you, my family, friends, neighbors and any one who needs protecting and is unable to protect themselves (if I am present) : like the police, I can't be everywhere all the time: that is why I think other honest reasonable people should carry protection! Taser, pepper spray, stun gun, handgun, a knife, protection of some kind!

    2. You are amazing Aaron, I appreciate your stance on gun ownership and agree completely! I have seen how owning a gun can and has prevented a crime from happening and this knowledge only amplifies my firm stance on this issue. I love You Aaron Schwarz! :)

  2. Am agree with you that honest people should carry Gunfor their defense.