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McIntosh Audio Made in America

A legendary audio classic McIntosh 275  
Some of the best audiophile equipment manufacturers still make their products from raw materials right here in America.

McIntosh Labs has been continuously building high quality  audio electronics in New York since 1949. Their superior products offer unmatched build quality and performance.

I would like to dedicate this July 2, 2012 posting as a thank you to the McIntosh Laboratory company for their tradition of honoring their employees and heritage by keeping our economy strong right here in America! 

Please, take some time to visit their page and have a look at the Heritage of McIntosh.

In a market populated by cheap chinese electronics, McIntosh has been producing these ultra-high quality products for decades right here in America!

Some audio nerds went on a tour of the McIntosh factory in 2005. 

Have a look at the tour they took at the following web site.

God Bless the McIntosh Laboratory company and all their employees.

I would also like to thank the Clarion Corporation and D&M Holdings of Japan: When these companies acquired McIntosh, they chose to keep doing things the way they were done all along, the right way, by expert American craftsman passionate about their work. I appreciate this attention to care and detail by employees who are treated with honor and respect, who in turn invest quality effort into everything they do as part of the company. I like buying Made in the USA,  Made in Japan, Made in France, and Made in Germany : things that come from companies that honor their legacy and tradition; that treat their employees with respect. I will continue to reward ethical companies with my business as a consumer. 

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